Do you wish to retire early, purchase a home, get a degree without going into debt, learn the best way to budget, or start investing? Whatever your financial goal may be, personal finance Facebook groups offer communities with members working toward the same targets. A like-minded community that can offer advice and supports you down the road can make your goals more attainable and help you stay focused.

Facebook groups focused on personal finance attract people from all walks of life. Some of them are managing successful businesses. Others are aspiring digital nomads who aren’t sure how to file their taxes. Most will be somewhere in between. Don’t worry about not fitting in!

⚠️ The moderators and members of Facebook groups are often not financial experts. Some may claim credentials or experience that they don’t actually have, and some may have ulterior motives. You should be skeptical and do independent research on any recommendations, especially if they involve investments or purchases. When making serious financial decisions, it’s always advisable to consult a professional to avoid misinformation problems.

We reviewed over 100 personal finance Facebook groups and selected 35+ of the best. Many of these can help you if you’re interested in getting better at making, spending, saving, borrowing, and investing money. Some groups offer broader advice in all things finance moderated by experts in the field, while others focus on one specific aspect of personal finance such as budgeting or debt.

General Personal Finance Facebook Groups 

1. Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Facebook group

The group covers a variety of topics on all things finance, from budgeting to taxes. Be it insurance or the best way to start investing, the group has got you covered.

What makes this group stand out is that it connects personal finance and personal development topics in a single group.

2. The Personal Finance Book Club

The Personal Finance Book Club Facebook group

For bookworms interested in personal finance, this group suggests great reads on the topic.

Members decide on two books each month and later gather to discuss what they’ve read. The topics may be serious, but the club members are laid back and receptive to your questions and ideas.

3. Dough Rollers

Dough Rollers Facebook group

If you are into podcasts about personal finance covering a broad range of topics from earning money to saving and mindful spending, this group’s name might ring a bell.

Dough Rollers is a supportive community of breadwinners big on earning money. You can discuss investing, taxes, saving for retirement, and more.

4. Tips For Financial Success

Tips For Financial Success Facebook group

The group members discuss every imaginable aspect of personal finances, be it mortgage, taxes, accounting, managing your credit score, loans or alimony.

The group has been active since 2014, so there’s a huge amount of information here. You may find the answer to some of your burning questions and a wide array of tips on achieving financial success, regardless of what that means for you specifically.

5. Your Money and Your Life

Your Money and Your Life Facebook group

This group was founded by the non-profit media organization NPR. It’s another broad financial group that covers a wide array of topics about personal finance.

Even though the group was founded by NPR, information shared in the group comes mostly from its members and is based on their personal experiences.

6. Financially Intentional

Financially Intentional Facebook group

Achieving financial freedom has a different meaning for everyone. Some define it in terms of paying off debt, while others seek to secure their children’s future.

Financially intentional is a community for sharing your financial struggles and achievements as well as learning from others who are also on a similar journey toward financial freedom.

7. Expats & International School Educators – Financial Advice

Expats & International School Educators - Financial Advice Facebook group

Managing your personal finances can be confusing, especially if you are working and living abroad. If you’re in this position, even setting up a retirement fund can seem out of reach.

If you are worried about investing and building your retirement account while teaching and living outside of your home country, this group has a lot of valuable insight to offer.

8. First Time Home Buyers Club

First Time Home Buyers Club Facebook group

If you’re tired of renting, it may be time to dive deeper into what it takes exactly to get approved for a mortgage and buy a new home.

This group is for those who are shopping for a home for the first time and feel lost in a process that can be confusing even for veterans.

Facebook Groups All About Budgeting and Saving

9. Money Saving Hints, Tips and Ideas

Money Saving Hints, Tips and Ideas Facebook group

Created in 2012, the group has over 300,000 supportive members that are passionate about saving. Expect to be first to know about bargains. You’ll also get plenty of helpful budget-saving ideas as well as a cleaning tip or two.

Members ask and answer various questions concerning budgeting, taxes, and purchases on e-commerce sites.

📘 Struggling to start saving? Start here: Saving Money 101

10. Dollar Tree Projects & Money Saving Ideas

Dollar Tree Projects & Money Saving Ideas image group

Do you feel crafty but give up after watching YouTube videos on creating $20 tables with $4000 worth of tools?

The members of this Facebook group have got your back. They are never out of ideas on exciting new money-saving DIY projects with affordable supplies from the Dollar Tree store.

11. Busy Budgeters – Cash Envelope System

Busy Budgeters - Cash Envelope System Facebook group

Dave Ramsey, a personal finance advisor, suggests separating the cash you spend into several envelopes.

For example, your envelopes can be marked as:

  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Car
  • Beauty
  • Health

This simple but effective concept is popular with many budgeting groups on Facebook. It works because it makes it easier to see how much you’re spending in each category and what is draining your wallet the most.

Some group members have used this system to pay off massive amounts of debt and save for their future. If you need more ideas on how to personalize the method for your needs or need a community to help you stay on track, this group might be what you’re looking for.

12. Saving Money 🙂

Saving Money :) Facebook group

Dave Ramsey’s envelope method didn’t work for you? Many other methods can help you save something for the rainy days.

Join this group for tips on saving and find out if there is somewhere you can cut back but may have overlooked while planning or if there’s a budgeting system out there that will meet your specific needs.

13. Budgeting for Women

Budgeting for Women Facebook group

Women who apply Dave Ramsey’s envelope technique for budgeting may have to add a couple more envelopes when tracking their finances. This is a budgeting group specifically aimed at the unique budgeting and financial needs of women.

If you’re a woman, this group has a lot of valuable info and budgeting ideas that can help take control of your finances and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

📘 New to budgeting and not sure where to start? Read our guide on budgeting for beginners: Budgeting 101

14. Frugal Families- Living Well on a Budget

Frugal Families- Living Well on a Budget Facebook group

Managing your finances as an individual is tricky enough, but taking care of a family and staying on budget can require superhuman skills. You’ll have to balance the needs of different family members and make sure that every cent is well spent, and that’s not easy!.

This group is exclusively for frugal families that are looking for support while budgeting. To join the group, you’ll need to provide a photo with your family as proof.

The community you’ll meet there is about more than frugal living. They are committed to saving as much as they are committed to living well, two worlds that are difficult to balance.

Facebook Groups on Minimalism and Frugality 

15. The Minimalist Life

The Minimalist Life group image

The way you manage your personal finances often has a lot to do with your overall lifestyle and spending habits. Minimalism in finances refers to spending on experiences before things and focusing on purchases that truly bring us value.

The group members remind us that it’s easy to try to fix our issues and problems by buying more and more stuff, but that might not always be the solution to our problems or lead to a fulfilled and happy life.

16. Frugal Money-Smart Minimalists

Frugal Money-Smart Minimalists Facebook group

If you’re interested in minimalism but are on the lookout for a group that focuses strictly on finances, this might be it.

Living frugally and applying minimalist principles to your personal finances can save you a lot of money. Regular discussions with others pursuing the same philosophy can help keep you focused and provide new ideas.

Investment-Focused Facebook Groups 

17. Personal Finance and Investing

Personal Finance and Investing Facebook group

Going strong since 2016, the group shares information on different types of investing and ways to manage your personal finances. Considering the group’s versatility, it’s a good start for those who want to start investing but are still exploring their options.

The community is helpful, friendly, and encouraging for those who want to save, invest, or make more money.

18. Investing Ideas

Investing Ideas Facebook group

If you want to start investing but don’t know where to start or fear taking a risk in investing, this group will give you plenty of ideas on stock-based investing.

The group is open to your tips and tricks on stocks, but you can also expect valuable information on stock picks and relevant research shared by other community members. Just remember not to get carried away by hot tips.

19. Retire on Dividends

Retire on Dividends Facebook group

As the name says, the group is all about dividend-bearing stocks, which effectively combine income and appreciation in a single investment.

It’s open to those who are just getting started and those who know their way around stocks.

Members learn from each other and share strategies they believe can even lead to retiring solely on dividends.

20. Stepping Out of Debt – A Women’s Finance Group

Stepping Out of Debt group image

There is still a significant gap between the number of male and female investors. Women often avoid risks because they lack confidence in their knowledge of finance. Also, women frequently score much less on the tests that gauge financial literacy.

The group is made exclusively for women who want to regain control over their personal finances. That can mean getting out of debt, accumulating savings, and starting to invest. Members of this supportive community help each other see past the stereotypes about women and finance and gain full control of their financial lives.

21. Intelligent Investing & Budgeting

Intelligent Investing & Budgeting group image

The group is mainly focused on investing and budgeting. You’ll find many tips on investing. The group also features regular monthly budgeting challenges you can join. At the end of the month, you decide if you want to invest or save the money that is left.

The moderator also shares articles and various resources that go beyond these two topics.

Retirement-Focused Facebook Groups

22. Financial Independence/ Early Retirement

Financial Independence/ Early Retirement Facebook group

Retiring early may seem like a far-off dream to many, but it is a final step towards achieving financial independence for the members of this group.

This group might be the right one for you if you want to get your personal finances in order and start planning for early retirement.

📘 Learn more about a sure path to how you can retire early: How to Retire Early: The Shockingly Simple Path to Freedom

23. [FIRE] Financial Independence & Retire Early

[FIRE] Financial Independence & Retire Early Facebook group

The F.I.R.E (AKA Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement has gained a lot of traction in recent years. This is another group whose members are dedicated to retiring early, which for many means before the age of 35.

Learn from others who are using frugal living, investing, and saving to pave their way to early retirement.

24. Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement Facebook group

The F.I.R.E. movement is not for everybody. Some start planning for retirement after they are 35. Others may not even begin actively thinking about it until they are 60.

This group can give you a lot of insight on how others plan for their retirement, as well as some ideas you can apply to your own retirement plan.

If you’re looking for a friendly group with a strong sense of community, this will be one of your top picks.

Credit-Focused Groups

25. Credit Repair & Credit Building 101

Credit Repair & Credit Building 101 Facebook group

Your credit situation may be different from the group members, but you’ll notice that there are some recurring questions. Some of these may include the ones you’d like to ask, and if they don’t, you can ask on your own!

The group is about all things credit. Members post the struggles and experiences that helped them repair or build credit, and help each other plan and execute strategies for improving their credit and gaining financial security.

📘 Learn more about how to build credit, how to improve your credit score, or how to rebuild damaged credit.

26. Credit Talk

Credit Talk Facebook group

Whether you’re trying to get a loan, a car, an apartment, or applying for a job position, credit history matters.

This supportive and non-judgmental group is great for any question you may have about your credit report or credit status, no matter how embarrassing it might be.

Groups for Emotional Support 

27. Shopaholics Anonymous

Shopaholics Anonymous Facebook group

Financial struggles are often caused by excessive spending sprees that feel like they are not under your control. It’s been a difficult year, and online shopping creates a convenient way for impulsive shoppers to indulge in shopping sprees and to hide their habits from others.

Members of the group understand what you are going through because they have all been there. They can provide the advice and support that you need to get your spending under control.

28. Surviving Student Debt

Surviving Student Debt Facebook group

Do you need somewhere to complain about your student debt? You’re not alone. In 2020, 44.8 million students accumulated a debt of $1.64 trillion. With the cost of education rising every year, we can expect this number to increase.

The group members can answer your student debt questions and offer the emotional support that many people caught in the student debt trap need.

29. Mother’s Rights: Custody, Child Support and More

Mother's Rights: Custody, Child Support and More Facebook group

The group supports mothers who are dealing with a difficult other parent, unfair laws that limit their rights following the divorce, and so much more.

While other people in your life may be there for you, it is beneficial to talk about your struggles with someone who has the first-hand experience of the exact thing you are going through.

30. Father’s Rights: Custody, Child Support and More

Father's Rights: Custody, Child Support and More Facebook group

Divorce is a messy and stressful process that is difficult for both parents. Laws that regulate custody and child support are particularly unfavorable and may be biased against male parents.

This community is for fathers who need support while going through this difficult period in their lives. It’s the place to vent, discuss issues, and receive much-needed emotional support.

Groups for Making Money

Saving and investing are important, but sometimes what you need is a community that will help you diversify your income. The pandemic has reminded us that traditional jobs do not always mean financial stability and job security. Many people have had to find new ways to earn money safely from their homes.

Some of these groups are great for creating an additional stream of income and learning new skills, while others have the potential to become full-time jobs.

Here are a couple of ideas for additional income:

If you’re looking for information on these and other work-from-home options, this group can provide them.

31. VIPKID Digital Nomads

VIPKID Digital Nomads Facebook group

VIPKid is a popular English teaching site where teachers can earn a living or cash on the side doing what they love. It is an opportunity for native English teachers (US, Canada) with TOEFL certificates to teach from home or on the go.

The group is exclusive for ESL teachers who are already teaching, preferably those who travel or intend to do so in the future.

If you want to connect with others who teach and have similar interests (e.g. yoga), there is a VIPKid group for everyone.

📘 Learn more about teaching English with VIPKid.

32. Doordash, Uber Eats, Instacart, Postmates, Shipt Driver Support

Doordash, Uber Eats, Instacart, Postmates, Shipt, GrubHub Driver Support group image

The necessity of food delivery services skyrocketed as they replaced dining out in 2020. Demand for delivery drivers soared as well. The group is full of experienced and new delivery drivers that know what you might be going through and can offer you invaluable advice and tips on dealing with customers.

It’s also a safe place for you to let off steam after a hard day at work and share funny or scary stories that took place on your routes.

33. Women Uber Drivers & Women Lyft Drivers Rideshare

Women Uber Drivers & Women Lyft Drivers Rideshare Facebook group

In 2020, 27% of Uber drivers were female. On top of regular difficulties of driving professions, women Uber and Lyft drivers have to face stereotypes about female drivers.

The group offers an encouraging environment for women to share their experiences as well as tips and tricks other members might deem helpful.

34. Airbnb Host Community – Vent, Recommend, and Discuss

Airbnb Host Community - Vent, Recommend, and Discuss Facebook group

Being an Airbnb host is a good way to bring in some additional income, but it certainly has its challenges.

This group connects Airbnb hosts from all over the globe in need of discussions, recommendations, and creates a place for them to share their stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly of hosting Airbnb.

35. Redbubble & TeeSpring Designers inc

Redbubble & TeeSpring Designers inc image group

Are you artistic and looking for a way to use your skills to set up a passive income? Sites for selling prints, such as Red Bubble and TeeSpring, Society6, and many others, are a good place to start.

RedBubble can work for you even if you don’t have prior graphic design experience. High-quality photos from vacation or designs created in Canva can bring you some side income. The good thing about Redbubble is that dealing with customers and putting prints on things is outsourced to their staff.

Not sure if your designs are any good or how to set up your Redbubble or Teespring shop for success? This group might help.

Its members can give you feedback on whether your designs work and give a couple of tips on tweaking your SEO to make your designs rank higher in the search bar.

36. Depop Community

Depop Community Facebook group

Whether your sales aren’t going well on Depop or you joined one of the groups on minimalism and feel motivated to free up some space in your closet, this group can help.

A supportive community of fellow sellers on Depop can give you some tips on optimizing your profile, setting up the prices, and everything in between.

Which Personal Financial Groups Should You Join?

Your choice of Facebook groups will depend on your needs and goals. There are plenty of groups that cover many different topics. Others focus on one specific aspect of personal finance. Look for the type that suits your interests.

Look for a group where you fit in and feel comfortable. Start by reviewing the existing posts. See if the group feels welcoming and secure. Once you’re participating, assess what you read and the reactions you get. If you don’t feel good about the group, look for another one. It’s normal to try several groups before you find the one that suits you.

Money talk is perceived as inappropriate in many families and social groups. We all still have burning questions we would love to ask. Others have similar questions about finances as well as familiar struggles and worries. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to people that you don’t know and who won’t take your questions or problems personally or judge you for them.

Regardless of the group you send your join request to, you can expect to get advice and a supportive community to help you stay accountable on your path to economic independence. Just remember that your decisions are yours alone. Never assume that someone giving advice on Facebook is an expert working in your best interest! Follow up any suggestions with your own research. Don’t rely on links that are posted or given to you. Look for credible sources with other points of view as well. Consult a financial professional before making investment decisions or other financial commitments!

You can even drop by our Facebook page while you’re at it!

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