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What are the Hedge Fund Managers Saying?

There are thousands of hedge funds, all of them managed by investment professionals. Many are focused on specific sectors that they study more thoroughly than any individual investor could.

Hundreds of these funds publish regular letters to investors explaining their investment decisions, analyzing their successes and failures, and discussing their plans.

Many of these letters make fascinating reading, but who has time to read them all?

You don’t have to. We’ve done it for you.

Our Hedge Fund Digest picks out key features of the mass of hedge fund letters published each quarter.

  • Common threads: influences and trends discussed in multiple letters.
  • The Winners: we select the funds that turned in the best performances and link to their letters, so you can go directly to what’s working.
  • The Shorts: we review letters issued by short-selling funds and reveal the companies they are targeting.
  • Sectors: If you’re interested in specific markets or sectors, check to see which funds are discussing them.
  • Key companies: see which letters discuss companies favored by retail investors and what the fund managers are saying about them.

We don’t bother with the fluff, and we won’t tell you what you already know. The goal is to bring you insights you might otherwise miss.

If you’re interested in what investment professionals are saying, don’t miss it!

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Q4 2022 issue released March 23rd, 2023

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