Credit Repair Magic presents itself as the solution to your problems… but is it? This comprehensive Credit Repair Magic review takes a close look at the claims and whether the company lives up to them.

Credit Repair Magic

2.8 out of 5

Credit Repair Magic is a system of resources and tools to help guide you through the credit repair process. It might be helpful for some people, but for the majority, there is probably a better option out there. 

3 out of 5
Ease of Use
3 out of 5
1 out of 5
4 out of 5


Good price

Lots of educational resources

Offers tips beyond just credit disputes


Antiquated system of PDFs and spreadsheets

Time-intensive process

General information you can learn for free

What is Credit Repair Magic?

Credit Repair Magic is a system of tools and resources you can use to understand credit better and work towards fixing it. As founder Bruce Hurley says, this system is a “low tech solution.”

The problem the founder presents is one where the credit bureau rejects a dispute as frivolous because their automated system recognizes your template as one used by a credit repair agency

The Credit Repair Magic system is said to improve your chances of a successful dispute by forcing the automated system to send your dispute to an actual person for review. 

If the name “Credit Repair Magic” doesn’t already sound infomercial-ly to you, the website design definitely looks the part with all of the “but wait, there’s more” sections. Some of the claims are very questionable. For example, the website states that Credit Repair Magic offers: “The world’s most effective system for permanently removing negative items from your credit reports.

This claim is made without noting that there is absolutely no way anyone can assure that legitimate negative items can be removed from a credit report. Claims like this raise immediate questions about the Company’s honesty.

Questionable marketing styles aside, the purpose of this software seems to be to provide users with educational resources on credit and credit repair with the end goal of teaching the user how to “game” the credit system. 

How Does Credit Repair Magic Work?

Credit Repair Magic offers a self-guided process for credit repair. This program is not so much a piece of software but a series of pdf documents and spreadsheets. 

This system doesn’t take any actions for you; instead, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to find and dispute negative items on your credit report.

How to Access Credit Repair Magic

Step 1: Click any of the Get Instant Access Now buttons

Step 2: Enter your email address and payment information

Step 3: You immediately get access to the online resources with the option to download the materials directly to your computer. 

How to File a Dispute

Step 1: Obtain a copy of your credit report

Step 2: Circle negative items and write explanations for the dispute

Step 3: Write a cover letter

Step 4: Mail your dispute letter

Step 5: Download the tracker, and use the spreadsheet to track your disputes

Step 6: Wait for a response from the credit bureau

Step 7: Follow the guidance on the next steps to take if your dispute is rejected. 

For an inside look at the process, check out the video here

How to Cancel

Credit Repair Magic is a one-time purchased product. There is no need to cancel anything. None of your sensitive information is saved on their portal, so all you’d need to do is delete any material downloaded on your computer. 

Extra Features of the Credit Repair Magic System

Credit Repair Magic’s base system is a tutorial on filing credit disputes

Beyond the credit dispute process (which includes a dispute tracker and lifetime upgrades), they also offer additional resources and materials for helping you understand and improve your credit faster. 

This includes:

  • Credit Repair ebook (131 pages)
  • Condensed credit repair ebook
  • Audio instructions
  • Shortcuts for credit repair
  • Guidance on settling collections
  • Tips for negotiating your mortgage
  • Resources on credit piggybacking
  • Other tips and tricks for improving your credit

Many of these extra materials, audio files aside, are written material. These are educational resources and not true tools. Most of the information presented can be obtained for free with a basic internet search.

☝️ You can get all this, and more, completely free. For example, check out our resources on credit repair. You’ll find everything you need to repair credit yourself there.


Credit Repair Magic has a one-time fee for lifetime use. This fee is $97. 

Once paid, you can access the materials from any deceive you own, directly download them to your computer, and use the system to assist in the credit repair process for yourself as well as all of your friends and family. 

Bruce, the founder, even advises that you can use this system to help launch your own credit repair business. 

As a part of the low, one-time fee, you get lifetime access to upgrades and a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the system, you can request a full refund during this 60-day window. 

Customer reviews

Good luck finding honest reviews for this product. The Better Business Bureau page for Credit Repair Magic has an A+ rating, but only because there are no reviews or complaints despite the fact that this software/system has been around since 2011. 

There are no reviews on Trustpilot or Facebook either. There are some reviews on affiliate marketing sites that get paid if you click on the Credit Repair Magic link, but those are generally not reliable sources.

The closest thing to reviews you will find are some honest comments on a youtube video that takes a look at the Credit Repair Magic system. 

Many of the commenters point out that there is nothing really special about this system. Everything offered is information you can access for free through a simple Google search. 

Credit Repair Magic's negative comment on youtube
youtube comment on Credit Repair Magic points out there is nothing really special about this system

Although Mr. Hurley himself does offer his own rebuttal of the system. 

Mr. Hurley himself responds on youtube comment's on Credit Repair Magic

Mr. Hurley does not provide any evidence to support the claim that making a complaint illegible to e-OSCAR (the automated dispute processing system used by the credit bureaus) improves the probability of a successful resolution.

3 Credit Repair Magic Alternatives

Credit Repair Magic is a system of tools and resources for credit repair. This makes it most like traditional credit repair software services. So when looking at the competition, we looked at companies that provide credit repair software, both to individuals and businesses. 

To see how the level of service offered by Credit Repair Magic compares to some of their competitors, below is a table comparing them to three of their top competitors. 

To read more about how Credit Repair Magic stacks up against the competition, check out our roundup of the best credit repair software.

Type of ServiceFeaturesEffort InvolvedCost
Credit Repair MagicCredit repair systemLetter templates and education resourcesVery High$97
Credit VersioCredit repair softwareDispute templates and dispute trackingHigh$19.95 – $29.99/month
Credit DetailerCredit repair software/coachingDispute templates, tracking, & business servicesMedium (if you purchase coaching)$399
DisputeBeeSoftware for credit repair businesses & individualsCredit scores, letter templates, and dispute tracking. Plus client portal and billing integrationMedium$49/month (personal) $129/month (business)

Price-wise, Credit Repair Magic easily beats out the competition, but the level of service they offer is the lowest. So in a sense, you are getting what you pay for. 

The upside is that since this is a one-time charge and the system is open-ended. So, if your credit repair takes time, or you want to help someone else repair their credit (i.e., a spouse), you can do this more easily with Credit Repair Magic than you can with any of their competitors.

Is Credit Repair Magic Worth It?

If you want to learn more about credit and really understand the credit repair process, then perhaps credit repair magic would be a good tool for you. 

Mind you, all the templates and educational resources are ones you could find yourself for free on the internet. But, if you find yourself searching for credit repair and somehow end up watching train videos 6 hours later, then having all of the credit repair research done for you might be worth the $97 and time wasted on fruitless Google searches. 

Another good candidate for this program would be someone considering launching a credit repair business. With its multiple templates, spreadsheets, and other resources, the system could be a useful low-cost platform for dipping your toes in the credit repair business world. 

That said, it wouldn’t be a long-term business solution; there are other better (and more expensive) credit repair software platforms that better serve credit repair businesses. 

It is also worth noting that to make this system worth the price, you’ll either need to be disputing multiple items or helping others file disputes. 

Credit Repair Magic is not going to be a good system if you:

  • Don’t have the time to file disputes yourself
  • Have no desire/time to learn about credit repair
  • Are looking for a credit monitoring service
  • Have an established credit repair business
  • Only have a few negative items on your credit reports
  • Just want somebody to fix it for you

In the above cases, you’d be better off pursuing the services of one of Credit Repair Magic’s competitors.

The core of the Credit Repair Magic pitch seems to be the idea that you can bypass the automated dispute processing system and force a review by a human being by hand writing your dispute letter and making it deliberately difficult to understand. We have no way to verify the accuracy of this claim, and no evidence to support the claim is provided.

We also notice that the Credit Repair Magic website implies (though it is not specifically stated) that the system can remove even legitimate negative items from your credit report. This is highly questionable. Any legitimate credit repair service should warn that not all negative records can be successfully disputed and that a credit bureau has no obligation to remove a legitimate record.

Credit disputes can be an effective way to remove records that contain errors, but any claim or even suggestion that there is a sure way to remove legitimate records is not honest.


The system Credit Repair Magic offers might be helpful for some people, but for the majority, there is probably a better option out there. 

The system focuses on reading materials, spreadsheets, etc., and is a bit time intensive. While account setup is quick and easy, filing disputes is not. 

The intro video advises that you’ll need to spend 30 minutes or more working on a dispute. This is just for one credit bureau and does not include time spent reading the materials or mailing your letter. 

It is also worth pointing out that the advertising and recommendations of this system are semi-shady. Some of the claims are questionable and the implication that any negative record can be successfully disputed is very questionable.

For instance, their super-secret method for getting your disputes through is to slow everything down by forcing a manual review. Since the credit bureau only has 30 days to resolve your dispute, this improves the chances of the dispute going in your favor. 

What Mr. Hurley doesn’t tell you is that a creditor can at any time add the disputed item back to your credit. So “timing out” the dispute is not a guaranteed method for repairing your credit. 

The Credit Repair Magic system also suggests other temporary credit repair short-cuts, like credit piggybacking. In reality, these techniques can help build credit if you have a thin credit file, but they are unlikely to have a significant impact if you already have seriously damaged credit.

The claim that you can “Increase Your Credit Score By 140 To 210 Points In Just 3 Weeks By “Borrowing” Someone Else’s Credit” – a direct quote from the Credit Repair Magic website – seems highly questionable.

Really, the most significant upside to this system is the low cost paired with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This makes Credit Repair Magic a relatively risk-free option to try out. 

How We Review Credit Repair Software

We rate all the products we review using a key set of criteria. This allows us to fairly compare products that are not identical.

These are factors we looked at when evaluating credit repair software. 

Ease of Use: Is the credit repair software easy to use and navigate? 

This system does offer you step-by-step guidance on what to do as well as video tutorials and audio instructions. That said, most of the actions you need to complete are complex or require a substantial investment of time. 

Effectiveness: Does the software deliver on its promise? 

It is difficult to judge the effectiveness of a product when there are zero reviews. That said, Mr. Hurley states in his FAQs that his method is supposed to improve your chances of a successful dispute by 30% to 40%. 

An improvement of 30% to 40% is decent, but it’s not enough to rate this product as highly effective, especially since there are no reviews available to validate the claim. 

Support: When you encounter problems with the software, is someone available to help?

It seems that the only support method for this product is via email. Which, from Mr. Hurley’s intro video, seems to be manned by only him. He even states on the Contact Us page that they cannot afford to offer any other type of support. 

Considering Mr. Hurley is very busy with his other endeavors, there will likely be a long wait time for any emailed questions you have. 

He was even called out on YouTube for taking 6 months to respond to a comment on his video. 

Cost: Is the software affordable when evaluating all of the features?

The cost for this software/system is relatively affordable compared to the competition. Yes, other companies have prettier and more intuitive credit repair software, but their price points are often higher. 

The biggest negative with the price is the same as other credit repair software services; the templates and trackers they offer are ones that you can easily find online yourself for free. 

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