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If you’re seeking slow-paced jobs due to anxiety, stress, or personal preference, you’re in luck. These roles offer the chance to earn an income without the rush and hustle. Ideal for introverts, individuals with anxiety, or those with low stress tolerance, slow-paced jobs allow you to excel and work independently, letting your talents shine without unnecessary energy drain.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Pharmacy Technician$32,000
Landscape Designer$71,000
Massage Therapist$47,000
Physical Therapist$91,000
Medical Sonographer$78,000
Data Scientist$126,000
App Developer$100,000

Slow Paced Jobs Lowest in Stress

If your main priority is to get out of the rat race or keep your stress under control, these jobs are for you. They rarely require rigorous deadlines or high-stress situations, which is helpful for people struggling with anxiety or other issues. 

Pharmacy Technician

As a pharmacy technician, your role will include dispensing prescriptions to customers or healthcare professionals. You will also be responsible for filling and pricing prescriptions and obtaining a pharmacist’s approval, as well as completing patient paperwork. This position often requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but there are possibilities for on-the-job training for high school graduates. 

💰 The average annual salary for a pharmacy technician is $32,000. 


As a researcher, you will work alone or in a team to uncover new knowledge, technologies, or applications in a chosen field. This can include the compilation of previous research or new research analysis. Due to the long or flexible time deadlines, being a researcher is generally a very low-stress job. An undergraduate degree in a chosen field of research is a minimum requirement, while advanced degrees are usually preferred. 

💰 The average annual salary for researchers is $81,000.


If you love working with flowers, becoming a florist can be a fulfilling slow-paced job. A degree is not required to become a florist. The skills you will need include creativity, design, organizational skills, and some customer service skills. Previous experience with flower design is a plus. Growth opportunities are available in owning your own store or building a franchise. 

💰 The average annual salary for florists is $28,000. 


If you enjoy working with cars and machinery, becoming a mechanic is a slow-paced job that doesn’t require a degree. You will oversee maintenance inspections, repairs, assemble mechanical components, and perform repairs. There is growth potential in both a supervisor role or in owning your own mechanical shop, as well as through specialization in sports or racing car repairs. 

💰 The average annual salary for mechanics is $57,000.


Audiologists are healthcare workers who specialize in diagnosing and treating issues related to the ear. This includes hearing issues, tinnitus, balance problems, and more. Being an audiologist is one of the most low-stress jobs in the healthcare field. A postgraduate degree in audiology is required. 

💰 The average annual salary for audiologists is $81,000.


If you love to bake or make bread, becoming a baker can be a rewarding and relaxing career. The simple daily rhythm is especially soothing to those with anxiety. You can choose to work in a bakery, open your own shop, or sell your goods to restaurants, other bakeries, or online. Becoming a baker doesn’t require any degrees and only basic training in how to prepare bread and other baked goods. 

💰 The average annual salary for bakers is $30,000.

Slow Paced Jobs for Introverts

Here are some low-stress job ideas for introverts, where you can work alone or with very little interaction, while still earning a great income.


An Archivist works with valuable documents of historical significance including photos, maps, letters, manuscripts, and motion picture footage. A degree in history, records management, or a related field is usually required. Attention to detail and excellent organizational skills are essential to becoming an archivist, while a love of history or certain historical periods can make it a thrilling career. 

💰 The average annual salary for Archivists is $54,150. 


A drafter converts architectural designs into technical drawings and 3D rendering using computer software. Drafting is a slow-paced job that requires technical skills but offers many quiet hours of work. While you may occasionally interact directly with clients, most of the work will be done in a quiet office with plans from architects or engineers. 

💰 The average annual salary for drafters is $57,960.


If you enjoy working with precious stones and metals, this could be an ideal slow-paced job for you. Jewelers are responsible for creating, cleaning, and repairing jewelry as well as valuing precious gems and items of jewelry. Artistic and design senses, a keen eye, and attention to detail are some of the qualities that make a jeweler shine. 

💰 The average annual salary for jewelers is $38,000.

Landscape Designer

If you enjoy being outside and working with nature, becoming a landscape designer can be a fulfilling career path. There are no degree requirements, although a degree in horticulture, landscape maintenance, or plant biology will open more doors. Many landscape designers start off working for landscaping companies or golf courses before branching off on their own.  

Responsibilities revolve around the design and maintenance of outdoor spaces. An understanding of local plants and climate, as well as a creative and aesthetic vision, will make you stand out as a landscape designer.

💰 The average annual salary for landscape designers is $71,000. 


If you possess a strong command of English or another language, you could have a career as a writer. Most writers are freelance workers, giving you the freedom to choose your hours and your jobs. Proficiency in a variety of writing styles and excellent communication skills will set you up for success. 

💰 The average annual salary for writers is $48,000.


Accounting requires an extreme level of attention to detail and patience. You can get accounting jobs with a company or work independently. Most of the work is slow and methodical, making it a classic slow-paced job. Tax season for accountants is historically stressful, but you have the option to control the number of clients you take on and limit the total workload. 

💰 The average annual salary for accountants is $79,000. 

Slow Paced Jobs Where You Can Work With Others

If you want a slower pace, but love to be with others, these jobs give you the joy of social interaction and a community work environment without the stress. 

Massage Therapist

If you love to help others and use the healing power of touch, becoming a massage therapist may be the right slow-paced job for you. There are certifications available for various massage therapy techniques, as well as degrees in massage therapy, although these are not a requirement. Consider working in a shared workspace with other massage therapists, or opening your own studio. 

💰 The average annual salary for massage therapists is $47,000. 

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists will use exercise, massage, and training plans to help individuals recovering from injury or surgery. This is a physically active career, making it ideal for someone who enjoys being on their feet, moving, twisting, and bending for much of the day. You’ll need an advanced degree as a physical therapist.

💰 The average annual salary for physical therapists is $91,000. 


Librarians are responsible for maintaining a library’s book collection and stock materials, as well as planning library programs, managing staff, and helping visitors locate books. If you feel soothed by the quiet environment of a library, this is one of the slow-paced jobs that allows you to work with others in a very peaceful environment.

💰 The average annual salary for librarians is $56,000. 

Medical Sonographer

A medical sonographer operates lab imaging equipment necessary for medical tests. As a medical sonographer, you will be interacting with patients throughout the day, but in a quiet and peaceful environment. Medical sonographer jobs are available in diagnostic labs, medical offices, and hospitals. You will need a degree in medical imaging for this career. 

💰 The average annual salary for medical sonographers is $78,000.

Highest Paid Slow Paced Jobs

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are responsible for presenting data in a clear and comprehensive manner to guide business decisions. This field requires a background in mathematics or computer science, but a Master’s degree in a related field is also applicable. The field of data science is growing faster than almost any sector, making it one of the slow-paced jobs with the highest income and growth potential.  

💰 The average annual salary for data scientists is $126,000. 


Astronomers spend the majority of their time analyzing data, testing theories, writing research papers and research proposals. Most astronomers work in a team, but individual research takes the majority of the time. A Ph.D. is required in some cases, but even a bachelor’s degree in a physical science such as physics or astronomy can be a gateway into a career in astronomy. 

💰 The average annual salary for astronomers is $115,000. 

App Developer

An application developer works quietly and often independently, developing apps to solve everyday problems. You can develop your own app, or choose to work either individually or with a team in companies of all sizes. This is a career with nearly unlimited growth potential.

💰 The average annual salary for an app developer is $100,000. 

All of these careers combine relaxing work environments with the possibility of financial stability and long-term growth. 

Always remember that while a slow-paced job might alleviate a condition like anxiety, there’s no substitute for professional help! If your anxiety has a negative impact on your working or personal life, don’t try to manage it on your own. Learning about anxiety and getting the help you need can make a difference.