If you ever wondered how many hours you would have to work to buy something you want, this price to hours worked calculator has an answer for you.

If you want to manage your finances successfully, you need to be mindful of your purchasing decisions. That means carefully considering the costs and the benefits of any purchase you’re considering. Will the benefits you get from buying this item be worth the cost, considering the amount of money I have?

One of the most effective ways to evaluate cost is to consider the number of working hours a purchase is worth. We created this price to hours worked calculator to help you do just that.

How does this help me?

So you want that new PlayStation, and you want it really bad. You love that tall and curvy look, but you’re not in love with that $500 price tag. You’re weighing whether you should splurge and actually buy it.

👉 So let’s say that you work full time and earn $30/hour. You would need to work 17 hours (a little over 2 days) in order to buy that space ship looking fun machine.

👉 Now imagine that you work full time but earn $11/hour. You would have to spend 42 hours or just over 5 full days working to earn enough to buy that PlayStation. That might make that the giant inverted Oreo look a lot less appealing!

Not sure what your hourly wage is?
Use the calculator below to convert your annual salary, monthly, weekly, or daily wages into an hourly rate.

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