LegalZoom provides people with legal expertise when they need it, regardless of who they are or how much money they have. It has leveled the playing field by offering services that are much less expensive than hiring a lawyer.

Though LegalZoom is a leader in online legal solutions and documentation, it is not your only option. Look at LegalZoom alternatives that offer similar services so you can make an informed choice.

☝️ Remember that while online legal services can help you with many simple legal problems, they are not always a substitute for hiring a lawyer!

What LegalZoom Does

LegalZoom homepage

When you consider online legal services, chances are that the first name you think of is LegalZoom. LegalZoom has been at the forefront of online legal services for more than 20 years.

It has a good reputation as a one-stop shop for your legal needs regarding personal, business, or professional matters. It provides the most flexible range of services in the sector, from business creation to protecting intellectual property, registered agent services, and contract templates that let you fill in your information. LegalZoom helps its customers create legal documents such as wills and living trusts, copyright registrations, trademark applications, and business formation documents without needing a lawyer.

For a fixed monthly fee. LegalZoom can also provide access to a lawyer if you have special legal issues that their forms don’t cover.

In addition, its Social Impact Team focuses on closing the justice gap by providing funding, products, and resources to underserved and underrepresented communities.

For comparison, LegalZoom offers three packages for setting up an LLC: free, $249, and $299, each offering a higher level of service. State fees are additional.

LegalZoom Alternatives

Other companies have also created comprehensive legal products and offer strong customer service. You have multiple options for getting the legal help you want through high-quality alternatives.

Most of these companies offer services focused on setting up a company. If you need other forms of legal services, consider LegalZoom or a lawyer in your area.

Consider these options before choosing an online legal services provider:

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ZenBusiness homepage

ZenBusiness makes simple legal filings easier and less expensive for small business owners. The company helps you prepare and file your business documents, avoiding the necessity of bringing in lawyers or other potentially costly professionals to do the job for you. Zenbusiness is an all-in-one platform with a team of experts that has helped over 300,000 businesses grow. They are quick and accurate.

Here is the typical process for forming a company using ZenBuisness:

  • Select your filling option and services
  • File your formation documents with the appropriate state
  • Receive confirmation from the state
  • Review the documents that will be sent to your dashboard

Once your registration is complete, ZenBusiness provides you with services to grow your business.

ZenBusiness has an excellent Starter package that includes all the requirements for creating an LLC. The Starter package includes training for forming an LLC, a one-year free annual reporting service, and two free amendments.

There’s also a pro package at $199/year and a premium package at $299/year, offering additional services and faster processing times. Both the starter and pro packages allow you to add individual premium services for an additional fee.

The fee does not include state fees.

This is a socially conscious organization that strives to do good while expanding. It is in partnership with to help reduce poverty by creating loans for women and others who want to own businesses.

ZenBusiness has a 100% precision warranty, so you can expect everything to be done correctly.

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BetterLegal homepage

BetterLegal claims to be the fastest LLC formation company in the industry, offering corporation and LLC formation in two business days. It also provides registered agent services.

Although it is a small company, its services are very good. However, it does not provide the range of legal services LegalZoom does.

BetterLegal is neither a law firm nor a substitute for a law firm or a lawyer. BetterLegal helps individuals establish their companies. It cannot provide legal advice, explanations, options, opinions, or recommendations regarding legal rights, appeals, the structure and activities of the enterprise, the use of commercial and legal forms, or general commercial and legal strategies.

BetterLegal also provides a range of services through partner companies, including banks, online accounting firms, registered agents, and an insurance company.

Although it focuses mainly on business creation processes, BetterLegal provides many other services related to the creation and operation of an enterprise. Additional BetterLegal services include:

  • Compliance services, including the submission of annual returns.
  • Development of operating agreements and by-laws.
  • Filing changes, such as those required to change your company’s name, address, operating status, or membership information.
  • A company license search service.

BetterLegal is one of the LegalZoom alternatives to consider if you need small business-related services and speed is one of your main criteria.

BetterLegal charges a flat $299 fee (your state may charge its own fees) and promises business setup in two days.

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Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer homepage

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal technology business. It provides individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with online legal services, including incorporation, estate plans, and legal document review.

Rocket Lawyer also offers an extensive package of real estate and personal finance documents and services, including:

  • Lease agreements
  • Eviction notices
  • Complaints to landlords
  • Real estate purchase agreements and warranty deeds
  • Divorce settlement agreements
  • Loan modification letters
  • Credit report dispute letters
  • Debt validation letters

And many more.

Rocket Lawyer offers a network of lawyers for consumers and small businesses to consult on legal matters through the On Call service. Attorney fees through have discounted rates.

It also introduced Legal Health Score in 2008, which allows individuals and companies to understand their level of legal well-being.

From the start, the company targeted entrepreneurs. Its original sales model offered a base plan and a pro plan that individual legal documents at less than standard lawyer rates. As part of the basic plan, the company provided interactive legal templates and step-by-step instructions to help companies. The Pro Plan provided clients with access to consultations, document reviews, and legal representation from local attorneys.

Rocket Lawyer has adopted a subscription model. You can pay $39.99/month or $239.00/year. Your state may charge additional fees.

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Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent homepage

Northwest Registered Agent provides registered agent services. It also provides business development services and focuses on providing first-class customer support to agents across the U.S.

It is important to note that many companies that sell Limited Liability Business Deposit (LLC) and Registered Agent services offer several paid packages with upgrades, such as Employer Identification Number (EIN) filing and operating agreements. The Northwest Registered Agent departs from this practice by providing only one paid package that includes its Registered Agent service and the formation of LLCs.

The company charges $39 to form an LLC, and you are responsible for paying all applicable fees to your state. Northwest offers registered agent services for a fixed $125 per year.

If you select the “Pay In Full” option, Northwest charges $225 to create your LLC and provide you with registered agent services for a year. They are very friendly and competent, with excellent client service and support.

When you sign up for their annual service and opt to pay monthly, you will be required to pay the total yearly amount if you cancel before the term ends. Northwest does not reimburse for services purchased or rendered unless an error has been made.

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Swyft Filings

Swyftfilings homepage

Swyft Filings is an affordable business education service with one of the fastest processing times in the industry. With their quick application process and strong customer support team, you’ll have all the resources you need to launch your business in no time. It is preferable for small businesses or entrepreneurs who need their business up and running quickly for a low price. Many users have successfully formed their companies.

They are known for their:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Affordable Packages
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Long-term Access to Customer Support
  • User-Friendliness
  • Training Guides for Businesses.

Customers create legal documents such as wills and living trusts, copyright registrations, trademark applications, and business formation documents without needing a lawyer.

​​Keep in mind that Swyft Filings is a document filing service. They are not a law firm and are not in a position to give you legal advice.

The basic package is free, with a standard package at $199 and a premium package for $299.

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How Do LegalZoom Alternatives Measure Up?

Review the chart below to see what the alternatives offer and decide which services matter most to you. You may want to focus on a less expensive alternative because it offers only the products you want.

LegalZoomZen BusinessBetter LegalRocket LawyerNorthwest Registered AgentSwyft Filings
Wills and Living TrustsYesNoNoYesNoNo
Copyright RegistrationsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Trademark ApplicationsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Business Formation DocumentsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Sample Contracts/TemplatesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Review of Legal DocumentsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Referrals to Local LawyersYesNoNoNoYesNo
Documents or review of legal issues
regarding taxes
YesYesYesYes *
Serves as Registered AgentYesYesYesYesYesYes
RA standalone fee$299/yearFrom free to $299/year$299$39.99/month
$39 setup, 125/year as registered agentThree options: free, $199, $299

*In certain jurisdictions

LegalZoom is one of the most comprehensive services on the market. It is also expensive, so make sure you need what you are paying for. Some alternatives offer a lower price by focusing on a few areas rather than trying to be everything to everybody.

If you can find a cheaper service that’s focused on an area that fits your needs, you might be better off with that.

Remember that there are also ways to get free legal help and if you can find one of those in your area you should consider that option!

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