Who wouldn’t like an additional income stream? If you can make 100 dollars a day to add to – or even replace – your existing income you can reach financial goals, pay off debts, save for a rainy day, or fund that bucket list vacation you keep postponing.

What about multiple income streams? If one dries up, you can fall back on another, ensuring the money keeps rolling into your account.

This comprehensive guide will explore practical, actionable strategies to help you make 100 dollars a day (or more).

Top 25 Ways to Make 100 Dollars a Day

Top 25 Ways to Make 100 Dollars a Day - Online Tutoring

Whether you’re a job seeker, freelancer, or a worker looking for a side hustle, these 25 strategies can help you supplement your income with an extra $100 daily.

1. Provide Proofreading Services

Proofreaders typically earn $25–$45/hour,[1] but you can charge more depending on the subject matter and text complexity. For instance, proofreading corporate, legal, and medical documents should earn you more than checking academic papers and blog articles. 

Find jobs on ProofreadingServices, Scribbr, ProofreadingPal, Scribendi, or Gramlee, or sign up on Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer to set your rates. Many professionals on these freelancing platforms even charge $100/hour.

2. Embrace Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is an excellent side hustle that can help you make 100 dollars a day. For instance, you can be a remote language tutor on Preply for $15–$25/hour.

👩‍🏫 Learn more: You can teach English with VIPKid to make $2,000/month, or, if you’re a musical virtuoso, consider becoming an Outschool music teacher to earn $130/hour.

3. Sell Products Online

Selling physical or digital products (or both) can be lucrative, helping you make hundreds of dollars daily if your business catches on.

Sign up on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy (or create your e-commerce store), spread the word on social media, and invest in targeted ads to attract customers.

4. Offer Local Services

Some local services that can help you make 100 dollars a day include airport transfers and transportation for kids, senior citizens, or pets.

For instance, you can make $20–$40/hour with Wingz,[2] up to $50/ride with HopSkipDrive, and an average of $1,200/week with Fetch Pet Care.[3]

5. Dive Into the Gig Economy

The gig economy is perfect for enjoying a flexible schedule and work-life balance while supplementing your income. Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are the dominating platforms for finding gig jobs, so sign up and monetize your skills.

6. Create Content

US content creators make an average of $37/hour.[4] However, you can set higher rates depending on the content and charge per project for higher earnings. Content that requires specialized expertise commands a higher rate.

Whether you start a blog or create marketing materials for businesses, you can make thousands of dollars monthly.

7. Flip Items

Flipping items can be such a profitable side hustle that many turn it into a full-time business.

The best items to flip for profit include the following:

👉 Learn more: Did you know you can make 1,000+/month flipping furniture? Find used pieces in thrift, charity, and antique shops and restore their former glory.

8. Sell Clothes Online

When did you last declutter your wardrobe? Don’t wait for spring cleaning. Pick items in excellent or decent condition and sell them on eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, or thredUP.

👗 Learn more: How about turning it into a long-term side hustle? You could make $25,000+/year reselling on Poshmark.

9. Create Online Workshops or Webinars

Sharing your knowledge and expertise with interested learners through online workshops and webinars can be highly lucrative. You can make $3,000/webinar[5] and convert workshops into online courses for Udemy or Podia for the potential to earn $100,000/year.[6]

10. Offer Task Services

Completing various tasks for people in your area can be profitable and fun: Every day brings something new!

TaskRabbit is the most prominent platform for odd jobs. For instance, you can earn $32/hour for yard work, $33/hour for furniture assembly, $37/hour for interior painting, and $45/hour for electrical or plumbing help.

Thumbtack is another excellent option. For instance, you can earn $140 for house cleaning and $850 for interior painting.

11. Become a Virtual Assistant

You can make $50/hour as a virtual assistant. You can manage your employer’s emails or social media accounts, brainstorm and edit content, schedule appointments, handle billing, conduct research, design graphics, or perform other tasks.

Explore jobs on sites like Indeed and enjoy an average US salary of nearly $74,000/year.[7]

12. Make Deliveries

You can make $100 daily as a delivery driver, whether you deliver food, groceries, packages, or heavy equipment. Here are the best delivery services to consider:

  • DoorDash$2–$10+/delivery, plus tips and promotions
  • Uber Eats$15–$20/hour[8] and a $50 bonus for 20 deliveries/shift
  • Instacart$200–$1,000/week,[9] plus tips and promotions
  • Grubhub$13–$23/hour,[10] plus tips and boosts for completing missions
  • Shipt$15–$17/order (including tips) and $20–$30/order with promo pay[11]
  • Amazon Flex$18–$25/hour and rewards like exclusive discounts
  • CitizenShipper$6,000–$10,000/month

🚗 Learn more: Check out these pro tips for delivery services to enhance your earning potential.

13. Become a Rideshare Driver

Driving for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft is among the best jobs that pay daily. The average earnings include $19.18/hour with Uber[12] and $21.34/hour with Lyft.[13] However, you can make more during peak demand. When prices surge, many drivers pocket $50/hour (excluding tips).

14. Offer Translation Services

Whether you sign up on a freelancing platform like Upwork or get a company job, you can leverage your foreign language skills to translate books, websites, academic papers, marketing materials, or documents (e.g., medical or legal).

Translation services are among the highest-paying work-from-home jobs, providing the potential to earn approximately $80,000/year.[14]

15. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers visit retail stores, restaurants, and other brick-and-mortar businesses to evaluate the service quality and report on the customer experience and satisfaction. They also check for regulatory compliance.

You can make $7–$21/hour with BestMark, $5–$19/hour with IntelliShop, $15–$25/hour with Secret Shopper, or $20–$250/assignment with Service Evaluation Concepts.[15] These are the leading companies offering mystery shopping services to businesses that want to improve.

16. Start Babysitting

Besides being fulfilling, babysitting is an excellent way to make extra money. For instance, you can earn $17.50/hour with Sittercity, which means pocketing $100 for babysitting for six hours.

Care.com and UrbanSitter have even better rates: $20.78/hour and $22.68/hour, respectively.[16]

17. Become a Pet Sitter

Caring for pets while their owners are away is a perfect way to make 100 dollars a day if you love animals. Sittercity and Rover are your best options for finding a high-paying pet-sitting job or side hustle. The best part? You set your rates, schedule, and pet preferences like animal type, size, and age.

🐕 Learn more: You can make a $1,000/month dog sitting with Rover or more if you offer boarding (overnight stays).

18. Rent Out Your Vehicle or Extra Space

Renting out your vehicle is among the best ways to make money with your car. Your best P2P car-sharing services are Turo (where you can earn $500–$1,000/month[17] and build a six-figure business) and Getaround, which promises “hundreds of dollars each month” for high-priced cars.

19. Rent Out Extra Space

You can also rent out extra space in your home, like a garage, shed, driveway, street parking (monthly or long-term), basement, attic, or bedroom. You could also rent out a warehouse or another storage space.

Storage hosts typically make $50–$600/month on Neighbor.com, but you can earn more by renting out several storage spaces.

20. Become a YouTuber

YouTubers are well-paid professionals nowadays. Becoming one is ideal if you’re not camera-shy and have a knack for entertaining or educational videos.

Ads are your money-makers on YouTube. Most YouTubers earn $18/1,000 ad views, generating an average of $4,600/month.[18] However, some make millions of dollars annually. Joining their ranks takes time and effort, but the results can be more than rewarding if you can make it work.

21. Help People Move

Helping people move is an excellent side hustle that can make 100 dollars a day. You can also do it as a full-time job.

Moving-related jobs on TaskRabbit range between $28–$63/hour (depending on the location), while Dolly helpers earn an average of $50/hour. GoShare has even higher rates: $45–$168/hour (depending on the vehicle).

22. Sell Handmade Items

Selling handmade items on platforms like eBay and Etsy is among the best money-making hobbies. You could sell custom jewelry, baby blankets, clothing, scented candles, artwork, or anything else you create in your DIY projects.

You can also create a website to turn your hobby into a lucrative business and generate thousands of dollars monthly.

23. Become a Data Entry Clerk

Are you looking for remote jobs requiring no experience? Data entry might be ideal. You don’t need a college degree to be a data entry clerk, only accuracy, attention to detail, and laser-sharp focus.

Find a part-time or full-time job on Indeed and earn an average of $17.98/hour.[19]

24. Become a House Sitter

Looking after someone’s home while they’re away is like getting paid for taking a vacation.

House sitters earn an average of $16/hour, but you can make $25–$100/day looking after houses and pets by registering on platforms like House Sitters America and TrustedHousesitters.[20]

25. Walk Dogs With Rover

Besides pet sitting, Rover supports house sitting, boarding, doggy daycare, and dog walking. You could earn $2,000/month as a part-time dog walker or an average of $3,300/month walking dogs full-time.[21]

Achieving your daily step count while spending time with adorable furry animals and making money? Sign me in!

Ready to Make 100 Dollars a Day?

These 25 strategies for making $100 daily are among the best ways to unlock your earning potential. Start with one or two to build up your income without sacrificing all your free time.

The key is to take action, believe in yourself, and embrace the opportunity!

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