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The Credit Pros

4.5 out of 5

The Credit Pros’ primary focus is offering credit report access, consultations, and credit repair programs. If you have an exceptionally complex credit report with a large number of questionable records, hiring a reputable credit repair company like The Credit Pros might be your best move. If you have easily verifiable errors on your credit report or there are only a few items that you need to contest, DIY is probably a better option.

4.8 out of 5
4 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5


A- Rating With BBB

Credit Education Tools

Multiple Plan Options

Unlimited Disputes


High Startup Costs

Not Available In Every State

The Credit Pros is one of the top three picks in our survey of top credit repair companies. In an industry known for dodgy marketing practices and outright fraud, The Credit Pros stands out as a legitimate company that provides valuable services to many clients.

What makes The Credit Pros unique is that they are not only a credit repair company. They are also a financial and credit education company focused on helping their clients avoid credit mistakes both now and in the future.  

They also have dozens of informational videos on credit, finance, budgeting, and entrepreneurship.

What Do The Credit Pros Offer?

Each Credit Pros plan comes with different options and different costs. Think of it as a good, better, best system.

Money Management Plan

The Money Management plan is the most basic of the three plans and will come with these benefits: 

  • Bill Reminder
  • Budgeting System
  • Snowball and Avalanche Debt System
  • Debt Validation Letters to Creditors
  • $1,500 Line Of Credit Tradeline
  • Credit Pros Credit Repair
  • Real-time Account Sync
  • TCP Legal Network
  • Social Network Monitoring

This is going to be the most affordable option out of the three plans and the most affordable plan that includes credit repair services. The plan includes a $1500 credit line from Hutton Chase Department Store. 

Prosperity Package Plan

The Prosperity Package plan will come with all of the benefits of the Money Management Plan with the exception of the Guaranteed Tradeline. It also includes the Slash RX Program, which lets you save up to 80% on medication. 

This plan costs significantly more than the Money Management plan and doesn’t offer much more: the Slash RX program is free and anyone can sign up for it here.

Unless they are offering something additional in this plan that isn’t on their website, the Money Management Plan is probably a better deal.

Success Package Plan

The Success Package Plan is the most expensive of the three plans but will include all of the benefits that we discussed above.

It will include both the Slash RX Plan and the guaranteed $1,500 Line of credit.

You may note, though, that you can get all the same benefits by using the Money Management Plan and signing up for the Slash RX plan yourself. You’ll save a substantial amount of money.

What Do The Credit Pros NOT Cover?

The Credit Pros cannot guarantee that they can improve your credit. Any such guarantee is prohibited by law, so if any company offers it you should be very careful. 

They also probably won’t be able to help with: 

Bankruptcy Removal

A bankruptcy can only be removed from your credit report if it is there inaccurately. The Credit Pros might be able to help you lessen the impact of a bankruptcy, but nobody can remove a bankruptcy from your credit report if it is yours.

Student Loan Removal

Unless your loan is an unreasonable financial burden or you can find a loan forgiveness program, it will be nearly impossible to remove a student loan from your credit report.

Again, there are things you can do to lessen the blow of a student loan and The Credit Pros can help with that.

Because of the guidelines laid out by the Credit Repair Organizations Act, no credit repair company can guarantee that they can fix bad credit.

Unlimited Disputes With The Credit Pros

Credit repair often involves disputing records on your credit account. The Credit Pros will dispute an unlimited number of inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable items from your credit report every month (unlike some of their competitors which limit the number of items they challenge on a monthly basis).

Disputing more items faster could give faster results, but only if there are a large number of disputable records on your credit report. If you only have a few problematic records this feature will not help you.

What Does it Cost?

Below is a detailed breakdown of the pricing for each plan:

PlanInitial FeeMonthly Cost
Money Management



Prosperity Package



Success Package



The Credit Pros Reviews

The Credit Pros Reviews tend to be neither positive nor negative. Of all the credit repair companies that we reviewed their reviews ratings are among the hardest to nail down. 

While their average customer rating was 3.6, many of the comments suggested that the people doing the rating had unrealistic expectations or a poor understanding of the credit repair process. 

For instance, one review stated that they had just signed up with The Credit Pros and they were hopeful that they were legit. That person gave them a 2.0 rating before they saw what the outcome would be. 

Another customer gave a rating of 1.0 was because bankruptcy wasn’t removed after 30 days. As we stated above, nobody can remove a legitimate bankruptcy from your credit record.

Many customers have reported fast positive results and stated that The Credit Pros are friendly people to work with. 

The complaints tend to indicate some possible disorganization within the company which leads to miscommunication and billing errors. 

Trusted Credit Pros ReviewsCustomer Average Rating
Yelp Reviews Avg. Rating2.6
Google Reviews Avg. Rating4.1
Better Business Bureau Avg. Rating2.5
Consumer Affairs Reviews Avg. Rating4.2
Best Company Reviews Avg. Rating4.6

The Credit Pros Promise

It is always great when a company will stand by their word and The Credit Pros has put it in writing.

“We understand that you have placed your trust in us and we take that responsibility seriously.

This is why we want you to feel safe when working with us. The Credit Pros is committed to quality, achieving results, and providing “5 star level” client support.”

They also promise:

  • That you can cancel your service at any time
  • That no one will over-promise or guarantee a specific outcome
  • That your private information will be protected and secure
  • That you will be treated professionally and courteously
  • That all of your requests will be responded to in a timely manner

This is a great promise. Be sure to hold them accountable if you sign up.

What To Expect After You Sign Up

So once you get signed up, within 3 to 5 business days their specialists will begin sending letters addressing the inaccurate items on your credit reports. 

Approximately 60 days from the time you sign up you will receive a copy of your credit reports from the credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax & Experian). 

When you receive all three of your updated credit reports, you will need to just put them into an envelope and mail them to The Credit Pros. 

All you have to do is continue to send the updated copies of your reports.

Helpful Tip: You should probably fax all of your documents, the sooner they receive the information the better results you will have overall.

If you have access to a fax machine you may also send your files to them via fax as well. 

You can fax your reports over 24 hours per day to: (973) 732-0794.

How To Cancel The Credit Pros

The fastest way to cancel your membership with The Credit Pros is to contact them by phone at: (844) 257-4696 between the hours of 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. (EST) M-F.

You can also email them at: [email protected]

The Credit Pros Availability

The Credit Pros doesn’t provide credit repair services in these states: 

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina

Best Alternative To The Credit Pros

While you might be expecting to see the names of some competitors, the truth is that for many people doing the work yourself is the best alternative.

If you have an exceptionally complex credit report with a large number of questionable records, hiring a credit repair company might be your best move. If you have easily verifiable errors on your credit report or there are only a few items that you need to contest, DIY is probably a better option.

Start by reading and understanding your credit report. If there are items that may not be yours or that you think may not be verifiable by the creditor, use this guide to disputing a credit report entry. Once you have disputed the items you think are illegitimate, start building a better credit history.

You’ll get the same impact that credit repair will provide. It may take longer, but you’ll spend a lot less.

Taking Action

Starting your credit repair journey can be complicated and confusing. There is no better time than now to get things started. The sooner you get your credit in a better position the better off you can obtain the things that have been eluding you. 

Whether you choose a credit repair company or a DIY approach, the most important step you can take is to start!