If you fail to pay a debt, your creditor will probably assign or sell your account to a collection agency. If that happens to you, one of your options is a pay-for-delete agreement.

Collection accounts are not fun. They will inflict immediate and severe damage on your credit. They will also beat up your peace of mind: you’ll be barraged with phone calls, emails, and whatever else the collector thinks will get you to pay.

Debt collectors are regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCA), but collectors are masters at pushing you as hard as they can within the law, or sometimes outside it.

One Bright Side

There is one advantage to dealing with a debt collector. Debt collectors pay an average of $.04 – that’s 4 cents – for every dollar of debt that they purchase from creditors.

If your original debt was for $5000, a collection agency may have bought the debt for only $200. That makes it easier to offer a settlement. Even if you pay only a fraction of what you originally owed, the collection agency makes a tidy profit.

If a collector bought your $5000 debt for $200, they may be happy to settle for $1000. They’ll still make $800.

Some debtors take this a step farther and Negotiate Pay-For Delete agreements.

What is a Pay-For-Delete Agreement?

Debt collectors want to be paid. Some debtors take advantage of this by offering a deal. They offer to pay a debt or a substantial part of it if the collection agency is willing to delete the account from their credit record.

If the debt collector is eager to make some money and close the account, they may agree. After all, they don’t care about your credit. They just want to earn a profit from the account and move on.

If you propose a pay-for-delete arrangement, put your proposal in a formal pay-for-delete letter. Insist on a written response.

It May Not Work

Pay-for-delete agreements are in a legal grey area.

There’s nothing illegal about asking for one, so don’t worry about that. However, creditors are legally required to report accurate information to the credit bureaus. A creditor that does not report accurate information could be blocked from getting information from the credit bureaus.

Some collection agencies will be reluctant to accept pay-for-delete agreements because deleting accurate information from your credit record could be considered an inaccurate report.

This also means that if the collection agency does not delete your record or the credit bureau continues to report it, you have no legal recourse. The information is accurate, the record is yours, and no agreement can force the credit bureau to remove it.

A pay-for-delete agreement will not remove the records of your original debt. Those were reported by your original creditor, not the collection agency, and the collection agency cannot remove them.

Collection Agency Policies

Collection agencies have different policies on pay-for-delete arrangements.

  • Some collection companies will delete any collection records from your report if you settle with them, even if you don’t ask for a pay for delete agreement. 
  • Others will consider a pay for delete agreement if you ask for it, but will not offer it. They won’t delete the collection filing from your credit report unless there’s an agreement in place.
  • The last group of collection companies will not accept any settlement that includes a pay for delete agreement.

We have seen a steady number of collection companies change their stance on pay-for-delete agreements.

We hope this article will be a good resource for you to find out which collection companies are currently automatically issuing pay-for-delete letters, are willing to accept them in a settlement, and those that will not agree to a pay-for-delete letter.

Below you will find a list of most of the US collection companies, their phone number, and whether they accept pay-for-delete agreements.

👉 We have designated the pay for delete question with the abbreviation ‘PFD’ followed by ‘auto’ for automatic, ‘yes’ indicating they will agree to a PFD, a ‘no’ that indicates they do not accept PDA’s at this time, and many will have an ‘Unknown’ for we don’t know.

🙋‍♂️ If you have settled with one of these companies with a pay for delete agreement and our records show that they do not accept them, or we do not know, please comment below so we can update our records.

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Alliance One

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Alliance One contracts with financial services companies, credit card lenders, health care providers, utilities, and court and government agencies to collect delinquent payments and other debts.


Phone Number: (800) 858-4472

Mailing Address: 3043 Walton Road, Suite 201 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Notes: Alliance One has an A+ rating with the BBB.  It is a debt collector but not the owner of any debt.

Alltran Financial

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Alltran is one of the larger debt collection agencies hired to collect a debt from consumers just like you. Alltran collects on unpaid credit cards, personal Loans, auto loans, student loans, retail, commercial and other debts. The majority of the unpaid credit card bills Alltran collects are charged off debts where no payment has been made in 6 months or longer.


Phone Number:  800-735-2989

Mailing Address:  5800 North Course Drive, Houston, Texas 77072

Notes: Alltran Financial has been in business for 39 years. BBB File was first opened in 1987, but they have No rating for reasons that may include ongoing review/update of the business’s file.

American Medical Collection Agency

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: On June 17, 2019, American Medical Collection Agency, which also did business as Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. (the “Company”), filed a Chapter 11 petition in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.


Phone Number:  (800) 666-8097

Mailing Address: 200 Pemberwick Rd. Greenwich, CT 06831

Notes: At least 20 million US citizens have been impacted by the security incident, in which the hacker responsible ransacked AMCA’s internal systems to pillage user data including names, Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, and payment card information. The stolen data was later advertised for sale in underground web forums.

American Coradius International LLC

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: American Coradius International LLC (ACI) is a full service first and third party debt collector for financial service agencies representing banks and finance companies on a national level. ACI represents some of the country’s largest National and Regional financial institutions.


Phone Number:  (800) 759-2241

Mailing Address: 2420 Sweet Home Road, Suite 150, Amherst, NY 14228

Notes:  Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating). They have been in business for 31 years. They are committed to regulatory compliance.  ACI often agrees to stop reporting your account information to the credit bureaus, provided you are paying off debt in collections.

Ability Recovery Services

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Ability Recovery Services is a National Collection Agency, a family owned business. They specialize in helping many Higher Education Institutions, Telecom, Health Care Providers, plus Utility and Financial Institutions.  They use Skip Tracing to validate information with national credit bureaus, court records and use their own proprietary methods.


Phone Number:  (855) 207-1892

Mailing Address: 284 Main St, Dupont, PA 18641

Notes:  The Ability Recovery Services family has been in the collection industry for over 30 years.they have a A+ rating with the BBB and is not accredited.  They collect in all Fifty States and are Bonded and Insured Nationwide.


Bay Area Receivables, Inc.

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Bay Area Receivables, Inc. offers diversified debt recovery services to our clients. We service the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the entire Delmarva Peninsula, and surrounding areas.


Phone Number:: 410-860-1600

Address:  714 Eastern Shore Drive Salisbury, Maryland 2180

Notes:  They are rated A+ by the BBB.  On July 1, 2020, BAR acquired all of Delmarva Collection Inc.(DCI) accounts.  Services include Activity Reporting, Credit Bureau Reporting, Litigation Services, Competitive Rates, Pre-Collection Programs, Online Payment Options, etc.

Bonneville Collections

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Bonneville Collections is a debt collection agency, and collects debts for a variety of businesses and industries, including medical and healthcare service providers; grocery stores; municipal government agencies; convenience stores; consumer retail outlets; utility service providers; and restaurants. BBC also collects delinquencies for commercial business-to-business accounts.


Phone Number:: 801-621-7880

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 150621, Ogden, UT 84415

Notes:  Bonneville Collections have been at it since 1980. They have an A+ rating with the BBB.


Client Services, INC. (CSI)

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: CSI has developed customized collections and recovery solutions that are integrated and compatible with multiple industries. CSI’s third-party, post charge-off recovery programs offer liquidation results for debt recovery.


Phone Number: (800) 521-3236

Mailing Address: 3451 Harry S. Truman Blvd, St. Charles, MO 63301

Notes: Client Services, Inc. (CSI) was founded in 1987.  ‘A+’ Better Business Bureau Accredited. They do not purchase or sell any consumer debts so the owner of any account will be identified on your credit report.

Coast Professional

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Coast Professional is a collection agency and call center for colleges or universities, Federal student loans and debt with a local or state government agency (including municipalities or utilities). They offer collection-related services, including telephone and mail efforts, skip tracing, and litigation.


Phone Number: (800) 231-0225

Mailing Address: 214 Expo Circle, Suite 7, West Monroe, LA 71292

Notes: Coast Professional was founded in 1976 and has an A+ rating with the BBB, Once a debt is assigned to a collection agency, that agency becomes responsible for collecting the debt, and is the only one that can arrange payment terms. If you owe the bill, they can help you figure out ways to pay it.

Cavalry Portfolio Services

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Cavalry Portfolio Services is a debt buyer, meaning they buy your debt from the company, at a discounted rate. Their clients are usually big banks like Chase and Bank of America on non-performing consumer loan portfolios. The agency purchases and collects on credit card debt, payday loans, auto finance debt, cell phone companies, doctor’s offices, utility companies, and telecommunication debt.


Phone Number: 1-866-483-5139

Mailing Address: 500 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 400, Valhalla, NY 10595

Notes: Cavalry was founded in 2002.  They have an A+ rating with the BBB but are not accredited.

Credit Management Company

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Credit Management Company (CMC) provides full service collection management and debt recovery programs in the healthcare, government, education, and consumer industry sectors which are Financial Services and Commercial. Debt Recovery Services include: Third party collections and skip tracing.


Phone Number: 412-937-0900

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 16346, Pittsburgh, PA 15242-0346

Notes: Credit Management Company started in 1966, has an A+ rating with the BBB and is accredited.  Credit Management Company supports and contributes to several charitable organizations.

Central Portfolio Control, Inc.

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Central Portfolio Control, or CPC, is a third-party smaller collection agency representing creditors which include banks, finance companies, and other financial institutions.


Phone Number:  800-834-2147

Mailing Address: 10249 Yellow Circle Drive, Suite 200, Minnetonka, MN 55343

Notes: Central Portfolio Control was Founded in 1998 and has an A- rating with the BBB and is accredited.  They help customers to  fulfill financial obligations while returning to financial health. They offer links to help the client such as Ask Dr. Debt (ACA International),  a consumer resource with answers to frequent questions, Mint.com, an online personal finance software service from Intuit, and MyMoney, a resource provided by the U.S. government.

Caine & Weiner

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview:  Caine & Weiner is an international full service domestic debt collection company covering a  broad cross-section of American industry for recovering commercial 3rd party debt.


Phone Number: (818) 902-4255

Mailing Address: 5805 Sepulveda Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

Notes: Caine & Weiner has been in operation since 1930  They have an F rating with the BBB and are not accredited.  They have over 4,000 credit and collection agents in over 90 countries to assist in addressing legal, cultural, monetary and language barriers.

Credit Control

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview:  Credit Control provides an array of services across the customer continuum, from loss prevention and loss recovery, to our specialty programs including our debt settlement company solution and pre-litigation & legal program to resolve delinquent accounts.


Phone Number: 1-888-365-7145

Mailing Address: 5757 Phantom Drive, Ste 330 Hazelwood, MO 63042

Notes: Credit Control was founded in 2000 and has a B+ accredited rating with the BBB. They use Third Party Collections, Skip Tracing, Pre-Legal & Legal Collections, and help with Bankruptcy Filing.

Capital Accounts

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Capital Accounts specializes in the collection of overdue balances for dental, medical and healthcare providers and commercial companies. Capital Accounts uses skip tracing to pursue debtors that have left their home state or are being evasive.


Phone Number: (800) 282-3214

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 680608, Franklin, TN 37068

Notes: Capital Accounts has been in business for 17 years and has a B rating with the BBB and is not accredited.  All collection efforts are conducted in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977 and are HIPAA compliant. Capital Accounts regularly makes percentage based contributions to charitable organizations.

Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Commonwealth Financial Systems is a medium third party Debt collection agency and their services are offered nationwide. Their diversified client base includes Debt Purchasers, Financial, Retail, Commercial, Government, and Medical Clients. Commonwealth Financial Services is a late-stage, or junk, debt collector. That means some of the debts they collect on have been purchased from other collection agencies.


Phone Number: (800) 848-2170

Mailing Address: 245 Main St, Dickson City, PA 18519

Notes: Commonwealth has served clients for over 25 years. They have a B rating with the BBB and are not accredited. They offer a free online payment service to resolve your debt without speaking to a collector.

Capital Management Services, LP

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Capital Management Services L.P. is a nationally licensed is a third-party debt collections agency, providing delinquent receivables resolution. Their Prospective Clients page says they are available to accept delinquent accounts from virtually any type of merchant or business.  CMS claims it uses an Intelligent system. It is a computer system that thinks and reacts like a collections expert, making instant decisions that are typically routine and time consuming.


Phone Number: 716-871-9050

Mailing Address:  698 1/2 S Ogden St. Buffalo, NY 14206

Notes: Capital Management Services claims to have taken the security components critical and instilled these requirements including data control and physical security and has a detailed disaster recovery plan. They were established in 2000.  According to the Better Business Bureau website they have an A+ rating but are not accredited.


  • D.B.F. Collection Corp Mailing Address: P.O. Box 447 Hewlett, NY 11557 Phone: (516) 295-4636  PFD: Unknown
  • DBG Collection Inc.
  • DCM Services Mailing Address: 7601 Penn Ave S, A600, Minneapolis, MN 55423 Phone: 1-877-326-8786 PFD: Unknown https://www.dcmservices.com/
  • Debt Assistance Group, LLC
  • Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC Mailing Address: 6800 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 113E, Syosset NY 11791 Phone: (800) 851 – 9592 PFD: Unknown
  • Del Mar Recovery Solutions
  • Delivery Financial Services Mailing Address: 3710 West Greenway Road, Suite 131, Phoenix, Arizona 85053 Phone: 1 (877) 348-1146 PFD: Unknown
  • Dell Financial Services
  • Delmarva Collections, Inc. Mailing Address: 820 East Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21804 Phone: 410-546-3005 PFD: Unknown
  • Delta Management Associates, Inc.  Mailing Address:  100 Everett Ave #6, Chelsea, MA 02150 Phone:  (800) 688-6337 PFD: Unknown
  • Delta Outsource Group  Mailing Address: 62 N Central Dr, O’Fallon, MO 63366  Phone: (800) 364-1895  PFD: Unknown
  • Denovus Corporation, Ltd.
  • DeVille Asset Management Mailing Address: 1800 Route 34 Building 3 Suite 305, Wall, NJ 07719 Phone: 1-800-558-4027 PFD: Yes
  • Diaz & Associates  Mailing Address: 17671 Irvine Blvd. Ste 212 Tustin, CA. 92780  Phone:  (877) 544-2728  PFD: Unknown
  • Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 32145Fridley, MN 5543 Phone: 1-800-279-3733 PFD: Unknown
  • Diversified Collections, Inc.
  • Diversified Consultants Inc Mailing Address: PO Box 679543, Dallas, TX 75267-9543 Phone: (877) 302-9264 – PFD: Yes https://mybill.dcicollect.com/login
  • Diversified Recovery Bureau Mailing Address: PO Box 28, West Seneca NY 14224 Phone: (888) 612-3634 PFD: Unknown
  • DRS Bonded Collection Systems
  • Dutchess Bureau of Medical Economics Inc.
  • Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC (DRS) Mailing Address: 135 Interstate Blvd. Greenville, SC 29615 – Phone: 1-844-735-9451 PFD: Unknown
  • Dynia & Associates Mailing Address:  1400 E Touhy Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60018  Phone: (877) 314-4308  PFD: Unknown

Dynamic Recovery Solutions

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Dynamic Recovery Solutions provides nationwide consumer and commercial collection services to organizations including Banking, Student Loans, Health Care, Retail, Telecommunications, Utilities, Legal, and Real Estate.


Phone Number: (800) 858-4472

Mailing Address: 4850 E. Street Road, Suite 300  Trevose, PA 19053

Notes:  Alliance One has an A+ rating with the BBB.  It is a debt collector but not the owner of any debt.


  • E.R.I.-Estate Recoveries, Inc.
  • Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. Mailing Address: PO Box 17400, Indianapolis, IN 46217 Phone: 888-322-3245 PFD: Unknown
  • Eastpoint Recovery Systems Mailing Address: 1738 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 104, Buffalo, NY 14207 Phone: (800) 459-2417   PFD: Unknown
  • Eastern Asset Services Mailing Address:  PO Box 1177 Park Ave Ste 5 PMB 151 Orange Park, FL 32073 Phone:  844-836-6228  PFD: Unknown
  • Eastern Account System, Inc. Mailing Address: 111 Park Ridge Rd Brookfield, CT 06804 Phone:  (800) 750-6343 PFD: Unknown
  • Eastern Associates Inc.
  • Eastern Collection Corporation
  • Eastern Revenue Inc. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 777 Horsham, PA 19044 Phone: 866-337-8875 PFD: Unknown
  • Eastern Shore Services
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Edward Sloan and Associates Mailing Address: PO.Box 788, Winnsboro, TX. 75494-0788 Phone: (888) 322-3402 x108  PFD: Unknown
  • Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C.
  • Element Global Services Mailing Address:  Phone:  PFD: Unknown
  • Elevate Recoveries, LLC  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 910009, Sherman, Texas 75091 Phone: (866)324-7040 PFD:  Unknown
  • Elite Recovery Services Mailing Address: 8035 E R L Thornton Fwy. Dallas, TX 75228 Phone: (888) 511-7251 PFD: Unknown
  • Encore Receivable Management
  • Endpoint Resolution Services Mailing Address:  266 Elmwood Ave. Suite 748 Buffalo, NY 14222 Phone: (844) 786-7790   PFD: Unknown
  • Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC (ERC) 800-617-0049 PFD: Yes
  • Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc.
  • EOS CCA (877) 395-5997 PFD: Yes
  • Erin Capital Management
  • ESR Agency Inc.
  • Excuria Recovery Services, LLC
  • ExlService.Com India-Private Limited Mailing Address: 320 Park Avenue, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10022, USA Phone: +1 212-277-7100  PFD: Unknown


Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: EOS CCA is a professional debt collection company. They specialize in collecting payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. They act under an agreement to work directly for the original service provider (such as banks, colleges and universities, student loan lenders, telecommunications companies, and other companies) They work on behalf of the original supplier based on a Debt Assignment Agreement.


Phone Number: (877) 395-5997

Mailing Address: PO Box 329, Norwell, MA 02061

Notes:  EOS CCA was originally founded as a Collection Company of America in 1991 and has specialized in receivables collection since then.  They are part of the EOS Group, with 50 companies operating in over 25 countries.  This business is not BBB accredited.


  • F.D.R. Credit Recovery Limited
  • Fair Collections and Outsourcing Mailing Address: 12304 Baltimore Ave.Suite #E, Beltsville, MD 20705 Phone: 877-324-7959 PFD: Unknown
  • FBCS  Mailing Address: 330 S Warminster Road, Suite 353, Hatboro, PA 19040 Phone: (866) 594-8640  PFD: Unknown
  • Feldman & Stern
  • F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc.    Mailing Address: 1600 Osgood Street, Suite 2-120 North Andover, MA 01845  Phone:   (877) 750-9804  PFD: Unknown
  • Field Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
  • Fidelity National Collections (800) 860-9701 PFD: Yes
  • Fifth Third Bank  Mailing Address: Phone:  (877) 534-2264   PFD: Unknown
  • Financial Asset Management Systems Mailing Address: 665 Molly Lane, Suite 110 Woodstock, GA 30189 Phone: (678) 254-3307  PFD: Unknown
  • Financial Corporation of America (FCOA) Mailing Address: 12515 Research Blvd Bldg 2, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78759 Phone: 800.880.8200 PFD: Unknown
  • Financial Health Strategies, Inc.
  • Financial Management Solutions, LLC
  • Financial Management Systems, Inc . Mailing Address: 1100 W. Lake Cook Rd. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089  Phone: (800) 605-9817  PFD: Unknown
  • Financial Recoveries Mailing Address: 200 East Park DriveSuite 100, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: 800-334-8814 PFD: Unknown
  • First Credit Services Mailing Address: 9 Wills WayPiscataway, NJ 08854 Phone: 1-800-606-7066 PFD: Yes
  • First National Credit Card  Mailing Address: PO Box 5097 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5097 Phone: (888) -883-9824 PFD: Unknown
  • First Platinum Corporation
  • First Premier Bank Mailing Address:  Phone: (800) 501-6535 PFD: Unknown
  • Firstsource Advantage LLC Mailing Address: P.O. Box 628, Buffalo, NY 14240-0628 Phone:  PFD: Unknown
  • FirstStates Financial Services Corp.  Mailing Address: 200 Reading Ave Ste 201 West Reading, PA 19611 Phone: 866-328-7792  PFD: Unknown  
  • Flexible Financial Corp. Mailing Address: 17952 S. Avalon Blvd. Carson, CA 90746 Phone: 310-715-1112 PFD: Unknown
  • Focus Receivables Management, LLC
  • Forest Recovery Services  Mailing Address:  PO Box 1580 Clover, SC 29710 Phone: (877) 276-1066 PFD: Unknown
  • Forever 21
  • Fortune Portfolio Management Inc.
  • Forster and Garbus, LLP Mailing Address: 60 Motor Parkway, Commack, New York 11725 Phone: (800) 245-9943 PFD: Unknown
  • Fortiva Financial
  • Foster and Monroe, LLC  Mailing Address: PO Box 1031 West Seneca, NY 14224 Phone: 855-304-5142  PFD: Unknown
  • Franklin Collection Services Mailing Address: 2978 West Jackson Street P.O. Box 3910 Phone: 800-262-7590 PFD: Unknown
  • Franklin Credit Solutions
  • Frontier Financial Group
  • Frost-Arnett Company Mailing Address: PO Box 198988 Nashville, TN 37219 Phone: 1 877-753-9851 PFD: Unknown
  • Fundamental Business Service, Inc. Mailing Address: 14 Front Street, Suite 107 Hempstead, NY 11550 Phone: 800-272-1635  PFD: Unknown

Financial Business and Consumer Solutions

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Founded in 1982 as Federal Bond Collection Services, FBCS changed its name in 2014 to Financial Business and Consumer Solutions. They are a nationally licensed and bonded third party debt collection agency offering pre-charge off, early out, and third party collection services for clients across a variety of industry verticals, including major banks, credit cards, medical bills/healthcare, commercial, auto, student loans/education, and utilities.


Phone Number: (866) 594-8640

Mailing Address:  330 S Warminster Road, Suite 353,  Hatboro, PA 19040

Notes:  FBCS is a family owned company with more than 30 years’ experience servicing accounts. They have an A rating with the BBB and are accredited. They offer several helpful links on their website to help you understand your situation and  learn to get out of debt.


  • Gatestone & Co. Mailing Address; 260 – 455 N 3RD STREET, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85004 Phone: 800-900-4238 PFD: Unknown
  • Genesee Valley Associates
  • Genesis Credit Management Mailing Address: PO Box 3630 Everett, WA 98213 Phone: 866.863.9194 PFD: Unknown
  • General Revenue Corporation Mailing Address: 4660 Duke Dr. Suite 200 Mason, OH 45040-8466 Phone: (800) 234-6258 PFD: Unknown https://www.generalrevenue.com/contentsite/Default.aspx
  • Gentran Management, LLC
  • GLA Collection Company Mailing Address: PO BOX 588, GREENSBURG, IN 47240-0588 Phone: (502) 267-7522 PFD: Unknown
  • Glass Mountain Capital Mailing Address: 1375 E Woodfield Rd Suite 400 Schaumburg, IL 60173 Phone: 877-214-0276 PFD: Unknown
  • Glenn Associates Mid-Atlantic, Inc.
  • Global Alliance Credit Corporation  Mailing Address: 1225 Franklin Avenue Suite 325. Garden City, Ny 11530 Phone:  (516) 221-7766  PFD: Unknown
  • Global Credit & Collection Corp.
  • Global Credit Network, L.L.C. Mailing Address; 656 Quince Orchard Rd. Suite 620 Gaithersburg, MD 20878  Phone; (888) 488-2770   PFD: Unknown
  • GM Financial
  • Gragil & Associates  Mailing Address: PO Box 1010, Pembroke, MA 02359  Phone: 800-336-0299  PFD: Unknown
  • Graydon Associates, Ltd.
  • Greenberg, Grant & Richards Mailing Address: 5858 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX. 77057  Phone: (888) 961-1000 PFD: Unknown
  • Grimley Financial  Mailing Address: 1415 Route 70 East Suite LL-5 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034  Phone: 800-673-1414  PFD: Unknown
  • Guardian Recovery Solutions
  • Gulf Coast Collection Bureau Mailing Address: Gulf Coast Collection Bureau P.O. Box 987 Tallevast, FL 34270 Phone: 1.866.991.7360 PFD: Unknown
  • Gurstel Law Firm Mailing Address: Phone: PFD: Unknown


  • Halsted Financial Services  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 828 Skokie, IL 60076 Phone:  (855) 284-0831 PFD: Unknown
  • Harris & Harris Mailing Address: 111 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60604 Phone: 1-800-362-0097 PFD: Unknown
  • Harvest Recovery Services, LLC
  • Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group Mailing Address: P.O. Box 459080 Sunrise, FL 33345-9080 Phone: 800-984-9115   PFD: Unknown
  • Heritage Financial Recovery Services Mailing Address: 600 East Crescent Avenue, Suite 304, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 Phone: 800-325-3440 PDF: Unknown
  • Hill Top Collections, Inc.
  • Hillcrest Davidson and Associates  Mailing Address: 715 N Glenville – Suite 450 Richardson, TX 75081  Phone: 866-524-9866  PFD: Unknown
  • Holloway Credit Solutions Mailing Address: 1286 Carmichael Way,  Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: 800-264-2700 PFD: Unknown
  • Honda Financial Services
  • HP Sears Mailing Address: 2000 18th Street – Bakersfield, CA 93301 Phone: 888-766-5981 PFD: Unknown
  • HSS Collection Agency   Mailing Address:  605 Broad Avenue , Suite 106 Ridgefield,N.J.07657 Phone: (800) 624-0792 PFD: Unknown
  • Hunter Warfield, Inc. Mailing Address: 4620 Woodland Corporate Blvd. Tampa, FL 33614 – Phone: (888) 486-8927 PFD: Yes

Hunter Warfield

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Hunter Warfield provides collection services over a wide range of businesses and industries, including property management companies; funeral homes; medical and healthcare service providers; financial services companies, including deficiency accounts for personal, business, and commercial loans; lines of credit; home equity deficiencies; and credit card lenders. HWI also provides commercial collection services for business-to-business account delinquencies.


Phone Number:  (888) 486-8927

Mailing Address: 4620 Woodland Corporate Blvd. Tampa, FL 33614

Notes:  Hunter Warfield has a B rating with the BBB.  The company acts as a third-party collections agency. That means it doesn’t buy debts, so it’s under less pressure to collect.


  • IC Systems, Inc. 1-800-443-4123 PFD: Unknown
  • IDT Carmel Inc.
  • Image Capital Management, Inc.
  • Immediate Credit Recovery Mailing Address: PO Box 965156, Marietta, GA 30066 Phone: 866-401-7190 PFD: Unknown
  • Imperial Credit Systems
  • Independent Recovery Resources, Inc.  Mailing Address: 414 S. Service Rd. # 309 Patchogue NY 11772 Phone: (866) 271-6721   PFD: Unknown
  • Ingram & Associates
  • Integrated Asset Recovery, LLC
  • Integrated Collections Group, LLC
  • Integrated Commercial Enterprises Ltd
  • International Recovery Associates, Inc.  Mailing Address: 195 Smithtown Blvd. Nesconset, NY 11767 Phone: 800-729-3500   PFD: Unknown
  • Interstate Credit & Collection, Inc.
  • Island National Group, LLC
  • IQ Data Corp  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 340 Bothell, WA 98041-0340 Phone: (888) 248-2509  PFD: Unknown

Immediate Credit Recovery

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Immediate Credit Recovery is a private debt collection agency  They serve over 400 institutions of higher education including federal student loans default, healthcare providers, several different federal and state government agencies, including the Department of Education and commercial entities across the nation.


Phone Number: 866-401-7190

Mailing Address: PO Box 965156, Marietta, GA 30066

Notes:  ICR was founded in 1990 and has an A+ accredited rating with the BBB.  ICR does not offer any language access services other than English.


  • J.C. Christensen & Associates, Inc.
  • Jack Harris Inc. Mailing Address: 8855 Annapolis Rd Ste 107, Lanham, MD 20706 Phone: (301) 577-2666 PFD: Unknown
  • Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC 1-833-851-5552 PFD: Yes
  • Jenn-Way Recovery Bureau
  • Jersey Coast Associates, Inc.
  • JJC Collections, LLC
  • JKM Credit Services LLC  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 38 • Drums, Pennsylvania 18222-0038 Phone:  800-542-5173  PFD: Unknown
  • JL1 Consulting LLC
  • JPL Recovery Solutions  Mailing Address; 3840 E Robinson Rd Suite 324 Amherst, NY 14228  Phone: 877-350-2926  PFD: Unknown

Jack Harris, Inc.

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Jack Harris is a collection agency for Medical billing facilities and managing, collecting property management debt and recovering NSF checks…


Phone Number: (301) 577-2666 

Mailing Address: 8855 Annapolis Rd Ste 107, Lanham, MD 20706

Notes:  Since 1966, Jack Harris Inc. has partnered with organizations throughout Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. to collect on accounts that are often considered “uncollectible.” They have an A rating with the BBB but are not accredited. Offer Bilingual collectors.


  • Kansas Counselors Mailing Address: PO BOX 14765Shawnee Mission, KS 66285 Phone: (888) 536-9852 PFD: Unknown
  • KB Merrill Associates, LLC
  • Kessler & Mortorano Associates, LLC
  • Key Recovery Group, LLC
  • Keystone Collection Services, LLC  Mailing Address: 664 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, PA 17543 USA  Phone: (888) 390-4860 PFD: Unknown
  • Keystone Credit Collections Inc.  Mailing Address: P.O. box 707, Richland, PA. 17078 Phone: (844) 391-0721 PFD: Unknown
  • Kirk & Newman, LLC
  • Kohl’s
  • Kopp Collection Service, Incorporated  Mailing Address:  PO Box 2367, Syracuse, NY 13220  Phone: (315) 701-1068  PFD: Unknown
  • Kramer & Associates  Mailing Address:  302 W. Main St.  Suite 101, Avon, CT 06001 Phone: (860) 409.7639 PFD: Unknown


  • Lamont, Hanley & Associates Mailing Address: 1138 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101 Phone: 1-800-639-2204 PFD: Unknown
  • Lane Bryant
  • Law Enforcement Systems, Inc.  Mailing Address: 30-00 47th Avenue, 7th Floor, Long Island City , NY 11101 Phone: (718) 729-3895  PFD: Unknown
  • Law Office of John E. Lindner, PA  Mailing Address: 1410 Crain Highway North, Suite 3-B Glen Burnie, MD 21061 Phone: 410-453-4123  PFD: Unknown
  • Law Offices of Bradley J. Rephen, P.C.
  • Law Offices of Burr & Reid, LLP  Mailing Address: Post Office Box 2308, Binghamton, New York 13902-2308  Phone: (607) 798-1521  PFD: Unknown
  • Law Offices of Heidi S. Kenny, LLC  Mailing Address: 11426 York Road, First Floor Cockeysville, MD 21030  Phone:  (410) 415.7071  PFD: Unknown
  • Legal Servicing, LLC  Mailing Address: 2801 Wherle Drive, Suite 5, Williamsville, New York 14221  Phone: (716) 565-9300   PFD: Unknown
  • Lemore Management Services Inc.
  • LHR Inc.
  • Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP Mailing Address: 2777 N. Stemmons Freeway Suite 1000 Dallas, TX 75207 Phone: 800.441.0960 PFD: Unknown
  • Lionstone Holdings Group
  • Louisiana Recovery Services Mailing Address: 1304 Bertrand Drive, Suite F-4Lafayette, LA 70506 Phone: 1-877-277-6300 PFD: Unknown
  • Lyon Collection Services, Inc.  Mailing Address: 7924 West Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 Phone: (800) 935.5966  PFD: Unknown
  • LVNV Funding LLC 1-888-665-0374 PFD: Yes

Lamont, Hanley & Associates

  • Website:  www.lhainc.com
  • Mailing Address: 1138 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101
  • Phone: 1-800-639-2204
  • Accept PFD?  Unknown

Lane Bryant

  • Website:  www.lanebryant.com
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 659728, San Antonio, TX 78265-9728
  • Phone: 1-800-888-4163
  • Accept PFD?  Unknown
  • Read Our Full Review

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson is a law firm specializing in the collection of government debts such as taxes, traffic citations, parking tickets, and tolls.


Phone Number: 800.441.0960

Address: 2777 N. Stemmons Freeway Suite 1000 Dallas, TX 75207

Notes:  They are rated A+ by the BBB.  Some of the taxes they collect are income tax and property tax, although they mostly handle property taxes in Texas.

LVNV Funding LLC

Accept Pay for Delete?  Yes, they automatically delete when you pay.

Overview: LVNV Funding is a collection agency based in Las Vegas that primarily collects for Credit One Bank.  LVNV owns your debt but they use Resurgent Capital Services to administer and collect your debt.


Phone Number: 1-888-665-0374

Address: PO Box 10584, Greenville SC 29603-0584

Notes:  Sometimes you can negotiate with them.  We’ve seen reports they will take anywhere from a 10% to 70% discount to settle debt.  Be sure to open an account with Resurgent Capital for the best settlement options.

Read Our Full Review

Lamont, Hanley & Associates, Inc

Accept Pay for Delete?  Yes, they automatically delete when you pay.

Overview: Lamont, Hanley & Associates, Inc., is a national company specializing in accounts receivables management solutions. This company is a debt collection for doctors and insurance companies.Their methodology provides their customers with results in clearing their balance in a non-confrontational, business-like manner.


Phone Number: 1-800-639-2204

Mailing Address: 1138 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101

Notes:  Lamont, Hanley & Associates, Inc was established in 1991 and has an A+ rating with the BBB.  All of the collectors are certified by ACA International or the International Association of Commercial Collectors.  They offer Collections Seminars, Training and Monthly Newsletters to keep you informed. They ensure that the information they collect is secure.


  • M & L Recoveries, Inc.
  • MRS Associates, Inc. (888) 334-5677 PFD: Unknown
  • Macy’s
  • Mancing & Associates, Inc.
  • Mandarich Law Group Mailing Address: PO Box 109032 Chicago, IL 60610 Phone: 855-441-5983 PFD: Unknown
  • Marcam Associates Mailing Address: PO Box 60 Rochester, NH 03866-0060 Phone: (800) 638-1005 PFD: Unknown
  • Marel Associates  Mailing Address:  208 Route 109, Ste. 108, Farmingdale, NY  11735  Phone: (718) 445-1000 PFD: Unknown
  • MARS Collection Agency Phone: 918-748-8444 PFD: Yes
  • Maryland Medical Collections
  • MCU Holdings  Mailing Address:  7551 Wiles Road Suite 101 Coral Springs, FL 33067 Phone: (866) 432-3368  PFD: Unknown
  • MBI Associates Inc.
  • MBS Credit & Collection Solutions
  • Medical & Hospital Credit Exchange
  • Medical Bureau of Pittsburgh  Mailing Address:  4227 Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA. 15205  Phone: (412) 539-0990   PFD: Unknown
  • Medical Data Systems, Inc. Mailing Address: 2001 9th Avenue, Suite 312,  Vero Beach, Florida 32960 Phone: 888-773-2255 PFD: Unknown
  • Medical Financial Solutions
  • Medical Practice Management Associates, Inc  Mailing Address: 3330 Cumberland Blvd SE  Suite 200  Atlanta, GA 30339 Phone: (770) 951-8427  PFD: Unknown
  • Medicredit PFD: Unknown
  • Mid-Continent Credit Services
  • Midwest Recovery Systems Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 899Florissant, MO 63032 Phone: 888-253-3440 PFD: Unknown
  • Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC  Mailing Address:  165 Lawrence Bell Drive, Suite 100, Williamsville, NY 14221 Phone: (800) 480-7094  PFD: Unknown
  • Merit Recovery Systems
  • Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
  • Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM) Mailing Address: 350 Camino De La Reina #100, San Diego, CA 92108 – Phone: (800) 296-2657 – PFD: Yes
  • Midland Funding LLC Mailing Address: P.O. Box 939069 San Diego, California 92193 Phone: (800) 296-2657 – PFD: Yes
  • Midpoint Resolution Group. LLC
  • MG Credit  Mailing Address:  5115 San Juan Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32210 Phone: 1 (800) 387-6503  PFD: Unknown
  • Monarch Recovery Management Mailing Address: 3260 Tillman Drive Suite 75, Bensalem, PA 19020 Phone: (800) 220-0605 PFD: Unknown
  • Monterey Financial Services Mailing Address: 4095 Avenida De La Plata, Oceanside, CA 92056 Phone: (800) 456-2225 PFD: Unknown
  • Montgomery Collections, Inc  Mailing Address: 1755 North University Drive, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024 Phone: (888) 378-8100  PFD: Unknown
  • Morgan & Curtis Associates, Inc. Mailing Address:  95 Broadway, Hicksville, New York 11801 Phone:  (800)  933-8710  PFD: Unknown
  • MSW Capital, LLC

Midwest Recovery Systems, DBA CACi aka Consumer Adjustment Company, Inc

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: CACi or Consumer Adjustment Company, Inc. is a professional debt collector and has purchased the assets of Midwest Recovery Systems, LLC.  CACi will assist you with the resolution of your debt. Your current repayment arrangement will continue to be honored and processed. The only change is you will see CACi or Consumer Adjustment Company, Inc. as the payment processor on your bank statements.


Phone Number: (888) 253-3440

Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 899, Florissant, MO 63032

Notes:  Midwest has 25 years of experience in the debt collection industry. Consumer Adjustment Company, Inc has been in business 53 years and has the same phone #.  Consumer Adjustment Company, Inc has an A+ rating with the BBB and is accredited. Midwest has a F rating with the BBB and are not accredited.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Mercantile Adjustment Bureau is a full service collection agency.  They service many of our nation’s most recognized banks, financial institutions, retailers, universities, and debt purchasers.


Phone Number: (800) 480-7094

Mailing Address: 165 Lawrence Bell Dr. Ste 100. Buffalo, NY 14221-7900.

Notes:  MACL was originally founded in 2001  This organization Has an A+ rating and is not BBB accredited.  They offer several helpful links on their website to help you understand your situation and learn to get out of debt.


  • National Action Financial Services, Inc.
  • National Asset Management
  • National Bond & Collection Associates, Inc  Mailing Address: 210 Division St. Kingston, PA  18704 Phone: (570) 287-6023   PFD: Unknown
  • National Bureau Collection Corp.
  • National Credit Systems, Inc. (NCS) Mailing Address: P.O. Box 312125 Atlanta, GA 31131 Phone: (404) 629-9595 PFD: No https://www.nationalcreditsystems.com/
  • National Enterprise Systems, Inc. (NES) Mailing Address: 29125 Solon Road, Solon, OH 44139 Phone: (800) 973-0600 PFD: Unknown
  • National Financial Group, Inc.  Mailing Address: 100 Hartsfield Centre Parkway Suite 475 Atlanta, GA 30354 Phone: (404) 865-3105  PFD: Unknown
  • National Financial Systems, Inc.
  • National Management Recovery Corp.  Mailing Address:  5571 N. University Drive, Suite 203, Coral Springs, FL 33067  Phone: 866-384-1689  PFD: Unknown
  • National Principal Group
  • National One Credit Corp.
  • National Recovery Agency Mailing Address: P.O. Box 67015Harrisburg, PA 17106-7015 Phone: 800-773-4503 PFD: Unknown
  • National Recovery Solution  Mailing Address: 6425 Dysinger Road Lockport, NY 14094  Phone: +1 (855) 677-4026  PFD: Unknown
  • Nations Recovery Center
  • Nationwide Credit & Collection  Mailing Address:  815 Commerce Dr.  Suite 270 Oak Brook, IL 60523  Phone: 888-348-4524  PFD: Unknown
  • Nationwide Debt Management Solutions
  • Navient
  • NCB Management Services, Inc. (NCBI) Mailing Address: 1 Allied Drive, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053 Phone: 1-800-828-1110 PFD: Unknown https://www.ncbi.com/
  • NCC Business Services Mailing Address: PO Box 15630Wilmington, DE, 19850 Phone: 1-877-865-7686 PFD: Unknown
  • NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
  • Nelson Cruz & Associates   Mailing Address:  9535 Forest Lane, Suite 114 Dallas, Texas 75243-6129  Phone: (888) 757-3930  PFD: Unknown
  • New Era Asset Management Mailing Address: Phone: (844) 853-3670 PFD: Unknown
  • New Century Financial Services Inc. Mailing Address: 7 Entin Road, 1st Floor, Parsippany, NJ 07054  Phone:  (888) 989-8300   PFD: Unknown
  • New Jersey Automotive Accounts Management Co., Inc.
  • Niagara Credit Solutions, Inc. Mailing Address:  1212 Abbott Rd, Suite D Lackawanna, New York 14218   Phone:  (888) 841-3131  PFD: Unknown
  • North American Collection Agency, Inc.  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 182221 · Chattanooga, TN 37422  Phone: 800.467.5654  PFD: Unknown
  • North American Recovery Mailing Address: 1600 West 2200 South Suite 410 West Valley City UT 84119 Phone: 800.364.6445 PFD: Unknown
  • North Eastern Asset Recovery, Inc.
  • North Shore Agency, Inc. Mailing Address: Phone: PFD: Unknown
  • Northpoint Recovery Service
  • Northstar Location Services, LLC Mailing Address: 4285 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY 14225 Phone: 1.877.630.6700 PFD: Unknown
  • Northwood Asset Management Group, LLC  Mailing Address:  235 College Parkway Suite 200 Williamsville, NY 14221  Phone: 855-200-5999  PFD: Unknown
  • Notte Agency, Inc. Mailing Address:  250 Half Mile Rd, Red Bank, NJ 07701 Phone: (732) 747-9020  PFD: Unknown

National Enterprise Systems

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: NES is a third-party debt collection agency and attempts to collect debts that have been purchased at a low rate from creditors. They operate in all fifty states and offer services to credit grantors nationwide from the financial services (banks), retail stores, automotive, and telecommunications industries as well as higher education clients (schools)  and government agencies.


Phone Number: (800) 973-0600

Mailing Address: 29125 Solon Road, Solon, OH 44139

Notes:  National Enterprise Systems, Inc. (NES) was established in 1987. They have a A+ rating with the BBB.

National Recovery Agency

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: National Recovery Agency is a medium size company and resolves financial obligations. They aggressively provide third party debt collection services, skip tracing and credit bureau reporting, and litigation of accounts as necessary.  They’ll service and collect on a variety of consumer debt accounts including education, financial, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, government, utilities, and many more.


Phone Number: (800) 773-4503

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 67015, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7015

Notes:  NRA has been in business since 1976. They are accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating. If they’re unable to collect payment they can legally sell the rights to your account to yet another collection agency.  They offer several helpful links on their website to help you understand your situation and  learn to get out of debt.

Northstar Location Services, LLC

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: The Northstar Companies provides a full-service third party debt collection agency, servicing the U.S.. It buys collection accounts from and works on a contingency basis for major credit card issuers, including Discover.


Phone Number: 1.877.630.6700

Mailing Address: 4285 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY 14225

Notes:  NLS has 50 years of industry experience.  They have an A+ rating with the BBB but are not accredited. They may be working on behalf of a creditor as an outside collection agent.


  • Oliphant Financial Corporation  Mailing Address:  PO Box 740882 Atlanta, GA 30374-0882  Phone: 800.262.1999  PFD: Unknown
  • Omnipoint Capital  Mailing Address: 2303 Union Road West Seneca, NY 14224 USA  Phone: (866) 480-6142  PFD: Unknown
  • Omni Credit Management, Inc.  Mailing Address: 12800 Frederick Road, Suite #130 West Friendship, MD 21794 Phone: (866) 984-6900  PFD: Unknown
  • One Main Financial  Mailing Address:  601 N.W. Second Street Evansville, IN 47708-1013 Phone: 800-290-7002  PFD: Unknown
  • Oracle Financial Group, LLC Mailing Address: 226 W. Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: 215.546.2933 PFD: Unknown
  • Optimum Outcomes, Inc. Mailing Address: Optimum Outcomes, Inc. PO Box 58015 Raleigh, NC 27658 Phone: (877) 795-9819 PFD: Yes
  • Outsource Receivables Management  Mailing Address: 1349 Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah 84404  Phone: (800) 325-2702  PFD: Unknown
  • Overton, Russell, Doerr and Donovan  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 437  Clifton Park, NY 12065 Phone: (888) 708-5088  PFD: Unknown
  • Oxford Law
  • Oxford Management Services

Optimum Outcomes, Inc.

Accept Pay for Delete?  Yes

Overview: Optimum Outcomes Inc. specializes in hospital patient insurance resolutions. In addition, their debt account resolution services include Skip tracing, Adverse credit reporting, and Third party liability account resolution.


Phone Number: (877) 795-9819

Address: PO Box 58015  Raleigh, NC 27658

Notes:  They are rated F by the BBB.  All Optimum Outcomes workflows and technology interchanges have been built for HIPAA compliance.


  • P.D.A.B., Inc.
  • PaidHarbor f/k/a Credit Bureau
  • Palisades Collections, LLC
  • Paragon Asset Recovery Services, Inc. Mailing Address:  Phone: (800) 723.1864  PFD: Unknown
  • Paragon Revenue Group  Mailing Address: 216 Le Phillip Ct. Concord, NC 28025  Phone: (800) 868-1899  PFD: Unknown
  • Paralegal Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC
  • Paramount Capital Group, Inc. Mailing Address: 1150 First Avenue, Suite 1001 King of Prussia, PA 19406 Phone: 800-924-7492 PFD: Unknown
  • Paramount Recovery Systems Mailing Address: 7524 Bosque Blvd. Suite L, Waco, TX 76712 Phone: 1 866 250 7007 PFD: Unknown
  • Parker Collection Agency
  • Patenaude & Felix Mailing Address: 9619 Chesapeake Drive Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92123 Phone: 1-800-832-7675 PFD: Unknown
  • Patient Accounts Bureau
  • Paul Michael Marketing Service, Inc.
  • Peerless Credit Services, Inc.
  • Penn Credit Corporation Mailing Address: 2800 Commerce Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17110 Phone: (800) 900-1380 PFD: No
  • Penncro Associates, Inc.
  • Pentagroup Financial, LLC
  • Performant Recovery
  • Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A.
  • Peters & Dean Collection Services, Inc.
  • Peter Roberts & Associates
  • Petron Associates, LLC
  • Phillips & Burns, LLC
  • Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.
  • Phoenix Financial Services, LLC Mailing Address: PO Box 361450, Indianapolis, IN 46236 Phone: (855) 342-6567 PFD: Yes
  • Pier One Imports
  • Pierce Hamilton Stone Collections Ltd.
  • Pinnacle Recovery Mailing Address: P.O. Box 130848 Carlsbad, CA  92013-0848 Phone: 760-929-6685 PFD: Unknown
  • Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. Mailing Address: 20 Parker Lane, Perry,NY 14530 Phone: 800-836-2442 PFD: Unknown https://pioneercreditrecovery.com/
  • Platinum Holding Group
  • Plaza Associates
  • Plaza Services LLC Mailing Address: 110 Hammond Drive, Suite 110 Atlanta, GA 30328 Phone: (877) 475-1103 PFD: Yes
  • PMAB Mailing Address: 4135 South Stream Blvd., Suite 400, Charlotte NC 28217 Phone: (866)-885-7622 PFD: Unknown
  • PNC Financial Services Group
  • POM Recoveries, Inc. Mailing Address: 500 Bi County Blvd.,Suite#121,  Farmingdale, NY 11735 Phone: (855) 826-2807 PFD: Unknown
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. 1 (800) 772-1413 PFD: Yes
  • Powell, Rogers & Speaks, Inc.
  • Praxis Financial Solutions
  • Premiere Credit Mailing Address: PO Box 19309Indianapolis, IN 46219 Phone: 866-808-7118 PFD: Unknown
  • Premium Asset Services
  • Premium Receivables, LLC
  • Pressler & Pressler LLP
  • Price Parker & Associates
  • ProAcct
  • Pro Collect Mailing Address: 12170 N. Abrams Rd., Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75243 Phone: 800.839.8186 PFD: Unknown
  • Professional Adjustment Corp of SW FL
  • Professional Bureau of Collections, Inc. of Maryland Mailing Address: 5295 DTC Parkway Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Phone: 1 (833) 325-5722 PFD: Unknown
  • Professional Claims Bureau, Inc. Mailing Address: 439 Oak Street Garden City, NY 11530 Phone: 877-247-4650 PFD: Unknown
  • Professional Credit Services, Inc. Mailing Address: 12204 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Ste. 101Vancouver, Washington 98684 Phone: (844) 639-2123 PFD: Unknown
  • Professional Debt Medication, Inc.
  • Professional Finance Company
  • Professional Recovery Associates, Inc.
  • Professional Recovery Group Inc.
  • Professional Recovery Services, Inc.
  • Professional Service Bureau Mailing Address: 911 Lund Blvd Suite 100, Anoka, MN 55303 Phone: 877-688-2268 PFD: Unknown
  • Professional Services of N.Y., Ltd.
  • Profit  Service Group
  • Progressive Financial Services
  • Progressive Portfolio Management, Inc.
  • Puget Sound Collections Mailing Address: 738 Broadway Suite #400, Tacoma, WA 98402-3777 Phone: 253.566.6100 PFD: Unknown

Paramount Capital Group

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Paramount Capital Group provides tuition and sales financing for CDL trade, career, and technical schools. They have 75 years of combined experience in credit and receivables management.


Phone Number: 800-924-7492

Address: 1150 First Avenue, Suite 1001 King of Prussia, PA 19406

Notes:  They are rated A+ by the BBB. Paramount offers four core services: the financing of individual loans, the underwriting and servicing of loans held by the client, the purchase of any existing client loan portfolio, and loan recovery.

Phoenix Financial Services

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Phoenix Financial Services is a Third party debt collection agency specializing in expediting the recovery of medical and student loans, as well as tax and government obligations.


Phone Number: (855) 342-6567

Mailing Address: PO Box 361450, Indianapolis, IN 46236

Notes:  Phoenix Financial Services has a B+ rating with the BBB.  They have been in business for 15 years. They have a bi-lingual collection staff.  We also provide debtors with the right tools to close the door on what can be a stressful revenue recovery process.


Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: PMAB provides third party debt collection services hospitals and large physician organizations.


Phone Number: (866)-885-7622

Mailing Address: 4135 South Stream Blvd., Suite 400, Charlotte NC 28217

Notes: PMAB was founded in 1988 in North Carolina. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and have been accredited since 2010.   They are a medium size company.

Penn Credit Corporation

Accept Pay for Delete?  No

Overview: Penn Credit is a nationwide firm providing third party collection services. They offer Pre-Collect Collections, Primary Collections, Secondary Collections, and Purchases Debt Collections.  They collect for electric, gas, and water utilities, hospital/healthcare, student loans, telecommunications, and state government such as taxes, traffic citations, parking tickets, court fines, and water, sewer, and waste management bills.


Phone Number: 800) 900-1380

Mailing Address: 2800 Commerce Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Notes: Penn Credit has been in operation Since 1987, and have a B+ rating with the BBB, and are accredited.

Professional Finance Company

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: PFC is a contingency-based collection program focusing on clients past due accounts, specializing in outstanding receivables for healthcare providers, retailers, financial organizations, and government agencies   They are a Third Party Debt Collection Service, First Party billing Receivables Solutions and Debt Purchasing Agency which acquires, manages, and liquidates portfolios of defaulted receivables from credit originators.


Phone Number: 855-267-7451

Mailing Address: 5754 West 11th Street Suite 100 Greeley, CO 80634

Notes: Professional Finance Co has been in business since 1904 and has a A+ accredited rating with the BBB.   They state: Our employees have given generously of their time and financial resources to support philanthropic causes. From United Way to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life or gathering Toys for Tots and gift boxes for our troops around the holidays.

Performant Recovery, Inc

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Performant Recovery, Inc. AKA Performance Financial AKA Performant provides debt recovery services on behalf of state and federal government agencies and commercial financiers. The Company collects unpaid student loans, delinquent state and federal non-tax debt and healthcare markets. Each has separate industry-specific complexities and regulations.


Phone Number: (866) 201-0580

Mailing Address: 333 North Canyons Parkway Suite 100 Livermore, CA 94551

Notes: Performant Recovery have been in business for 43 years and are accredited with the BBB with an A+ rating. They serve customers in the United States.  Services include skip tracing, and asset investigation to collections, loan rehabilitation, loan consolidation, administrative resolution, or administrative wage garnishment.

Paragon Revenue Group

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Paragon Revenue Group is a Third-Party and self pay collection service firm dedicated to Healthcare Collections. They have complete training in FDCPA, HIPAA, FCRA, 501r, and state specific collection laws affecting healthcare.


Phone Number:  (800) 868-1899

Mailing Address: 216 Le Phillip Ct. Concord, NC 28025

Notes: For over 30 years, Paragon Revenue Group has been in service. They have a B rating with the BBB and are not accredited. They serve Clients in 35 States, from Carolina’s to the West Coast.


  • Qualia Collection Services

  • Quality Asset Recovery, LLC Mailing Address: Po Box 239 Gibbsboro NJ 08026 Phone: (800) 796-1476 PFD: Unknown


  • R & R Professional Recovery, Inc.  Mailing Address: PO Box 21575  Pikesville, MD 21282-0575  Phone: (800) 296-6180  PFD: Unknown
  • R. A. Rogers, Inc Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3302 | Crofton, Maryland 21114 Phone: 800-830-8641  PFD Unknown
  • Radius Global Solutions Mailing Address: 7831 Glenroy Suite 250, Edina, MN 55439 – Phone: 1-888-287-5711 – PFD: Unknown
  • Rapid Recovery Solutions
  • RAS Group, Inc.
  • Rash Curtis & Associates Mailing Address: P O Box 5790 Vacaville CA 95696 Phone: 866.729.2722 PFD: Unknown
  • RCS Capital Partners  Mailing Address:  3840 East Robinson Rd #447 Amherst, NY 14228 Phone: (855) 764-8861  PFD Unknown
  • Real Time Resolutions  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 36655 Dallas, TX, 75235-1655 Phone: (877) 252-3761 PFD Unknown
  • Receivable Management Services Mailing Address: Phone: (888) 807-2576 PFD: Unknown
  • Receivable Management Systems  Mailing Address:  PO Box 73810 N. Chesterfield, VA 23235-8047  Phone: (800) 241-1611   PFD Unknown
  • Receivables Outsourcing, Inc.
  • Receivables Performance Management  Mailing Address: 20818 44th Ave W. Suite 140 Lynnwood, WA 98036  Phone:  866-269-9306    PFD Unknown
  • Receivable Solutions Mailing Address: 800 Dutch Square Boulevard, Suite 100, Columbia SC 29210 Phone: 1-803-790-0446 PFD: Unknown
  • Recovery Associates, Inc. Mailing Address: 1551 Kellum Place Mineola, New York 11501   Phone:  (516) 742-5383  PFD Unknown
  • Recovery Services International, Inc.
  • Recovery Solutions Group, LLC Mailing Address: Phone: 302-241-0686 PFD: Unknown
  • Recovery Systems Agency
  • Recovery’s Unlimited, Inc.
  • Red Cedar Associates, LLC Mailing Address: 1207 Delaware Avenue,Suite 471, Buffalo, NY 14209 Phone: 888-268-3349 PFD: Unknown
  • Redline Recovery Services, LLC
  • Regency One Capital Asset Solutions
  • Regional Adjustment Bureau Mailing Address: 4450 Sojourn Drive Suite 300 Addison, TX 75001 Phone:  800.580.0491 PFD Unknown
  • Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC Mailing Address: 670 Cross Pointe Rd. Gahanna, OH 43230 – Phone: 1-866-837-5096 PFD: Unknown https://www.reliantcapitalsolutions.com/
  • Regency One Capital Asset Solutions Group, LLC
  • Remex, Inc. Mailing Address: 307 Wall Street, Princeton, NJ 08540-1515 Phone: 800.562.5158 PFD: Unknown
  • Remit Corporation
  • Resource Management Group Mailing Address: 201 Broad Street, 10th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901 Phone: 203-961-7000 PFD: Unknown
  • Resurgent Capital Services Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10497 Greenville, SC 29603 Phone: 1-888-665-0374 PFD: Yes
  • Retail Recovery Service of NJ , Inc.
  • Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc.  Mailing Address:  200 Pemberwick Rd. Greenwich, CT 06831  Phone:  (800) 666-8097  PFD Unknown
  • Revenue Group Mailing Address: 3711 Chester Ave Cleveland, OH, 44114 Phone: 800.305.5702 PFD: Unknown
  • Revenue Enterprises Mailing Address: PO box 441368, Aurora, CO 80044 Phone: (800) 774 – 7147 PFD: Unknown
  • Rickart Collection Systems, Inc. Mailing Address: 575 Milltown Road P.O. Box 7242 North Brunswick, NJ  08902 Phone: (800) 742-5278   PFD Unknown
  • RJM Acquisitions, LLC
  • Roquemore Auto Repossession Recovery Mailing Address: Phone: (800) 500-7855 PFD: Unknown
  • RS Clark and Associates Mailing Address: 12990 Pandora, Suite 150Dallas, Texas 75238 Phone: 877.532.6133 PFD: Unknow
  • RSI Enterprises Mailing Address: 5440 W. Northern Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301 Phone: (800) 774-4003 PFD: Unknown
  • Rubin & Raine, Inc. Mailing Address: 409 Bearden Park Circle Knoxville, TN 37919 Phone:   (800) 697-7782  PFD Unknown
  • RUI Credit Services
  • Rupp & Associates
  • Rushmore Service Center Mailing Address: 
  • 3820 N. Louise Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57107 Phone: 1.866.950.7300 PFD: Unknown
  • Ryan & Ryan Ltd.   Mailing Address: PO box 233, Cheswick, PA 15024-0233  Phone: (724) 274-6363  PFD Unknown

Real Time Resolutions

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Real Time Resolutions is a full-service loan servicing and recovery company specializing in the collection of commercial, mortgage, auto, student, credit card, and other consumer loans.


Phone Number: (877) 252-3761

Address: P.O. Box 36655 Dallas, TX, 75235-1655

Notes:  They are rated A+ by the BBB and are a women-owned business.. They also facilitate short sales with realtors. Whether your loan is up to date, or falling behind, they offer multiple payment options including ACH, pay by phone, and recurring payments. They offer an option to resolve your account for less than you owe.  They also facilitate short sales with realtors.

Resurgent Capital Services

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Resurgent Capital Service is a  debt collection company, sometimes referred to as debt collection agencies. The creditor outsourced to RCS as a third party. That’s where a debt collection company comes in. They buy up portfolios of old debt from banks, credit card companies, hospitals, doctors, cell phone companies and car companies for pennies on the dollar.


Phone Number: 1-888-665-0374

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10497 Greenville, SC 29603

Notes:  Resurgent Capital Service has been in business for 22 years and has a A+ rating with the BBB.  They don’t tack on additional interest or fees for paying over time through a payment plan.  They make generous contributions to local organizations in our Cincinnati, OH and Greenville, SC locations.

Revenue Group

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Revenue Group offers third party debt collections and primarily collects for Cleveland-area  hospitals and doctors’ offices and also hired by credit card companies to collect on debts. They claim to take their data storage and transference very seriously and have made sweeping changes to comply with Federal and State laws and compliant with HIPAA law.


Phone Number: 800.305.5702

Mailing Address: 3711 Chester Ave. Cleveland, OH, 44114

Notes:  Revenue Group was established in 1994.  This small company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau  They help connect the self-pay patient with a variety of financial assistance programs.

Receivables Performance Management

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: The Receivable Management Services LLC (RMS) provides debt recovery services to companies from a wide range of industries, including medical, insurance, finance, telecommunications, and retail.


Phone Number:  866-269-9306

Address: 20818 44th Ave W. Suite 140 Lynnwood, WA 98036

Notes:  They are rated A+ by the BBB.

Receivable Management Services

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: The Receivable Management Services Corporation (RMS) provides debt recovery services for past due client accounts. These industries include such as medical, insurance, finance, telecommunications, and retail..RMS claims they stay compliant with the TCPA and FDCPA.


Phone Number:  (888) 807-2576

Mailing Address: 240 Emery St, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Notes:  RMS has an A+ rating with the BBB but is not accredited. They reply to every complaint. They were established 25 years ago, Receivable Management Group is a family owned collection agency. They provide services in English and French.


  • Sallie Mae Inc  Mailing Address:  Phone: (800) 472-5543 PFD Unknown
  • Sa-Vit Collection Agency  Mailing Address: PO Box 250 East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Phone: (732) 416-3191  PFD Unknown
  • Santander Consumer USA, Inc.  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 961245  Fort Worth, TX 76161-1245  Phone:  (888) 222-4227  PFD Unknown
  • Schreiber Law Firm, PLLC Mailing Address: 53 Stiles Road, Suite A-102 Salem NH 03079  Phone: (603) 870-5333  PFD Unknown
  • Scipione, Berg & Associates, LLC
  • Scorpio Asset Management
  • Scott & Associates  Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 113297 Carrollton, TX 75011  Phone:  866-298-3155  PFD Unknown
  • Scott, Parnell & Associates
  • Seaboard Credit Service of New York, Inc.
  • Seas & Associates, LLC
  • Second Look, Inc. Mailing Address: 360 Motor Parkway, Suite 500, Hauppauge, NY 11788 Phone: 1-877-482-0004 PFD: Unknown
  • Second Round, LP Mailing Address: P.O. Box 41955 Austin, TX 78704 Phone: 1.866.950.6357 PFD: Unknown
  • Security Credit Systems, Inc. Mailing Address: 100 River Rock Drive Suite 200 Buffalo, New York 14207  Phone: (716) 882-4515  PFD Unknown
  • Security Finance  Mailing Address: PO Box 3146, Spartanburg, SC 29304  Phone: (800) 395-8195  PFD Unknown
  • Select Financial Services
  • Sentry Credit, Inc. Mailing Address:  Phone: 800-608-2581 PFD: Unknown
  • Seterus, Inc.
  • SIMM Associates Inc.  Mailing Address:  800 Pencader Dr. Newark, DE 19702  Phone: (866) 572-9376  PFD Unknown
  • Simon’s Agency, Inc  Mailing Address: PO Box 5026 Syracuse, NY 13220 Phone: (866) 454-8701  PFD Unknown
  • SKO-Brenner American  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 230 Farmingdale, New York 11735 Phone:  (866) 281-3714  PFD Unknown
  • Source Receivables Management Mailing Address:  PO BOX 4068 Greensboro, NC 27404 Phone: (877) 251-3792 PFD: Yes
  • Southern Capital Associates, Inc.
  • Southern Management Systems Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 149966 Orlando, FL 32814 Phone: 407-895-7100 PFD: Unknown
  • Southern Tier Credit Center, Inc. Mailing Address: PO Box 118, Hornell NY 14843-0118  Phone: (800)-443-3860  PFD Unknown
  • Southwest Credit Systems Mailing Address: 4120 International Parkway, Suite 1100, Carrollton, Texas 75007 Phone: 1-844-759-1986 PFD: Unknown
  • Spire Recovery Solutions Mailing Address: 57 Canal St Suite 302 Lockport NY 14094  Phone:  (844) 978-0072    PFD Unknown
  • SRA Associates, Inc. Mailing Address: 112 W. Park Dr. Suite 200 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: (800)735-0552 PFD: Unknown
  • SRS & Associates, Inc.
  • State Collection Services   Mailing Address:  2509 South Stoughton Road Madison, Wi 53716  Phone:  800-477-7474  PFD Unknown
  • Statewide Credit Services Corp.  Mailing Address:  734 Franklin Avenue, Suite 471  Garden City, NY 11530  Phone:  (516) 546-1447  PFD Unknown
  • Sterling Credit Corporation Mailing Address: PO BOX 162449 Altamonte Springs FL 32716 Phone: (877) 859-8401 PFD: Unknown
  • Strategic Recovery Systems, Inc.
  • Stellar Recovery
  • Stevens Business Service Mailing Address: 175 Cabot Street, Ste 415, Lowell, MA 01852 Phone:  1-800-769-0375 PFD: Unknown
  • Stoneleigh Recovery Associates Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1479, Lombard, IL 60148 Phone: 866-724-2330 PFD: Unknown
  • Summit Collection Services  Mailing Address:  80 Continental Drive Suite 101 Reno, NV.89509, Midtown Reno   Phone: (775) 323-1898  PFD Unknown
  • Sunrise Credit Services Inc. Mailing Address:P.O. Box 9100  Farmingdale, NY 11735 Phone: 1-800-208-8565 PFD: Unknown
  • Sure Recovery Service LLC
  • Swift Funds Financial, LLC
  • Synerprise Consulting Services, Inc. Mailing Address: 5651 Broadmoor Mission, Kansas 66202 Phone: (866) 407-0200 PFD: Unknown
  • Sysnet Credit Management, Inc.

Sunrise Credit Services

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Sunrise Credit Services provides services for retailers, banks, and other credit grantors nationwide. Sunrise Credit Services is a third-party debt collection agency.


Phone Number: (800) 208-8565

Mailing Address: 260 Airport Plaza, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Notes:  Sunrise Credit Services has an A+ rating with the BBB.  They have been in business for 44 years. Their sister company, Sunrise Capital Management, Inc., is a debt buyer that allows lenders from all industries to generate operating capital by selling off delinquent debt.

SIMM Associates

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: SIMM Associates is a family owned, medium sized company that specializes in third party debt collection agency & Recovery Services. They offer Probate / Deceased Recovery Solutions and assist customers’ families and estate managers with quickly resolving the process.  Some of the companies they collect for are financial services companies, student loans, and credit cards.


Phone Number: (866) 572-9376

Mailing Address:  800 Pencader Dr. Newark, DE 19702

Notes:  SIMM Associates has 25 years of experience and is an accredited business with the BBB and has an A+ rating. They have achieved 5 certifications that demonstrate their continued commitment to security, including being HIPAA Compliant. SIMM does not purchase their own debt.

Southwest Credit Systems

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: It is Southwest Credit Systems goal to assist you and their client, the original creditor, in resolving delinquent debt. They are a third-party debt collection agency,  provider of accounts receivable management, and consumer service solutions.  Southwest Credit Systems collects delinquent debts for unpaid traffic tolls; government agencies; utility service providers; telecommunications and cable companies; property management companies; and education lenders.


Phone Number: (844) 759-1986

Mailing Address: 4120 International Parkway, Suite 1100, Carrollton, Texas 75007

Notes:  Southwest Credit has more than 45 years of experience and collection agents are fluent in Spanish. They are BBB accredited since 8/1/1976 with a B rating.


  • Tate & Kirlin Associates, Inc.
  • TCAR Collection Services  Mailing Address:  PO Box 589, Burnt Hills, NY 12027  Phone: (518) 346-6286 PFD Unknown
  • Team Recovery Mailing Address: 3928 Clock Pointe Trail Suite 101 PO Box 1643 PO Box 1643 Phone: (330) 916-7030 PFD: Unknown
  • TekCollect Mailing Address: PO BOX 1269 Columbus, OH 43216 Phone: 866.652.6500 PFD: Unknown
  • TGA, LLC
  • The Law Offices of Scott Caruthers
  • The Law Offices of Stephen P Dewey
  • The Thomas Agency Mailing Address: PO Box 6759 Portland, ME 04103 Phone: (800) 639-2408 PFD: Unknown
  • Thomas George Associates Mailing Address: P.O. Box 30 East Northport, NY 11731 Phone: (800) 443-8338 PFD: Unknown
  • Thomson Stone Acquisitions
  • Thunderbird Collection Specialists  Mailing Address: 3200 North Hayden Road  Suite 110  Scottsdale AZ, 85251  Phone: +1 (480) 455-4520   PFD Unknown
  • TMC & Associates, LLC
  • Torres Credit Services, Inc. Mailing Address: 27 Fairview Street, Carlisle, PA 17015 Phone: 866-756-6802 PFD: Unknown
  • Total Credit Recovery USA Group Inc.  Mailing Address: 8668 Spring Mtn. Rd. Ste. 110, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117  Phone:  (800) 852-0604  PFD Unknown
  • Touchstone Asset Management, LLC
  • TrakAmerica  Mailing Address: 27500 Riverview Center Blvd., Suite 200 Bonita Springs, FL 34134  Phone:  (855) 400-3889  PFD Unknown
  • Trans-Continental Credit and Collection Corp  Mailing Address:  .44 South Broadway Suite 401, White Plains, NY 10601  Phone:  (914) 421-3000  PFD Unknown
  • Transworld Systems Inc. Mailing Address: PO Box 15618, Wilmington, DE 19850-5618 – Phone: 1-877-865-7686 – PFD: Unknown https://www.tsico.com/
  • Tri-County Service Bureau, Inc. Mailing Address:  24502 Three Notch Rd. Ste. 4 Hollywood, Maryland 20636  Phone: (301) 373-4840  PFD Unknown
  • Tritium Card Services, Inc.
  • TRS Recovery Services aka First Data Mailing Address: 1600 Terrell Mill Road, S.E., Suite 400, Marietta, GA 30067 Phone: PFD: Unknown
  • TrueAccord Corp. Mailing Address: 16011 College Blvd. Suite 130, Lenexa, KS 66219 Phone: 1-866-611-2731 PFD: Unknown
  • Tucker, Albin & Associates  Mailing Address:  1702 North Collins Blvd Suite 100 Richardson, TX 75080    Phone: (877) 455-4572  PFD Unknown
  • Turk Collectors, Inc.  Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 20  Keyport, New Jersey 07735  Phone: (800) 631-2228  PFD Unknown
  • Turning Point Solutions, LLC  Mailing Address: 485 Cayuga Rd Suite 401  Cheektowaga, NY 14225 Phone:  (888) 656-8768  PFD Unknown
  • Turtle Creek Assets


Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: TrueAccord is a digital debt collection agency. TrueAccord’s automated system sends collection letters to consumers with accounts with credit card, internet-based subscription service, consumer loan, e-commerce, and telecommunication account delinquencies.


Phone Number: (866) 611-2731

Mailing Address: 16011 College Blvd. Suite 130, Lenexa, KS 66219

Notes:  TrueAccord has an A+ rating with the BBB.  They have been in business for 7 years.  Their automated systems keep in touch with customers digitally by allowing consumers to engage with them through the channel(s) they want, which include email, text, push notification, letters and yes, even over the phone if they prefer.

TRS Recovery Services

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: TRS Recovery Services is a provider of collection services across varied market segments. They collect for retailers, grocers and financial institutions.  They help merchants to effectively recover check losses. TRS also helps with forgery or identify theft.


Phone Number: (585) 613-1571

Mailing Address: 1600 Terrell Mill Road, S.E., Suite 400, Marietta, GA 30067

Notes:  TRS has a B rating with the BBB and is not accredited.  There are current alerts for this business. TRS has been in business for 30 years.  They settle disputes in the consumers’ preferred language, either English or Spanish.


  • Unifin Inc.  Mailing Address: PO Box 4519  Skokie, IL 60076  Phone:  (888) 572-3987 PFD Unknown
  • United Check Recovery Bureau, Inc.
  • United Collection Bureau, Inc.  Mailing Address: 5620 Southwyck Blvd. Toledo, OH 43614 Phone: 866.209.0622 PFD: Unknown
  • United Mercantile Company of Pittsburgh
  • United Merchant Asset Recovery
  • United Recovery Solutions, Inc.
  • United Revenue Collection Service
  • United TranzActions, LLC Mailing Address:  Phone: 1-800-858-5256 PFD: Unknown
  • Universal Collection Services  Mailing Address:  5240 Mendenhall Park Place | Memphis, TN 38115   Phone:  1-901-452-8900  PFD Unknown
  • Universal Collectors Corp
  • University Management Assoc. & Consultants Corp.
  • Upstate Collection Center, Incorporated
  • USCB Corporation Mailing address: PO Box 75, Archbald, PA. 18403 Phone: 800-499-0309
  • USI Solutions Mailing Address: 925 Canal Street Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007 Phone: 877-201-0618 PFD: Unknown

United Collection Bureau, Inc. (UCB)

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: United Collection Bureau (UCB) is one of the largest third-party debt collection agency collection agencies in the United States, providing services to clients in government, health care, utilities, communications, financial services, and student loans.


Phone Number: (866) 209.0622

Mailing Address: 5620 Southwyck Blvd. Toledo, OH 43614

Notes:  UCB is a family-owned company founded in 1959.  They have an A+ rating with the BBB and have been accredited since 2013.


  • V Collect Global Inc.
  • Valentine & Kebartas, Inc.  Mailing Address:  15 Union Street Suite 202, Lawrence, MA 01840  Phone:  (800) 731-7766  PFD Unknown
  • Valley Credit Service, Inc. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2046, Salem, Oregon 97308-2406 Phone: 1-800-452-0317 PFD: Unknown
  • Vance and Huffman LLC
  • Van Ru Credit Corporation
  • Virtuoso Sourcing Group, LLC Mailing Address: Phone: 1-844-264-8983 PFD: Unknown
  • Vision Financial Corp.  Mailing Address:  113 W. Michigan Ave, Suite 301, Jackson, MI 49201  Phone: (517) 789-8900 PFD Unknown
  • Vital Recovery  Mailing Address:  4775 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. #310 Berkeley Lake, GA 30092  Phone: (678) 578-1020  PFD Unknown
  • Voss & Klein


Windham Professionals, Inc

Accept Pay for Delete?  Unknown

Overview: Windham Professionals provides collection services through 3rd party recovery programs and call center services.  Their clients come from different sectors including, but not limited to, higher education, healthcare, commercial, insurance, and government.  Their company operates across four offices located in Salem, NH; Aston, PA; Las Vegas, NV; and Fair Lawn, NJ.


Phone Number: (800) 969-0059

Mailing Address: 380 Main Street. Salem, NH 03079

Notes:  Windham Professionals was founded in 1982. They have an A+ rating with the BBB but are not accredited.  They claim they use sophisticated voice analytics to examine the caller experience as well as strengths and weaknesses in individual representatives. Windham Professionals analyze metrics such as handle time, wait time, and talk time to ensure a consistent high-quality call experience.



  • Your Collection Solution LLC  Mailing Address:   1755 North University Drive, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024  Phone: (888) 378-8100  PFD Unknown


  • Zenco Collects  Mailing Address: P.O. Bos 851733  Richardson, Texas 75081 Phone: (844) 368-6626  PFD Unknown
  • Zenith Acquisition
  • Zwicker & Associates Mailing Address: 80 Minuteman Road, Andover, MA 01810 Phone: 1.833.210.5100 PFD: Unknown

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