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Every great investor searches for new and effective investment opportunities to fulfill their needs. One of the best ways to do so is by utilizing an efficient and essential toolkit. It should be one that offers modern stock screeners, market information, insider trading data, and a lot more.

If you have visited our site before, then you would likely have seen our other stock toolkit and software reviews. While those programs are fantastic, they are paid services. So, what about free options?

With that, the best option for you would be Wallmine.

It’s up-to-date and more sufficient for today’s market, compared to the old-fashioned, pricey, and inflexible tools used to track investments.

What Is Wallmine?

This portion of our Wallmine review talks about what the service is all about. It also provides you with information on how it can help investors manage their financial markets.

Wallmine is a free financial and investor toolkit that aids in searching and finding financial markets. It provides everyone with institutional, top-notch data, and tools for making smart and effective investments.

Wallmine was founded in the year 2018 to help anyone acquire insights and understand overflowing data from the stock market. The service combines their financial expertise with technical knowledge to provide a modern and quick alternative that’s more cost-efficient.

Aside from these, the tool also allows you to track, record, and manage all your investments.

Wallmine Review – What Can It Offer?

Free vs. Premium

Generally, this investor toolkit is a free service that provides top-notch and quality assistance for all. However, you can also opt for the premium service if necessary.

But the thing is, the free version of Wallmine is already as effective and efficient as is. With that, you’ll be able to do everything and have all the elements you’ll require to manage your investments adequately.

Tools such as the following are all free for everyone’s convenience:

  • Real-time news
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • Screening
  • Charts
  • Fundamentals
  • Alerts
  • Insider Trading Analysis
  • Report Annotations
  • Earnings
  • Financials
  • Dividend Statistics

When it comes to the premium service, it features all the elements present from the free service of Wallmine. However, it has a few additions to it such as the following:

  • Tracking Unlimited Portfolios
  • Full-Text Search SEC Filings
  • Advanced Screening
  • Extracting Screening Financials and Results
  • Retaining the Privacy of Document Annotations and Highlights

Key Features   


Wallmine updates you on everything that you consider important. Whether it’s heightened news coverage, approaching ex-dividend dates, new SEC filing, or even price movements, Wallmine has you covered.

Efficient Portfolio Tracking

Wallmine Portfolio page

With Wallmine, you’ll stay up to date with all your ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds in one convenient portfolio.

Institutional-Grade Information and News

They have a useful and highly informative newsletter that is provided on a daily basis. Not only that, but Wallmine has immediately-sourced Thomson Reuters details to keep everyone updated about important companies and groups.

Excellent Stock Screening Services

The Wallmine toolkit can immediately scan the market for any profitable investment. This is done via alerts, customized screens, as well as insightful visualizations.

Filter Stocks via Contextual Visualizations

Wallmine offers filter stocks based on a plethora of criteria to assist you in searching for the next move. Here, you and every other user can set and manage your favorite alerts and screens. It will help notify and alert you of new company matches based on your criteria.

Skipping on Manual Data Input

You can skip on manual data input then extract identical tables from earlier financial reports for direct correlation. The toolkit offers machine learning algorithms that everyone can utilize to determine the most vital and significant terms.

Full-Text and Thorough Searches

With Wallmine, you can easily and immediately save links to a specific table, sentence, or figure in any company filing. Aside from that, you’ll also have the ability to share all your balance sheet analysis and evaluations with others. If not, you can simply keep them for your own records.

Wallmine Research page

Easily and Effectively Combine Historical Tables

With Wallmine, you can easily add comments and tags whenever necessary. To make things more convenient, you can bookmark the most common and recent search queries that you’ve made. Or, you can download your various researches then utilize them offline whenever you need them. 

Receive Filing Notifications and Various Alerts

You can immediately receive notifications in advance of the newest SEC filings. It’s also possible for you to receive these alerts as soon as they get published. If you save a specific search, Wallmine can send you a notification.

Collaborate With Ease

With the toolkit, you can simply add tags and comments whenever necessary. If you have common search queries, you can conveniently bookmark them then download your research to utilize online.

Risk-Free Monthly Subscription

When Wallmine assists you when making a single trade, it will be worth the price. That’s because Wallmine has a risk-free monthly subscription that you can take advantage of.

Wallmine’s Advantages

Generally, Wallmine understands the needs of every investor. With that, they believe that everybody should have appropriate access to the best tools around, as well as quality information.

Aside from these quality advantages and benefits, Wallmine received excellent optimizations after the toolkit’s major update. These improvements include more personalized notifications such as price movements, earnings, and increased news coverage. All these are based on your settings and activities.

The best feature would have to be the data extraction a business’s SEC filings. Never has it been easier to quickly filter through a company’s annual report. Important paragraphs are highlighted, with a small text summary on the right hand side. While not exactly an annual report, a great example to check out would be WeWork’s S-1 filing

Wallmine’s Limitations

What’s great about Wallmine is that it’s packed with a ton of free tools and services. Though do remember that despite its efficiency, it still comes with a few limitations. However, these are common even in the most top-notch and well-designed toolkits and applications around.

With that, the only limitation to this financial terminal is that the free plan can only track up to two portfolios. Aside from that, these two portfolios each have up to ten holdings in total.

Despite this, the watchlist tracking feature of Wallmine is unlimited, which is great anyway.

Interested in Wallmine?

Wallmine is an excellent tool to use if you want to get notifications on stock price changes significantly. Every tool is useful, and the best thing is that most of these are available for free. Although you can enjoy more tools with a premium account, the free tools are already more than enough.

The dashboard is also a great feature if you want to keep track of upcoming events. Additionally, Wallmine provides quotes, stock news, and analysis which are essential for making investments.

To sum up our Wallmine review, it’s a site that we highly recommend. It’s the perfect alternative tool for Google Finance or Yahoo Finance, plus it has an impressive set of features.

Sign up for Wallmine today!

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