Every individual investor aims for advancement and improvement. If you’re one of these people, then you’d want to find ways to better your odds of success in your investments. Thinking about it, there are tons of possible ways to achieve these goals. However, not all of them are fool-proof, but you’ll learn about an efficient service here in our Stockopedia Review.

Luckily, there’s one effective way to reach your objectives as an investor. You can do this with portfolio analysis and stock rating through a service called Stockopedia.

Today, we’ll focus on this specific tool to see what it has to offer. Also, we’re going to determine if it’s necessary for your needs. First, let’s learn more about what Stockopedia is.

What Is Stockopedia?

Stockopedia logo

Top Tier Research

Stockopedia is an online data and research platform that offers integral data related to shares. The online service began in the United Kingdom by Edward Page-Croft together with Dave Brickell. They both lived and worked in London, but they soon left the city to start their online business.

One of the service’s USPs is that anyone can reflect the investment system of investment managers. An example would be this: you can utilize a stock screener for highlighting all stocks categorized under the investment benchmark. The investment criteria that it falls under is the Zulu Principle established by the legendary investor, Jim Slater.

Stockopedia began to spread in the UK market. However, they are currently covering the primary stock markets around the world. It introduces a form of stock data that top-notch stockbrokers and hedge fund managers utilize in educational and straightforward ways. The good thing about this is that all their data and information comes from a reliable source – Thomson Reuters.

What Stockopedia Offer?

Stockopedia offers a plethora of features that are beneficial for every investor. We’ve listed them for you to see how efficient and effective this online service is for research, as well as information.

The StockRanks™ From Stockopedia

StockRanks is the only stock-rating system in the world with a design based on the principles of factor investing. What works well in the world of investment is generally a poorly kept secret.

On average, a collection of straightforward risk factors drive stock returns. The most powerful factors include the following.

Stockopedias StockRank system

“Quality” is the factor considered as a relatively significant trend, as well as the health of every company. For “Value”, it’s the competitiveness of the stock price related to its fundamentals. The “Momentum” is the strength of each stock’s earnings and price.

Stockopedia can rank on each stock in the market from 0 and 100 for each of the factors. Then, these are combined to the StockRank to be presented for each share in the market. To make things more convenient for everyone, all data is just a quick search away.

Access Stockopedia Wherever, Whenever

Stockopedia is a straightforward and convenient browser-based web app. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access Stockopedia wherever you are, whenever.

Stop Disregarding Opportunities

In just a few seconds, you can expand your investing environment to various sectors and countries. With Stockopedia’s easy-to-browse assortment that covers ten sectors & 52 industry groups, you can expand your portfolio better than ever.

It’s great that Stockopedia can cover over 35,000 stocks worldwide in places such as the UK. Other areas it covers includes North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Plus, you can even select the coverage that suits your needs and preferences.

View Accurate Statements

With a total of eight years of tabled & chartered forecast essentials, you are allowed to eyeball long-term performances and operations at a glance. You can easily see all the important data an investor requires, and more. Stockopedia is a one stop shop to visualize a stock. It presents all the important ratios (P/E, P/B, PEG, ROA, etc) all in one convenient package. Additionally, you can view the company’s balance sheet, cash flows, and income statements for the past five years. 

Stockopedias Stock Report

Advantages of Stockopedia


When you utilize the screening function, you’re allowed to diminish the number of companies to a few. Only consider those you plan to invest in to avoid confusion in the process.

There are a lot of preloaded “Guru Screens” on the system. These generally reflect the principles of famous investors today. You can conveniently gather ideas about which ones are best since they display the necessary returns you need.

Stockopedia Screens page

Valuable, Live Data Presented in a Simple Manner

When you find stocks you plan to look into further, simply click on the information page to access this. The bar graph that immediately appears displays how the elements of a company’s affairs have developed and expanded over time.

It’s possible to learn if dividends have increased continuously, then compare them with dividend covers or the earnings per share. Technically, it’s possible and an easy task to achieve. You only need to hover your mouse over each of the elements, and then they pop out for your reference.

With that, you’ll be able to see the Guru Screens that a stock passes at a specific time. For added convenience, you’ll get to view the Benjamin Graham value formula. Plus, you can also see other metrics displayed below the primary header.

Portfolio Bubble Charts

Stockopedias Bubble chart

What’s excellent about Portfolio Bubble Charts is that you’re able to view how your choice of selections stack up. It is done by triangulating analysis created from financial data. This information summarizes their strength based on quality, momentum, and value. 

Since the charts are live, you can transfer the stocks you’ve bought once you’ve made investments. Save them to other portfolios then track the shares over time. If one of the stocks you got slides, you can immediately see it then cut out your losses. With that, you can readily take your cash to invest somewhere else.

Ebooks, Help & Forums

If you have a specific strategy for investing, such as value investing, it’s vital to have a sounding board around. It functions as a place for ideas to get an education and more information.

The forums and Ebooks that Stockopedia offers is efficiently helpful. It also comes with a live feature which is extremely efficient. When it comes to the forum, all questions are responded to without any issues. Plus, you’ll feel the adage that “No Question is a Stupid One”. So, you’ll end up asking more questions, and Stockopedia will continue to support everyone in this.

Are There Any Limitations to the Service?

Limited Financial Data

Unfortunately, Stockopedia only provides five years of financial statements. Other services offer at least ten years of data, so this is a pretty big downside. Personally, I like to at least look back on ten years of data to get the full picture of a company’s financial standing.

Expensive, but Worth It

Despite being quite pricey, Stockopedia is still a highly efficient service that does not have any negative limitations for use.

In the world of investing, drowning in tons of information is a common operational hazard. However, with Stockopedia, things are made easier and more convenient. The service does a fantastic job of providing complex data in a clear, straightforward, and accessible manner.

You’ll get everything you need in an easy-to-read format, avoiding any instance of confusion due to tons of information.

Is Stockopedia for You?

Quality Research

Overall, Stockopedia is the best online service for evaluating shares and investments such as ETFs, investment trusts, and more. Taking a look at the reviews from other users, all comments about Stockopedia are indeed positive. Even the beginners in the industry are raving about the service, which is a good response.

With that, Stockopedia is a service that’s highly recommendable. There highly intuitive platform and excellent features offer investors a great service to research their stocks and track their portfolios. We here at VVI have used their platform for a few months and have been delighted with the results; we hope you will too!

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