With our VIPKid pay calculator you can easily determine your VIPKid teacher salary and hourly rate. Just plug in some numbers and it will tell you what your base pay is, how much you get in bonuses and what your hourly rate is.

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How much do VIPKid teachers get paid?

VIPKid teachers get paid a base rate of $7-9 per 25-minute class per class, plus incentives. That winds up being $14-$18+ per hour.

Your base pay is determined by how well you do on the VIPKid interview and the demo lesson when you sign up to teach.

Teachers also receive a small bonus (incentive) for every class that they complete. These bonuses operate on a sliding scale, which basically means that the more you teach, the higher your bonuses become. Bonuses are calculated on the lifetime number of finished classes and the number of finished classes in a given month.

👉 For example:
Let’s say you are just starting out, and your base rate is $7 per class. You will get paid $7.80 per class for the first 20 classes you teach this month, $8.20 per class for classes 21 to 40, $8.60 for classes 41-60, and so on…

Our VIPKid pay calculator is based on new tier-based incentives rolled out in 2020. The incentive structure’s tiers are based on the total number of lifetime classes you have under your belt. However, the incentive number of classes resets every month.

Here’s the incentive structure table:

Lifetime ClassesTierIncentives
1st - 20th21st - 40th41st - 60th61st - 90th91st - 130th131st - 180th181st & After
0 - 79Tier 1$0.80$1.20$1.60$1.70$1.90$2.00$2.10
80 - 199Tier 2$0.80$1.20$1.60$1.70$1.90$2.10$2.30
200 - 399Tier 3$0.80$1.20$1.60$1.70$2.00$2.20$2.50
400 - 799Tier 4$0.80$1.20$1.60$1.80$2.10$2.30$2.60
800 - 1499Tier 5$0.80$1.20$1.60$1.80$2.20$2.40$2.70
1500 - 2499Tier 6$0.80$1.20$1.70$1.80$2.30$2.50$2.80
2500 - 4499Tier 7$0.80$1.20$1.70$1.90$2.40$2.60$2.90
4500 - 6999Tier 8$0.80$1.20$1.70$1.90$2.40$2.70$3.00
7000 - 9999Tier 9$0.80$1.20$1.70$1.90$2.50$2.80$3.10
≥ 10000Tier 10$0.80$1.20$1.70$1.90$2.50$2.90$3.20