Flipping items for profit can be a great way to earn quick cash or establish a full-time business. While there are no strict rules, some items consistently provide great opportunities to buy low and sell high, the key to profitable flipping. Here’s a list of the best items to flip.

Top 20 Flip-Worthy Items

Here are the top 20 items you can flip for maximum profit.

1. Antiques

Antiques are among the most profitable items to flip because the demand for them is generally high, and there’s usually only minor restoration involved in the process. Even when an antique item is broken, it’s usually sold as is instead of altering its original form and using other materials.

However, selling these items requires special knowledge that allows flippers to distinguish between valuable relics and plain old junk. Besides that, antiques rarely require anything else and can secure fantastic profits.

2. Collectibles

Collectibles are among the favorite items to flip, and for a good reason. They’re easy to find thanks to their wide availability and effortless to flip because they usually have a large and passionate fan base. Fans of collectibles will pay good money to get their hands on their favorite items and add them to their collection.

The acquisition and profit earned largely depend on the collectible, but some popular categories, such as baseball cards, can be highly profitable.

3. Sports Jerseys

Many sports fans worldwide are ready to pay a nice sum to get vintage sports jerseys from their favorite teams and players.

A large audience makes sports jerseys among the best items to flip. Additionally, they require minimal restoration effort since washing them and maybe hand-sewing a couple of tiny holes is often more than enough to prepare the item for the marketplace.

4. Concert T-Shirts

Similar to sports jerseys, concert T-shirts are also great items to flip. Although the demand for concert T-shirts is slightly lower than for sports jerseys, many passionate music fans would still like to add a concert T-shirt from their favorite band to their collection.

Remember that T-shirts from famous artists, festivals, or artists who don’t perform anymore are among the most valuable items in this category.

5. Vintage Sportswear

Vintage sportswear from cult brands such as Nike or Adidas comes with slightly higher acquisition costs because most people know these sportswear industry leaders don’t sell their products for cheap. Even so, you can still come across limited edition or vintage sportswear worth much more than items from their standard lines.

Selling these pieces for more is pretty easy because there are plenty of people out there who know everything about vintage sportswear collections.

6. Sneakers

Sneakers and shoes for different sports are so popular that they deserve a category of their own. Finding sneakers to flip is easy because many people want to get rid of worn-out sneakers and replace them with a new pair.

The profitability of flipping sneakers largely depends on their condition. Unworn items can cost a fortune, while worn-out sneakers have a lower price and limited demand.

👟 Selling used shoes that no longer fit you or your style can be an excellent way of making some money on the side. Here are some of the best places to sell used shoes online and locally.

7. Lego Sets

New Lego sets are extremely expensive. However, most families have boxes of Lego sets stored somewhere in the house, so it’s not uncommon for them to appear at yard sales at a great price.

What makes Lego sets an excellent choice is the absence of restoration costs. Legos are almost indestructible, and you don’t have to worry about restoring them. However, the price of the set can vary depending on how many pieces are missing, so always go for universal block sets or sets with all the pieces.

8. Watches

The profitability of flipping watches largely depends on the brand and the condition of the watch. Luckily, most watches can be restored with a bit of time and effort, whether that includes replacing the batteries, the broken glass, or the mechanism.

Even though flipping old watches comes with more restoration costs, the process can be worth it, especially if you find watches from famous brands.

9. Cufflinks

Flipping cufflinks for profit is great if you’re looking for a few extra bucks without too many obligations.

High-quality cufflinks can fetch a high price today as they’re part of formal attire. Since people used them all the time before buttons on cuffs became more popular, it’s common to find all kinds of second-hand cufflinks on marketplaces.

Although the profit on cufflinks isn’t life-changing, the investment and restoration aren’t either.

10. Book Sets

Although selling individual books doesn’t secure an impressive profit, it’s a different case for entire book sets. You can search for books from popular collections until you have an entire set that you can sell for a higher price and earn a nice profit. The demand for entire book sets is relatively high, so you can quickly flip these items once you collect them.

11. Video Games and Consoles

More and more video game fans are interested in vintage video games and consoles that aren’t manufactured or sold in stores anymore. That’s a perfect opportunity to look for used video games and consoles and flip them for profit.

Although most old consoles require repair, you can sell them at an incredibly high price if they still work correctly.

12. Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are another popular category for flipping, especially when wedding dresses made by famous creators are in question. People clearing out their closets will sell old wedding dresses at a low price, allowing flippers to make a decent profit on these items.

Most wedding dresses require a bit of time and investment to restore delicate fabrics but can secure a nice profit in return.

👰 These top sites and locations are the best places to sell your wedding dress.

13. Sports Equipment

Brand-new sports equipment costs a fortune but lasts a long time if taken care of well. The best thing about it is that many people only use their sports equipment for a few months before deciding to sell it. Many others buy items they hope to use, and they end up sitting in a garage.

If the sports equipment is in good shape, flippers can earn a nice sum by investing in these items and selling them to someone who needs the equipment for a much higher price.

Flipping sports equipment can come with some moderate acquisition costs, so make sure you have enough money to invest.

14. Musical Instruments

Used musical instruments are among the most sought-after products because the new ones are extremely expensive.

Depending on their condition, musical instruments can require extensive or no restoration. Whatever the case may be, selling these items is profitable due to the high demand. That’s particularly true among parents looking for affordable musical instruments for their kids.

15. Photography Gear

New cameras, lenses, tripods, and other photography essentials can easily cost thousands of dollars, so not everyone has the means to invest in new photography gear.

Although used photography gear isn’t exactly cheap, it’s still a more affordable option. Flippers can find vintage or modern but used photography gear and sell it for hundreds of dollars in profit. While flipping photography gear requires solid capital upfront, the profit is worth it.

16. Baby Gear

The cost of purchasing cribs, strollers, pack-and-plays, car seats, toys, and other baby essentials can quickly add up, so many expecting parents try to minimize these costs by going with used baby gear.

Used newborn gear is almost always undamaged with minimal traces of use because parents usually don’t get a chance to use it a lot before their baby outgrows it. That’s an ideal way to earn a decent amount of money without any need for restoration.

17. Rugs

Many people throw away rugs that need to be cleaned or restored and replace them with new ones. That allows flippers to get their hands on some beautiful decorative rugs for an extremely low price or even for free and sell them for a nice profit if they’re willing to restore them.

Although flipping old or vintage rugs requires more time and effort than flipping some other items, they can be profitable investments.

18. Appliances

Selling used appliances is another highly profitable opportunity, although it also requires extra work from the flipper.

People usually want to get rid of appliances because they’re big and heavy to move, which leaves flippers to deal with transportation. Also, some appliances might be broken, so flippers need to fix them or pay someone to do that for them. However, the profit is certainly worth it if you’re willing to go the extra mile, especially if you have the expertise to repair them yourself.

🔌 You can sell used appliances quickly and earn extra cash for their replacements or any other purchase. Here are the best places where you can sell used appliances.

19. Furniture

Wooden, upholstered, and outdoor furniture are some of the most valuable items you can flip for profit. However, some of these items might require a bit of work to get the most out of them. Wooden furniture can be re-finished and upholstered furniture can be cleaned or reupholstered. None of these tasks are extremely demanding, but they can result in a nice profit.

🛌 There are numerous websites and platforms for selling used furniture, but some are simply better than others. Here are the best places to sell used furniture online and locally.

💸 Real people, real stories: See how Marissa makes $1,000+/month flipping furniture.

20. Motorized Items

Dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, golf carts, and other motorized items are great for flipping because many people who aren’t using them will sell them for a low price just to get rid of them.

A great thing about motorized items is that you can always upgrade certain parts, resulting in an even better flip. Nonetheless, flipping motorized vehicles will require a decent starting capital.

How Flipping Works

Now that we’ve looked at the 20 best items for flipping, let’s look at how flipping works. The idea is to purchase items at a low price and sell them at a higher price to earn profit.

The essential steps of flipping are:

Step 1: Know Your Market

The key to making flipping profitable is a keen sense of what items are worth in the resale market. If you spot an item in a garage sale, you need to know how much you’ll have to put into it and what you can expect to sell it for.

Flipping works best when you’re buying and selling items that you know about and care about. That’s also a big part of what makes flipping fun!

Step 2: Buy

Every flipping process starts with investing in an item you wish to flip. Whether you’re searching for big tech pieces or antique jewelry, your choices are endless. However, make sure the product is worth more so you don’t end up wasting your money. To find the products for flipping, try visiting yard sales, vintage stores, flea markets, and anywhere else that sell items at low prices.

Step 3: Fix (If Necessary)

If you’ve bought a broken item or an item that could benefit from a makeover, now would be the perfect time to do that. Fixing broken items or giving them a completely new look can drive up the value dramatically and increase your profit.

Step 4: List

Once you purchased an item and possibly made it more valuable, you can list it. Most flippers use popular digital marketplaces to sell their products because it allows them to reach a larger audience. Some go-to marketplaces include eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace.

Step 5: Sell

The only thing left to do is sell your product. Naturally, the more money you sell your items for, the better. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should hold onto your items for a long time just because you believe they might be worth slightly more. It’s all about balance.


What Are the Best Items to Flip on eBay?

The popular platform eBay is perfect for flipping jewelry, furniture, garden tools, clothing, video games, board games, books, and toys.

What Are the Best Items to Flip on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook has its own digital marketplace called, naturally, Facebook Marketplace. It’s a great place to flip items such as furniture, books, and sports and fitness equipment.

What Are the Best Items to Flip on OfferUp?

As the first mobile-friendly C2C marketplace, OfferUp is ideal for flipping clothing, electronics, tools, sports cards and other collectibles, and baby gear.

What Are the Best Items to Flip on Craigslist?

If you want to flip anything vintage, Craigslist should be your go-to marketplace. This site works extraordinarily for selling vintage clothing, video games and consoles, and even electronics.

What Are the Best Items to Flip on Amazon?

The best items to flip for a profit on Amazon include motorized items, furniture, appliances, sports gear, and musical instruments.

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