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Some people prefer using Buffetology, Magic Formula, or even filters such as Altman-Z scores. If you’re one of them, then this Stock Rover review has got you covered.

Today, we are going to take a look at Stock Rover. Stock Rover is a subscription-based analysis software service. It offers resources for a profusion of essential data watchlist, scans, plus charting tools and market analysis reports.

Investors who join Stock Rover will realize that it’s one of the best around. It’s among the most efficient equity research platforms for both institutional and private investors today.

In our Stock Rover review, we will evaluate and determine if this all-inclusive offer is straightforward to use. Plus, we’ll see if it’s something that beginners can use.

Stock Rover Review – What it’s All About

Stock Rover logo

Powerful Research Platform

This is the part of our Stock Rover review, where you’ll get more essential insights about this research platform.

There are tons of research available on various free websites. However, there’s something about the convenience of having everything you need set in one place. It also saves a lot of time and legwork, allowing you to concentrate more on analysis.

Market Analysis

What’s more, Stock Rover is a compelling market analysis and investment research tool that does more than what investors expect.

As an advanced tool, it utilizes a collection of standard desktop software UI conventions. These include right-clicking for menus, and detachable, resizable, and collapsible panels.

This aspect of Stock Rover makes it a highly functional and powerful tool yet is still straightforward to use. It’s completely mobile that allows it to function seamlessly for phones, desktops, tablets, and laptops.

What Can Stock Rover Offer?

Here on our Stock Rover review, we will see the many features that the tool has to offer. Plus, it notes what makes it unique from other research platforms around.

Cutting-Edge Screeners

Stock Rover supplies users with the most detailed stock screener we have seen yet. While users can screen from popular metrics such as P/E and EPS growth, but you can also screen with preferred investment strategies such as Growth at a Reasonable Price, Fair Value, Safe Performers, and much more.

They even offer Guru Strategy screeners from some of the most famous investors of all time. They offer screeners like Price to Lynch Fair Value, Greenblatt Earnings Yield, Shiller P/E, Altman Z-Score.

Stock Rover Guru Strategy screeners page

In addition to the already mentioned screeners, Stock Rover allows users to create their own ranked screeners. Investors can scan on any combination of over 500 financial and operational ratings, efficiency, and price metrics and weigh them according to their preferences.

This style of screening will generate a ranking of stocks, which can save users a plethora of time spent on research.

Innovative Table View

Stock Rover’s table views offer a unique and impressive way to compare securities. A wide array of customizable columns and rows are available for creating watch lists to monitor stocks, or whole portfolios. For those experienced in Microsoft Excel or Access programs, you will feel right at home here.

Stock Rover Table View

Additionally, users can analyze stocks via different pages, including performance, profile, returns vs S&P 500, grades, dividends, and valuations. The sheer amount of data here can be daunting at first, but the powerful layout design gives investors another added layer of ease when comparing stocks.

Advanced Charting

Stock Rover comes with all the standard charts, which include a bar, candlestick, and line. You can also find event-based and fundamental charts which are more similar to graphs. The events charts include earnings, max drawdown & dividends, and portfolio activity.

The technical chart time frames for market analysis focus on extended periods, leaning further towards aiding investors and swing traders. Want to see how your portfolio (or a specific stock or ETF) performed against the S&P 500? Stock Rover’s charting allows users to display portfolio performance in seconds.

Stock Rover Chart

Technical Indicators

The charting offers a few most used indicators, such as volume, moving averages RSI, and Bollinger Bands. All in all, eight indicators are available. However, combining the right indicators can confirm signals and yield better results.

Using the price indicator, users can confirm the critical inflection of the key price inflection points to spot significant reversal levels.

Stock Ratings

Stock Rover has made stock research even easier with their Stock Ratings function. Stock Rover’s Stock Ratings provides users with a quick and easy ratings system of stocks based in comparison with their overall industry group.

The following six factors are considered and weighted to bring together a comprehensive score:

  • Growth
  • Valuation
  • Efficiency
  • Financial Strength
  • Dividends
  • Momentum

As you can see in the image below, Apple has a score of 89. To check the individual scores in each category, users just have to tab over to each rating factor to see how Apple scored in its industry group.

Stock Rovers Stock Ratings page of Apple

Stock Research Report

Last, but certainly not least, is our favorite function of Stock Rover: their Stock Research Reports. Maybe you happen to be one of the busier investors, and you just don’t have the time to sift through the screeners and data.

No problem! All the busy investor needs to do is search the stock they want, and with one click Stock Rover will deliver an all-inclusive summary of the stock profile. Not only do the reports provide a wealth of information, but even more importantly the data is current and as of the moment you generate the reports.

Stock Rover Stock Research Report

If you only have five minutes before you have to jump on the subway before your morning commute, just print off the Stock Research Report. You can research your stocks on the go with all the information you’ll ever need.

Additional Features

Manager Alerts

Users can pre-configure alerts using a wide range of triggers. The selection varies from simple price triggers to volume earnings events, P/E, and comparisons to industry averages.

Customization and Saved Layouts

Users can save multiple workspace layouts and personalize the windows depending on the subscription plan. Higher plans allow for more data and windows to arrangements.

Compatible Brokers

Users can connect Stock Rover to any of the top trending online brokers. With account linking, the software can analyze users’ portfolios, making it more convenient compared to manually keying data.

Once linked to the brokerage, this research platform can easily benchmark your portfolio for correlation tests and performance.

The next part of our Stock Rover review will focus on this research platform’s advantages.


Advanced Comparison Tool

With Stock Rover, traders and investors can acquire a plethora of data and information in one place. Plus, its screener and ranking analysis allow investors to find what’s vital for them.

Stock Rover lets you do a collection of research. It doesn’t only have built-in research tools, but it also comes with individualized settings. With the optimized web-based apps, users won’t have to stay in one place when performing the necessary research.


One interesting aspect of this service is that the browser works just like an app. Detaching panels then collapsing or lining them up in size is possible for comparisons.

Next up on this Stock Rover review, does the service have any limitations?


Advanced Stock Research

To our delight, Stock Rover doesn’t limit its users and allows them to utilize the tool to the fullest. It can conveniently run on Mac, PC, Tablets, as well as smartphones.

Installation is not necessary, and Stock Rover can be utilized instantly in the browser. However, note that scoring, data, ranking, as well as market analysis, are for Canadian and US markets only.  

For Beginners?

While Stock Rover boasts an impressive amount of data, it may be a bit too overwhelming for the beginners. Not to worry, as there are plenty other platforms more suited for the novice investor.

Is Stock Rover the Best? Is it For You?

Best Tool For Comparing Stocks

Where Stock Rover is really shines is in its ability to quickly and accurately compare stocks in a single table. There is simply no other service around that offers the tools to compare stocks like Stock Rover.

With access to a game changing product like the Stock Research Report, investors will no doubt have access to every single data point they need to make sound investment decisions.

Traders and Analysts 

It’s also suitable for swing traders and self-directed investors who mostly rely on qualitative and fundamental data. It is entirely for portfolio management and stock selection. Of course, Stock Rover works effectively for analyst and researcher types who often compare metrics and financial ratios. 

There are even more great things about Stock Rover that we just didn’t have the time to mention here. You can check out their other great features on their website.

Stock Rover provides impressive results, and it is indeed, one of the best, which is why we highly recommend their service.

Interested in Stock Rover?

You can try Stock Rover for free with our affiliate link. It will give you access to basic functions, including analyst rankings, delayed quotes, market news and updates. This research platform is an excellent way to keep yourself informed. Plus, it offers three paid plans billed once a year.

Essential Plan

Essential Plan costs $79.99 annually and inclusive of everything in the free plan plus portfolio watchlists. Also, it comes with the stock screener, over 240 additional financial metrics, five years of historical data, and investment comparison tables. Additionally, this plan offers real-time alerts via email and text, as well as brokerage integration.

Premium Plan

For the Premium Plan, it costs $179.99 per year and has all the elements present from the Essentials Plan. Aside from those, it features more than 360 financial metrics. There’s also ten years of historical data, ranked screening, data exporting, and more.

Premium Plus Plan

For the Premium Plus plan, it goes for $279.99 every year, and it has all the elements present on the Premium plan. It comes with more than 500 financial metrics that have screening with equations, customizations, increased data limits, email support, etc.

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