If you’re a parent exploring how your child can earn money as a kid, this guide is tailored for you. In today’s world, teaching kids about financial responsibility, saving money and entrepreneurship is invaluable.

This post will introduce a variety of age-appropriate and safe ways for kids to earn money, balancing fun with educational value. From classic methods like lawn mowing and lemonade stands to handling other people’s chores for them, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at how your children can start their financial journey.

1. Have a Yard Sale 🏠

If you have board games, old toys, and other items that you don’t use anymore, don’t let them lie in the attic gathering dust. You can set up a yard sale and turn these items into cash. Remember to ask your parents or guardian before selling anything. You don’t want to sell something that they still want.

Once your parents or guardians approve of the yard sale, ask them to help you sort out items. This will help separate the useful items from the unwanted ones and organize them for sale. Sort out items and attach price tags a few days before the day of the sale. You’ll need some time to go over your items and make sure they are priced right! If you aren’t sure what they are worth, try looking the items up on eBay or other websites selling used items. That will tell you what other sellers are asking.

2. Try Out Pet Care 🐕

Pet care is a relatively easy way for kids to make money, especially if you have a pet yourself and you know something about caring for animals. You can leverage your pet care experience by offering to look after a friend’s pet while they’re gone.

Pet care isn’t tiring or boring. It involves simple services such as taking a dog out for a walk or feeding a cat or goldfish while its owners are away. You can always find time to look after someone’s pet, even with a busy school calendar. This job is a great way of winding down after a long week at school, especially if you love animals!

Start by offering your services to close family and friends. They’ll eventually refer you to more clients, and you’ll earn more!

3. Set Up a Lemonade Stand 🍋

Selling lemonade is a timeless way for kids to make money. It was my first money-making venture when I was 13 years old. I started with $20 savings and bought lemons and plastic cups. My mom gave me a hand in preparing the lemon juice and setting up a stand in our driveway.

In two days, I sold about 100 cups of lemonade at $0.50 each, making $30 in profit after deducting the initial start-up cost. I made enough to buy my first pair of soccer cleats, but I later realized that I could have made more sales had I erected my stand in a public place with more people. If you plan to start a lemonade business, put your stand in a public place, preferably a park. Even though a city permit is required when operating a business in a public place, you’ll end up making more than enough to cover all the overhead costs.

Price your lemonade just right to keep customers coming for more. If you overcharge them, they’ll probably shy away from buying from you. Remember to figure out how much it costs to make each glass, or you could be losing money!

4. Yard Work 🍂

Helping friends and family keep their yards clean is another traditional way for kids to make money. The task is a bit tedious and technical, and it requires some skills. Lawnmowers and other equipment can be dangerous for novice users, so you’ll need to practice under adult supervision. The upside is that because the tasks are harder and require skill, the pay is better than it is in many other jobs.

You can offer to do other yard tasks such as watering plants, weeding, or spreading mulch. These tasks don’t require any prior experience once you know the basics. If you live in an area where it snows during winter, you could also offer to shovel snow off the driveways and sidewalks for extra cash.

5. Sell T-Shirts 👕

If you have some money and you want to make more, you can invest it in a t-shirt business. You’ll have to be creative enough to come up with cool designs and fun prints that will attract customers. This is a great way for kids who are interested in art and design to earn money.

Having great designs boils down to defining your target market. Kids of different ages like different designs. Check out what kids are wearing, look at designs online, and let your creativity loose! If you buy 50 t-shirts at $10 each and sell them at $20 each, that’s $500 worth of profit.

6. Try Out Newspaper Delivery 🗞

Even though much of the world’s news is easily accessible online, there are still people who prefer reading newspapers. You’ll find newspaper route jobs listed on internet job boards. Look for boards that serve your area!

To get started, you need to have a bike or another way to get around your area. You’ll have to be sure you collect and deliver newspapers on time.

Newspaper companies usually have a standard rate for a single delivery. The more you deliver, the more money you stand to make. Some customers will even tip you if the job is well done.

7. Recycle ♻

Recycling is a fun way for kids to make money while contributing to a clean environment. All you have to do is collect aluminum cans, copper wires, and other recyclable items. Then you take them to a nearby recycling center and get paid.

Note that it’s almost impossible to collect enough cans or copper wires to sell within a day, especially if you have schoolwork.  It’s better to have a bin where you keep the things you collect. Once the bin is filled, you can then take the items to a recycling center for extra cash. Ask the recycling center what they accept and look for the items in your area!

8. Wash Cars 🚗

Many people are too busy to wash their cars. That means that you can make good money doing it for them. You’ll need a few supplies such as soap, rags, buckets, and towels for cleaning a car. If you’re also cleaning the car’s interior, a soft sponge and hand-held vacuum to wipe down and dry surfaces will be required.

You’ll also need to learn how to wash a car. Start by washing your family car and asking your parents for tips. Once you’re confident that you can do a good job, ask neighbors or friends of your parents if they’d like their cars washed. Soon you’ll have a business!

9. Babysitting 👶

Babysitting is a popular way for older kids to make money. It involves lots of responsibilities, such as feeding a baby and changing diapers. Older children require less care, but you’ll have to be attentive to keep them out of trouble! This is a great job if you have experience taking care of younger brothers and sisters.

If you don’t have any experience, you can take babysitting classes on websites like The American Red Cross. This will equip you with the necessary skills needed to take care of an infant. You can use the certification earned to market yourself as a competent babysitter. You may also take a first aid course to assure a parent or guardian that their child is safe with you.

10. Run Errands 🏃

Running errands is one of the best ways for kids to make money. There are plenty of busy adults willing to pay someone to run errands. Errands can be anything from a quick run to the post office to mail a package, a trip to the grocery store for milk, or even picking up clothes at the local dry cleaner.

To get started, make a few flyers and post them in your neighborhood to help get the word out. Try asking your neighbors if they need any errands done. If you know of a busy mom or a senior citizen, ask them if they need someone to help them run errands at a fee. They might hire you, and if they are happy with your service, they may recommend you to their friends.

11. Rent Out Your Stuff 🎮

Renting out your stuff involves letting someone use something you own for an agreed period of time. When this period is over,  they return your item and pay you for using it.

🎮 For Example

You own a gaming console but can’t play any video games over the weekend since you’re working on a school project. You can rent it out to a friend over the weekend at an agreed cost. Be sure to ask for your parents’ approval before renting out your item. Only rent items to people you trust, so you can be sure you’ll get them back!

The Bottom Line

There are endless ways to earn money as a kid. You just need to be creative and identify areas where adults need help. If someone needs something done and you can do it, you have a way to make money!

Always keep in mind that potential clients may not always be what they seem to be. Start with neighbors or people you know. Be wary of people who seem too eager to hire you or offer more money than you expect. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone, get away. Always make sure an adult knows where you are and what you’re up to.

☝️ When you finally start earning, try to save some of your new money. Someday you might need it!

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