Credit repair software can be an excellent option for helping credit repair businesses manage their clients. Some software packages simply help streamline the dispute process, while others can help with other business aspects like invoicing and marketing.

Credit Repair Cloud is a software package that claims to offer an all-in-one solution for credit repair businesses. In this review, we’ll look at the features, pricing, and customer reviews to determine if Credit Repair Cloud lives up to the hype.

Credit Repair Cloud

3.3 out of 5

A credit repair software package for businesses, with features for generating disputes, managing client information, learning about credit repair, and more. The software has all the tools and resources you need to launch a credit repair business from scratch. But, the subscription price is high, and Credit Repair Cloud has a host of premium training and services you can only access for additional fees. 

3.5 out of 5
Ease of Use
4.5 out of 5
2 out of 5
3 out of 5


Easy to use

Lots of automation

Additional business features


High subscription fee

Lots of spamming

Lack of customer support

What is Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud is a subscription-based credit repair software sold to credit repair businesses. This software is not usable for individuals looking to repair their own credit. 

Credit Repair Cloud’s software offers features to help businesses manage their clients and a whole host of other features for managing the other aspects of their business. 

This all-in-one software package could address many business needs for small credit repair companies or those looking to launch a credit repair business. 

In fact, the company promises that its software is “everything you need to start a life-changing credit repair business.” And they really stand by this theme of changing lives with credit repair. 

They readily publish on their homepage the number of credit repair successes as well the number of business owners who have reached the $1 million mark. 

That said, the price point for their software is high, which could be a problem for the cash-strapped entrepreneur just launching their business. 

Credit Repair Cloud homepage

How Does Credit Repair Cloud Work?

Credit Repair Cloud is software designed for use in credit repair businesses. The software lets you generate disputes, mail letters, manage your client information, and even provides additional business tools/resources. 

Below we’ll take a detailed look a how your business can use the key features of this software. 

How to Sign Up for a Free Trail

Credit Repair Cloud offers a free 30-day trial of their software. Most features are unlocked, with just a few premium options hidden. Otherwise, you can use the trial just as you normally would to run your business. 

To sign up for the free trial, click the Start 30-Day Free Trial button on Credit Repair Cloud’s website (button featured on several pages). 

This will take you through 3 guided setup steps. 

  1. Enter your name and login information to create an account. 
  2. Enter your address and credit card information. Warning, this automatically signs you up for the paid version, which will auto-charge after 30 days if you don’t cancel. 
  3. Sign up for the Credit Hero Challenge (this step is optional and requires an additional fee). 

Once you’ve signed up, you now have full access to begin using the credit repair software. Just remember to cancel before your 30 days are up if you don’t want to be charged. 

How to Manage Your Clients

The Credit Repair Cloud software lets you manage existing clients and generate leads for new clients. 

Using the Add New Client feature, you can enter the client’s basic info, and they will be invited via email to complete their account setup. Your client will access the portal, where they will be walked through signing contracts, identity verification, and credit monitoring setup.

Once setup is complete, you can use the Select an Existing Client option to view their credit reports, generate disputes, send them an invoice, and more. 

To help attract new potential clients, there is an Audit feature that generates a report of the current issues with their credit and how you can help them. 

To help you manage your time, there is a Schedule feature for organizing client meetings. There is also a document Library with 100+ templates, customization options, and access to the Academy where you can learn more about credit repair and running your business. 

Credit Repair Cloud Business Dashboard

How to Generate Disputes 

Once a customer has signed up for credit repair, they can view their dashboard and go to the Pending Report tab. 

This displays the client’s current credit reports. Scrolling through this page, click the items you wish to dispute on your client’s behalf. You can then specify a dispute Reason (i.e., inquiry not authorized) and Instructions (i.e., remove the item from my credit report).

Once you are finished selecting items and specifying reasons and instructions, you’ll need to save your work (button at the bottom of the page). 

Then you can proceed to the Dispute Wizard, where you can select the type of dispute letter you need (i.e., Round 1) and select the items you want to include in the letters (one for each credit bureau).

The dispute letters will then be automatically generated, and you can now create follow-up tasks.

Finally, you’ll need to print these letters and mail them to the credit bureaus.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

Canceling your subscription is straightforward. 

Simply log in to your account dashboard and select the Cancel option. 

If you were still in your free trial period, you will not be charged anything. 

If you are several months or more into your subscription, you will still have to pay for the current month and retain services during this time. You’ll want to take this opportunity to export your client information as needed. 

Credit Repair Cloud Additional Features

Each of Credit Repair Cloud’s subscription plans offers a few base features, including unlimited storage, a client portal, and unlimited leads. Additionally, Credit Repair Cloud offers a whole host of other resources to help manage all the needs of your credit repair business. 

Their listed features include

  • Importing online credit reports
  • Automated letter finder
  • Capture leads and signups (from a website or blog)
  • Dispute automation
  • KPI business dashboard
  • Import clients and leads (from other software)
  • 1-Click credit audit
  • CRM (contact relationship management) features
  • Free web hosting (2 months)
  • Batch printing of dispute letters and other materials
  • Affiliate tools
  • Developer API / Zapier
  • Client and affiliate portal
  • Comprehensive dispute library (100+ templates)
  • Client onboarding services
  • Client signature capture
  • Dedicated support
  • Credit repair training

The above are considered the “core features” that come with all of Credit Repair Cloud’s software subscriptions. 

Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

The pricing of Credit Repair Cloud’s subscriptions is based on the number of clients your credit repair business has. The more active clients you need to manage, the higher your monthly price. 

Credit Repair Cloud offers 4 base plans. You can add extra clients and/or team members to each package for a nominal fee. 

StartGrowScale Enterprise
Max team members361224
Max active clients30060012002400
Extra clients/team members$50 per team member or 100 clients$40 per team member or 100 clients$30 per team member or 100 clients$20 per team member or 100 clients

*You can save 20% on the monthly price if you pay annually instead.

Each of Credit Repair Cloud’s packages includes all of its tools and resources, including unlimited storage, a client portal, and more. 

Credit Repair Cloud doesn’t offer any kind of refund, but you can cancel your service at any time. What they do offer is a free 30-day trial. This trial allows you to explore most (but not all) of the features of their credit repair software. 

Credit Repair Cloud also has a recommended add-on for those just launching their credit repair businesses. It’s called the Credit Hero Challenge, and it includes tips for launching your business. The cost for the materials is $47 with the purchase of a Credit Repair Cloud subscription. 

Credit Repair Cloud Customer Reviews

Credit Repair Cloud has a direct link to their Trustpilot reviews on their website. And while at first, it seems like they are just showing positive reviews, if you view their complete list of reviews on Trustpilot, you’ll see that they are indeed overwhelmingly positive. 

Many 4 and 5-star reviews thank Credit Repair Cloud for their detailed educational materials. In fact, that is the only thing most of them mention. 

Credit Repair Cloud positive review
Credit Repair Cloud positive review

It is a bit disconcerting that most reviews are so positive and only talk about the training and not actually using the software. So we dug a little deeper and found a detailed 1-star review that exposes why. 

👉 Note: It turns out that Credit Repair Cloud offers incentives for reviews. They give you a one-time credit and promise that the best review will get an entire month of service for free! This makes the majority of these positive reviews untrustworthy.

 Credit Repair Cloud offers incentives for reviews

Further 1-star and 2-star reviews also cite poor customer support. 

And if you go to their BBB page, you’ll see 1 complaint centered around poor support. 

There is also 1 review that lodges a seriously concerning accusation that Credit Repair Cloud steals clients. 

It is worth mentioning that Credit Repair Cloud is currently navigating a lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This lawsuit alleges that Credit Repair Cloud (CRC) is training and encouraging their customers (credit repair businesses) to charge their clients incorrectly. 

According to the CROA (credit repair organizations act), a credit repair company can’t charge for services until these services are complete. 

Furthermore, since most credit repair companies utilize telemarketing strategies to land new clients, they must adhere to the TSR (telemarketing sales rule), which states they can only charge the client once 6 months have passed. 

Since CRC encourages credit repair businesses to charge upfront and monthly fees, this directly violates the TSR and potentially the CROA. 

While forcing credit repair companies to eat costs for 6 months seems a bit harsh, the law is in place to prevent individuals from being scammed. 

With many credit repair services, negative items are removed from your credit report(s) only to reappear a few months later. But if you already paid for the services months ago, you have little recourse. 

Forcing companies to wait six months before they charge you helps ensure that the changes you see on your credit reports are long-term, not temporary. 

This litigation likely won’t be wrapped up anytime soon. The CFPB also has a similar pending lawsuit against Lexington Law which has been ongoing for 3 years. 

If you are considering opening a credit repair business with CRC or another software, you should follow these two cases closely as the final findings could have a huge impact on the future of the credit repair industry. 

Credit Repair Cloud Alternatives

To see how Credit Repair Cloud matches up to the competition below is a table comparing them to three business credit repair software alternatives. 

Type of ServiceFeaturesEffort InvolvedCost
Credit Repair CloudSoftware for credit repair businessesImport credit reports, generate disputes, app integration, and client portalLow$179 – $599 a month plus fees for adding more clients/team members
Dispute BeeSoftware for credit repair businesses & individualsCredit scores, letter templates, and dispute tracking. Plus client portal and billing integrationMedium$49/month (personal) $129/month (business)
Credit Repair MagicCredit repair systemLetter templates and education resourcesVery High$97
Credit DetailerSoftware for credit repair businesses and individualsGenerate dispute letters, track disputes, manage clients, and dispute status client portalVery High$399 with optional add-on services

The features offered by Credit Repair Cloud are much more extensive than their competition (i.e., Credit Detailer). You not only get credit dispute creation and tracking tools, but you also get a wide variety of business resources. 

But the cost per month is pretty high, and the employee and client limitations are a big negative considering there are competitors that support unlimited clients. 

☝️ For a full comparison of the competition, check out our article on the Best Credit Repair Software.

Is Credit Repair Cloud Worth It?

If you want to launch your own credit repair business, then the software provided by Credit Repair Cloud might be a good fit.  

Their automated system for generating disputes as well as integration with various credit monitoring, invoicing tools, and training resources make them a sort of one-stop shop for credit repair businesses. 

But, you should gather the necessary funds first. The software subscription is pretty pricey, and while some of the training is free, a lot of the advanced classes are not. And there are other premium fee-based add-on services (i.e., website hosting). 

Credit Repair Cloud could also be a useful tool for those who already have small to medium-sized credit repair businesses. If you are using an outdated system (like Credit Repair Magic), moving to Credit Repair Cloud could save you a lot of time in managing your clients. 

But, you are largely on your own with navigating the client import process. 

Credit Repair Cloud is not good for those who have large credit repair businesses, as the lack of support in importing your existing clients would likely cause more of a headache than it is worth. Plus, the more clients you have, the more you have to pay.

Other individuals who might want to stay away from Credit Repair Cloud include those

  • Who hate spammy, upsell emails
  • Want flat upfront pricing
  • Have a client count or team member count that is high
  • Dislike cloud-based services due to information security concerns
  • Are nervous about the pending litigation

☝️ It is also worth noting that this credit repair software is not designed for personal use. That said, you could, in theory, use the free trial period to start repairing your own credit. Just be sure to cancel before the trial is up, or you’ll be out $179. 


Credit Repair Cloud is advertised as credit repair in a box. And essentially, that is what it is. The comprehensive cloud-based software has all the tools and resources you need to launch a credit repair business from scratch. And the different levels of subscription are tailored to the size of your business. 

But, the subscription price is high, and Credit Repair Cloud has a host of premium training and services you can only access for additional fees. 

And there is currently pending litigation to deal with. 

Credit Repair Cloud could be an excellent tool for your credit repair business, but waiting until the litigation settles to purchase this software might be a better move. Having a backup plan in place if you do decide to use this software might be good. 

How We Review the Credit Repair Software

We rate all the products we review using a key set of criteria. This allows us to fairly compare products that are not identical.

These are factors we looked at when evaluating credit repair software. 

Ease of Use:  Is the credit repair software easy to use and navigate? 

Yes, this software is about as easy to navigate as you can get. There is plenty of on-screen instruction, automation, and one-click processes. 

And with all of the credit monitoring, website hosting, training, etc., located in one software package, you won’t need to navigate many different websites/services. 

The only reason CRC doesn’t get a 10 is that importing existing clients is a bit difficult. 

Effectiveness: Does the software deliver on its promise? 

Yes, the software largely delivers all the tools and resources it promises. It does make disputes easier to create and manage. And it integrates with many of the other tools you need to run your business. 

Unfortunately, some of these features might cost you money. And trying to use other services (for credit monitoring, web hosting, billing, etc.) is difficult, if nearly impossible. 

Support: When you encounter problems with the software, is someone available to help?

The availability of support depends on your issue. If you have a question about training or setup, then yes, you can get a quick answer through email or Facebook. 

But, if you have technical or detailed questions, good luck. 

Credit Repair Cloud’s official point of contact is email. They do not give out their phone number, but they can schedule a short help call for you. 

Their other point of communication is the Facebook community. But they are known to block any and all dissenting comments, and it is a group generally regarded as a place where the blind are leading the blind, i.e., those new to credit repair are trying to help out other newbies. 

Cost: Is the software affordable when evaluating all of the features?

The price of this software is high, but the features you are getting are pretty substantial. So the value is definitely there. 

That said, Credit Repair Cloud constantly tries to upsell its existing customers with premium features. These are often features you can get cheaper elsewhere but won’t integrate with the Credit Repair Cloud software. 

And if your client count or team member count is too high, you may be forced to purchase a more expensive subscription or pay additional monthly fees. 

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