How are consumer trends changing? This 10-year comparison of Amazon, Macy's, and Walmart stock provides a few clues:

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    Check out the performance of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour stock from 2006-2016
  • Re-trail
    Added May 12, 2016
    This comparison of Amazon, Macy's and Walmart demonstrates how consumer trends have changed over the past decade.
  • Too close to the SUNE
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    Witness the tragic tale of SunEdison stock - for comparison, a savings account and index fund (SPY) are also included (starting in 2002)
  • The iPwn
    Added April 18, 2016
    A 20-year comparison of Apple, Microsoft and IBM based on returns from a $1,000 investment made in each company on Jan. 1, 1996

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Historic stock data is provided by Quandl. Adjusted close values are used, which take splits and dividends into account when calculating investment returns.

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