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For those in the stock market, you know how vital an efficient platform is. One of the finest ones around is Finbox. It’s a platform designed for technical and fundamental analysis of stocks, with a plethora of integrated features and tools. We have done an in depth review of the entire platform to determine if the quality of the product. 

What is Finbox?

Stock Toolkit

Finbox is a stock market portfolio management and research platform specifically for investors and traders. It focuses on quantitative and fundamental analysis with the use of classic tools transformed with intuitive and straightforward designs. It’s also powered by advanced machine-learning algorithms that do all the challenging work of presentation and optimization.

The platform also establishes fair and objective value estimates, updating more than a hundred thousand models per day. Technically, the abundance of analysis tools is a dream for every fundamentalist. With Finbox premium API, it allows developers and quants to integrate data to their algorithms and models.

What Can it Offer?

Fundamental Analysis

Finbox provides a convenient and straightforward platform that allows you to go through an overabundance of fundamental stock data. It focuses on two main divisions: enhancing stock ideas and evaluating stock fundamentals.

For stock ideas, Finbox lets you draw on popular investors’ or curated picks’ portfolios to establish a watchlist. Plus, it comes with an extensive stock screener.

When it comes to the analysis side, Finbox provides an integrated interface. It’s also combined with an impressive collection of Excel templates for correlating paramount data across stocks.

Finbox Features


Finbox’s Ideas section is efficient for creating fresh stock ideas based on what the popular investors have in their portfolios. Despite not being a distinct concept of Finbox, the platform makes it convenient to search portfolios via the search bar. And, it gives you curated portfolios according to high-dividend stocks in a specific sub-industry.

However, the UI makes Finbox shine once you choose a portfolio. The platform makes it effortless to download recent filings immediately. Simultaneously, it offers an instant tabular overview of stocks in a portfolio which can be categorized by various significant criteria.

Finbox Ideas section

Intrinsic Value Calculator

All portfolios’ stock data can immediately be exported to be utilized with Excel. It’s made possible by Finbox’s formula templates.

Margin of safety measures the difference between a stock’s intrinsic value and its market price. Intrinsic value is the actual value or “true value” of an asset based on an individual’s underlying perception and expectations.

Market value is what an asset is selling for in the market, and unfortunately market value and intrinsic value are often not the same. The process of determining a margin of safety typically involves analyzing financials, building models, and finding similar companies — a process that can be difficult and time-consuming. 

Finbox’s intrinsic value calculations (Finbox calls them “fair value estimates”) give investors a head start by doing much of the heavy lifting so they can focus on understanding the business and its future prospects and the trade-off between value and cost.

Unlike research that’s released by large banks to serve client interests, Finbox’s intrinsic value calculations are unbiased. They use technology to apply detailed valuation models to thousands of companies every day to calculate their intrinsic value. An example for Apple Inc. (AAPL) is provided below.

Finbox’s Intrinsic Value Calculator

Stock Screener

Another essential component of Finbox is its stock screener; and despite not being a unique feature, it’s still finely executed.

This feature provides a plethora of vital, valuation-based data to be included as filters. Conveniently, all these can be searched for, for easier access.

To make things better, it features a stats panel available for each metric. It displays a chart of how this specific metric measures across all major industries. It allows you to acquire reasonable ideas of where to adequately place a filter value.

The stock screener’s screen page doesn’t only display the stocks matching your filtering criteria. It also offers instant analysis of their performance via histogram of projections from analysts. Specifically, these are for stocks and their standard performance in connection with the S&P 500.

Finbox's Stock Screener

While there may be similar screeners in other tools, Finbox does an excellent job of exhibiting results. It then features these in a neat, timely, and easy-to-view layout.

If you look deeper into any other specific stock, you take full advantage of Finbox’s analysis features. You’ll get full access to a complete gallery of the chart’s plotting that stocks all vital parameters. Not only that, but simple slider charts let you compare your choice of stock fundamentals with competitors in the division. Additionally, it’s to market as a whole.

With this, you’ll get to view how Finbox’s models exhibit the stock’s future performance returns compared to what the analysts of Wall Street are displaying.

Financial Model

Finbox features a profusion of pre-built financial models that you can choose to refine current models for a particular stock. You can even create valuation models via step-by-step model builder to help search for comparable companies.

This tool does an excellent job of demonstrating the pre-built models such as the Discounted Cash Flow model. It is a great start for those who plan to enter the world of financial modeling. For added convenience, this feature provides users with model templates that they can edit, refine, then share.


This feature allows you to establish your watchlist. In this section, an investor can handle shares from a current portfolio from the “ideas” menu bar. Or, they can opt to set their collection.

Investors can also gather inspiration from the “most viewed” links located on the platform’s sidebar. If you subscribed for the premium version of Finbox, you could use the “ideas” portfolios to gather data, and utilize other available features.

Data Explorer

The platform comes with a lot of essential in-depth metrics that you can take advantage of. The Data Explorer can be navigated through to find common, or even unique parameters by category from Popular to Forecasts & Valuations.

Finbox's Data Explorer

Efficiency metrics, like Days Payable Outstanding, can be pulled up in a snap compared to combing through 10-Q filings. And generally, this feature is a big and convenient time saver.


Grade: A+

With all the features integrated into Finbox, you’re sure to have a lot of advantages you can benefit from. The primary feature that separates Finbox from other platforms is its direct concentration on fundamental data analysis.

While the stock screener and portfolio ideas aren’t entirely new, these provide increased insights to the fair value of stocks. These are based off on financial models and essential corporate data compared to other screeners.

Additionally, the platform’s FNBX function, as well as its intrinsic value calculator is a game-changer. It’s essential for investors requiring help establish their financial models. This function isn’t just simple, and it offers not only live data updates, but also provides accurate instructions on how to use data on the site, turning it into a customized financial model.


Slightly Overwhelming

The sheer amount of data presented to the user can be rather cumbersome. For beginner that just want basic stock data, Finbox might might be a bit overwhelming. 

That being said, Finbox doesn’t have any major restrictions. It comes with a wide range of excellent features and advantages for its users. Finbox is a convenient platform that is simple yet efficient, making it ideal for traders and investors.

Is Finbox For You?

For The Data Driven Investor

Finbox is excellent for value investors who aim to find undervalued stocks based on a company’s fundamental data. It’s beneficial since the platform is greatly analytic. In addition, it comes with financial model templates and FNBX functions for producing customized financial models.

Overall, Finbox is essential and perfect for the long-term, data driven investor. For those willing to go the extra mile and put in the time and research into their purchases, Finbox’s accurate modeling and analysis to will allow any investor to make probable returns.

Interested in Finbox?

Finbox Access Plans

Finbox comes with three access plans designed to make onboarding a quick and straightforward task.

Finbox's Access Plans

Its Finbox Starter plan is free upon registration and allows for unlimited financial models, stock screens, and watchlists. The starter plan provides spreadsheet add-ons, charts, plus API with around 5,000 data points each day. For limited stocks, the data explorer is available as well.The 10-day Finbox Trial costs $1. It’s a great deal since it has everything that’s on the starter plan. Plus, it has access to 25,000 data points, all stocks, Fork Ideas, Advance Analytics, and filters. Also, it can save and export data into either Excel or CSV files.

If you want to opt out of the free trial, you can cancel within the 30-day period. It will allow you to get back the $1 you previously paid. When you don’t cancel the free trial, it converts to the Premium Plan, which costs $19 per month. There are also Annual and Quarterly prepaid plans for immediate discounts. You can click right here to get started!

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