If you’ve stumbled upon this article while searching the web, you could have been paid for it! Yes, that’s right. You can earn money by searching. If you like spending time surfing the web, why not monetize it?

Let’s look at some legit ways of getting paid to search the web.

1. Swagbucks

💰 How much you can earn: from $20 to $100 per month
💸 How you get paid: Gift cards, PayPal, Prepaid Visa Cards

Swagbucks is a go-to platform for many web surfers who want to make money as they access and consume various online content.

Registration and use are straightforward. However, you will have to use Google Chrome to benefit from its point reward system. Swagbucks requires its users to download and install the Swagbucks Chrome extension.

The extension makes your browser use the Yahoo search engine by default, thus completely ignoring other search engines such as Google and Bing. The point rewarding system will enable you to earn points as you search the web, play video games, watch movies, or shop online.

The best thing about some of the above methods is that you don’t have to be active. For instance, if you need to watch a certain movie to earn cash, you can just play it and keep the tab open as you do other things.

The platform enables you to earn money by collecting points or claiming limited offers that can go up to 20% on some purchases. The points you collect stay in your account, and you can redeem them as gift cards or cash via PayPal.

2. Nielsen Rewards

💰 How much you can earn: Flat $50 per year and a chance to win a $10,000 reward
💸 How you get paid: Gift cards and PayPal

If you want to earn a bit extra while searching the web, you should check out Nielsen Rewards. This company allows registered users to make money while completing specific tasks. It works the same way Swagbucks does. You will need to register and download and install the Nielsen browser extension.

The data you collect as a surfer helps Nielsen, a renowned market research company, improve its services. You don’t have to do anything special once the extension is up and running. Use the browser daily, search the web, and consume your favorite content online.

To earn extra points, you can help Nielsen by uploading your opinion and views on TV networks, shows, and movies.

To share your reviews, you must download and use the Nielsen Digital Voice app. Completing tasks within the app will help you earn additional points. Once you have enough points, you can enter the Nielsen monthly giveaway. Every month the company rewards the lucky app user with $10,000.

3. MobileXpression

💰 How much you can earn: $5.28 per month and $63.36 per year + additional cash from taking surveys
💸 How you get paid: Gift cards

MobileXpression is a platform that enables people to improve the mobile Internet as they search the web. The platform has amassed a huge membership base with over 2 million members from all over the world. Simply put, the company will pay you in credits for your personal data, which includes:

  • Device type
  • Usage of camera
  • Overall usage time
  • Messaging services used
  • Activity in your favorite mobile browser
  • Video streaming
  • Links you click and web pages you visit

If you don’t mind sharing this data with MobileXpression, you only have a few more requirements to meet to start earning money.

The platform is currently only accepting members from the UK, the US, and Canada. All members have to be at least 18 years of age to register. You also need to own a newer model of smartphone. Once you register, download the mobile app, and set everything up, you can use your mobile phone to earn credit points.

You should also open the MobileXpression mobile app daily to check your in-app inbox. The company may send you a survey from time to time. If you complete these surveys, you stand to earn extra cash.

4. SavvyConnect

💰 How much you can earn: Up to $15 per month
💸 How you get paid: Check in USD mailed via U.S. post

SavvyConnect is another data-collection platform willing to pay you money for your personal data. Personal data refers to the data you generate while you spend your time surfing the web. Once you enter the program, the company will monitor, track, and record your online activity, including your online searches.

To earn money through SavvyConnect, you need to install the app on your device of choice – computer, phone, and tablet. However, you must meet several requirements to be eligible for credits. Credits are issued at the end of the month.

You need to use your device with the SavvyConnect app for at least seven days per month to earn credits. Once you generate seven days of actual usage data, the platform will reward you with credits.

Besides keeping your app active, you must also ensure it’s updated to the latest version. You can check the version of the app and device status on your accounts dashboard.

5. Microsoft Rewards

💰How much you can earn: $5-$10 per month
💸 How you get paid: Gift cards, subscriptions, and Xbox games

Microsoft is behind one of the most popular search engines online. If you guessed Bing, you were right! The IT giant has a rewards program for all users who want to earn extra while searching the web. Before you can benefit from the Microsoft Rewards program, you need to register a Microsoft rewards account.

Once you complete registration and set up your account, you can earn points. To do so, you need to use Bing exclusively to search the web. For every search inquiry through Bind, Microsoft will reward you with points. It’s all connected to your Microsoft Rewards account, and your points will accumulate there.

To ensure you are using Bing for every online search, feel free to download and install the Bing bar, which will appear in your browser. Microsoft offers other ways for Microsoft Rewards program participants to earn cash. You will be able to receive more points if you answer polls, take quizzes, and rent videos.

6. Appen

💰 How much you can earn: from $3 to $9 per hour
💸 How you get paid: PayPal and Payoneer

If you’d want to contribute to improving AI and machine learning models, then you can sell your skills to Appen. This company is a leader in Data for the AI lifecycle. It has an ongoing “Join our Crowd” program for people interested in part-time, flexible jobs. The program currently has over 1 million contributors from around the world.

If you apply for this program, you will be able to earn money in many ways. Yes, you will monetize your online research skills. However, you can also monetize your passion for online content, mobile device use, and social media activity.

Once you become part of the Appen Crowd, you will be able to use the Appen App, which is available on both App Store and Google Play. The app makes it easy to complete any data collection tasks the company has for you, track your earnings, and get paid.

7. Work as a Search Engine Evaluator

💰 How much you can earn: Average salary of $59,033 per year
💸 How you get paid: Check or direct bank deposit on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis on a regular schedule

If you want to make a career out of web searches, you can do it. You can even earn a respectable salary at it, but you’ll need to develop some real expertise.

A Search Engine Evaluator is a person who specializes in analyzing search engines and rating search results to make them better and more relevant for other users.

Many popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, use Search Engine Evaluators to complete these tasks. You will often work by strict guidelines while completing specific project-related tasks.

While some jobs will require you to be a qualified Search Engine Evaluator, there are other options that you can pursue even if you are a beginner in this field.

If you truly want to pursue a career as a search engine evaluator, look for a platform that offers opportunities in this niche. One of the most popular platforms is Glass Door, which lists Search Engine Evaluator job ads.

You will need to pass a qualification exam and have extensive knowledge and experience with search engines and web searches in general. You will be responsible for analyzing the web search engines, assessing the relevance of search results, and using data to provide advice on optimizing search engine results, among other things.

This career path is engaging, and you will have many opportunities to grow and develop professionally. As you progress down this path, you can apply for better jobs and become an expert in search engine evaluation.

8. Work as a Data Researcher on Upwork or Other Freelancing Platforms

💰 How much you can earn: Starts at $10 per hour on average
💸 How you get paid: Deposits into your bank account, PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer

If you want to be a search engine evaluator but don’t want to commit to it 100%, you still have options. Instead of pursuing it as your primary career, you can do it as a side hustle by working as a data researcher on freelancing platforms.

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance platforms. However, there are some other alternatives that you can consider, including Fiverr, SolidGigs, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and Hubstaff Talent.

If you have experience with search engine evaluation and data research and analysis, you can use these platforms to seek clients in need of your services. The most important thing is completing your profile carefully, listing essential skills, expertise, and experience.

Once you’ve completed your profile as a freelancer, you should browse through the relevant job postings and send your proposals. After completing projects, ask your clients for feedback (review or rating), as it will help your profile stand out and enable you to land more projects and increase your fee. Since you will be making money online, you should also consider moving your finances online to transfer cash easily and have more control over your finances in general.


Can I Make Money Searching the Web?

Yes, you can. Almost anyone can make a few extra bucks by surfing the web and letting a company collect data on their habits. If you develop real expertise in search engine operations, you can pursue it as a career and earn a considerable paycheck.

Where Can I Get Paid to Search the Web?

You can use numerous platforms and apps to make money searching the web. Some of them are Swagbucks, Nielsen Rewards, MobileXpression, SavvyConnect, Appen, and Microsoft Rewards.

How Can I Get Paid to Search the Web?

To get paid to search the web, you must register on platforms such as Swagbucks and SavvyConnect and follow the guidelines provided by the platform.

How Much Money Can I Make Searching the Web?

It all depends on the platform you choose to use. Generally speaking, you can make anywhere from $3 to 10$ dollars per hour as a contractor.

Can I Be a Professional Search Engine Evaluator?

Yes, you can. If you have the necessary education, experience, and other qualifications, you can pursue a career path as a search engine evaluator. You can also offer your services as a freelancer to clients on freelance platforms.

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