If you are looking for your first job or re-entering the workforce after a long period out of work, you may find yourself looking for employment with little or no experience. That may seem hopeless, but don’t give up! Here’s our list of over 20 best jobs you can get with no experience and without a college degree.

💡 Many of these jobs offer on-the-job training. Most employers will offer this training in the first weeks or months of the job, so you can start working and earning right away. 

JobsTraining Level
1.Restaurant ServerNo training
2.Delivery DriverNo training
3.Flight AttendantNo training
4.FirefighterNo training
5.Administrative AssistantNo training
6.Sales RepresentativeNo training
7.Insurance Claims AdjusterNo training
8.Oilfield RoustaboutNo training
9.Library TechnicianNo training
10.Security GuardNo training
11.Construction LaborerNo training
12.Trades ApprenticeNo training
13.Veterinary AssistantNo training
14.Marketing AssistantNo training
15.Customer Service RepresentativeNo training
16.Grounds Maintenance Worker (Landscaper)No training
17.Pest Control WorkerNo training
18.Dental Lab AssistantNo training
19.Real Estate AgentMinimal Training
20.Pharmacy TechnicianMinimal Training
21.Web Developer/Web DesignerMinimal Training
22.Commercial Truck DriverMinimal Training
23.BartenderMinimal Training
24.Solar Photovoltaic or Wind Turbine TechnicianMinimal Training

Jobs You Can Get With No Experience and No Previous Training

Here are some of the best entry-level jobs that require no previous training and that you can get even if you never worked in the field before:

1. Restaurant Server

Restaurant server jobs are available in towns and cities across the country. You can apply at fast food chains, but earning potential from tips and bonuses is better at higher-end restaurants. Some restaurants will require you to complete a course to serve alcohol, while others require you to memorize the menu, but the training is minimal. If you like a fast-paced environment and interacting with people, being a waiter or waitress might be a good fit for you. 

2. Delivery Driver

Opportunities abound for delivery drivers, from UberEats, Instacart, and DoorDash to bicycle delivery services popping up in cities across the country. You will only need a high school diploma and a few days of on-the-job training to start earning well above minimum wage. Many drivers earn $20 or more per hour during peak times. 

3. Flight Attendant

If you’ve dreamed of traveling, becoming a flight attendant only requires a high school diploma and three to six weeks of on-the-job training. Once you’ve earned an FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency, you can start flying. Becoming a flight attendant is a lucrative, long-term career but will generally require you to be based near a large airport.

4. Firefighter

You’ll need strength and physical training to become a firefighter, but you only need a high school diploma to get started. As a new firefighter, you will get training in handling heavy equipment and emergencies such as hazardous material spills and wildfires. Firefighting can be an exciting career and a way to give back to your community. 

5. Administrative Assistant

There’s a strong market for virtual assistants as well as traditional administrative assistants. Strong organizational and communication skills are a plus, as is proficiency in proofreading and typing. Administrative assistant jobs allow you to interact directly with different departments and managers. This can be a great opportunity for you to learn the ins and outs of a company’s operations and choose a career trajectory in business. 

6. Sales Representative

If you like connecting with people and explaining value, becoming a sales representative could be a good option. There are usually no educational or experience requirements. Many sales positions are commission-based, meaning you might take months to earn your first commission. However, you will gain sales skills, which are always in high demand, and increase your earnings with time.

7. Insurance Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusting is an entry-level job with several variants, including adjusters, appraisers, and examiners. Primary duties are evaluating property damage and personal injury and accepting or rejecting claims. Initially, new hires work under a claims supervisor, and some states will require you to pass an insurance licensing exam. This is a good entry point if you’re interested in working in the insurance industry.

8. Oilfield Roustabout

If you’re willing to spend two weeks out of the month living in remote locations with basic accommodation, becoming an oilfield roustabout is one of the most lucrative jobs you can get with no experience. In addition, oil rig jobs provide housing while you are on the rig, which means you would be saving a significant amount on rent. Responsibilities include cleaning and maintaining equipment, construction work, and other jobs on the oil rig.

📘 If saving on housing while earning an income sounds appealing, check out our list of best jobs that provide housing.

9. Library Technician

Requirements for library technicians vary, but you can typically start with a high school diploma and no experience. If you are detail-oriented and have good people skills, this is an excellent job you can get with no experience that will boost your resume and open many career opportunities. 

10. Security Guard

There are security guard opportunities across sectors, from building security guards to community or self-storage security guards. These jobs often provide housing. This is a job you can get with no experience that provides an entry point for those interested in a career in law enforcement or security management. 

11. Construction Laborer

Construction laborers remain in high demand, making this a job you can get nearly everywhere, even with no experience. If you’re willing to work hard, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from skilled tradespeople. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement and growth, either in learning a trade or becoming a supervisor or general contractor.  

12. Trades Apprentice

If you know you’d like to enter a trade — plumbing, flooring, roofing, concrete mason, or tree trimmer are just a few of the options — you can begin as an apprentice. You will be paid a minimal salary while learning, but the training time is usually no more than a few months.

13. Veterinary Assistant

If you love working with animals or are interested in a career as a veterinarian, this is another job you can get with just a high school diploma. While the pay isn’t great, it can be an excellent stepping stone to a career or a way to make your university application stand out. 

14. Marketing Assistant

Many companies prefer applicants with no experience in marketing roles so that they can train the new hires in their unique marketing style. Again, this is a job that requires no experience but has opportunities for growth up to the executive level of management.

15. Customer Service Representative

Entry-level customer service jobs often require no experience. You will build problem-solving and communication skills and a greater understanding of the company’s vision. Many customer service jobs are fully remote with flexible hours, opening options for single parents or those in school. 

16. Grounds Maintenance Worker (Landscaper)

Many landscaping jobs only require a few days of on-the-job training. Further training for specialized work, such as formal gardens or golf course management, can be obtained while working. In warm climates landscaping is a year-round position, while in climates with cold winters the position is seasonal. 

17. Pest Control Worker

If you don’t mind small spaces and a variety of pests, pest control is easy to learn through on-the-job training. You can obtain any required state licenses while working. This is potentially a dangerous job due to exposure to hazardous chemicals, but there is an increasing number of environmentally friendly and human-friendly pest control companies. 

18. Dental Lab Assistant

Dental and medical assistant jobs enable you to work directly with patients while gaining technical training. This is an excellent step towards a career in the dental or medical fields, with ample growth opportunities. 

Jobs You Can Get With No Experience That Require Minimal Training

If you’re willing to invest even a couple of months in training before applying for a job, there are lucrative, long-term career paths open to you. These include:

19. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent jobs require only a high school diploma and no prior experience, but you will need to obtain your real estate broker’s license from the state. You will typically start as a sales agent for one to three years before studying for the real estate broker’s exam. The exam costs $300-$500 and requires as little as 10 days of study. 

20. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians fill and label prescriptions for customers or medical providers. You will need to pass a pharmacy technician exam and receive on-the-job training in operating equipment and systems management. 

21. Web Developer/Web Designer

If you already have basic computer programming or design skills, as well as a high school diploma, you could become a web developer or a web designer and build websites. This job has great earning potential even with no prior experience and opportunities to move to more senior positions.

22. Commercial Truck Driver

You will need to earn a commercial driver’s license, which can take a few months, but then you will be able to travel the country and earn a good living. On-the-job training means you will typically start as a co-driver until you are comfortable and can drive by yourself. 

23. Bartender

No degree is required to tend bar, but each state sets the minimum age at which you can start bartending. You’ll improve your job prospects with a bartender’s certificate. Bartending can become a life-long career that builds into ownership and management.

24. Solar Photovoltaic or Wind Turbine Technician

If you are interested in sustainable energy sources, you can get on-the-job training to become a solar photovoltaic panel technician or wind turbine technician. There is enormous growth potential and interest in this sector, potentially setting you up for careers in energy consulting or ownership.

What to Remember When Applying for Your First Job

All of these are jobs you can get with no experience, but you’ll still have to convince someone to hire you.

👉 Remember to dress for the job you want, present yourself professionally, show up on time, and listen carefully to their questions.
👉 Come prepared with reasons why you are a good fit and what you can add to the company.
👉 Prepare a resume with a list of skills you feel can contribute to the job and future company growth.
👉 You can also propose a trial period to show the company what you can do. 

Career Advancement

All of these jobs you can get with no experience are stepping stones to long-term careers. If you are an effective, energetic worker, you can ask for a raise or promotion as often as every six months.

You don’t have to get stuck in an entry-level position. Once you have working experience, use it to move up. If your current job isn’t offering advancement potential, look for other options. Remember that the best time to look for a job is when you already have one! You can even keep your eye open for opportunities to start a business while you work.

Look for related professions that require experience that you now have.  Even entry-level jobs can demonstrate important qualities like reliability and the ability to take instructions and work as part of a team. Once you have experience, you bring more to the table. Remember to use your first experience to your advantage to increase earning, learning, and growing throughout your career. 

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