Financial indicators are key stats that help us understand how the economy is doing. We compiled a collection of the most recent reported numbers on some key stats to help you better understand the current state of the US economy. Check back frequently for the latest numbers.

Data in this snapshot are the latest available as of November 10th, 2022.

GDP25663.289billions of dollars, Q3 2022
GDP-2.0%change from a year ago, Q3 2020
Consumer Price Index8.2%change from a year ago
September 2022
Unemployment Rate3.7%October 2022
Median household income$70,7842021
Median household income6.8%change from a year ago
Personal savings rate3.1%September 2022
Household debt9.6%of disposable income
Q2 2022
Student loans owned1768.809billions of dollars
Q3 2022
Total credit card debt929.334billions of dollars
Credit card delinquency rate1.8%Q2 2022
Homeownership rate0.9%change from a year ago
Q3 2022
Mortgage rate2.7%30-year fixed rate mortgage average
Prime rate6.2%October 2022
Total personal consumption spending17607.900 billions of dollars
September 2022
Personal consumption spending-0.6%change from a year ago
October 2020
Retail sales9.1%change from a year ago
August 2022
Output of the manufacturing sector3.8%change from a year ago
Q3 2022
Industrial production index-4.9%change from a year ago
October 2020
Construction spending10.9%change from a year ago
September 2022
Residential construction spending12.6%change from a year ago
September 2022
Nonresidential construction spending9.2%change from a year ago
September 2022