This Cathie Wood portfolio tracker lists all publicly-traded U.S. stocks owned by Cathie Wood’s holding company, ARK Invest, as of June 30, 2023. It examines the top 50 holdings, their value, the share of the portfolio, and the changes in the company’s positions since the previous quarter.

Reporting Period: Q2 2023
Portfolio date: June 30, 2023
Number of holdings: 222
Portfolio value: $15,104,662,000

Cathie Wood Top 50 Holdings

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Number of Shares: The number of shares owned.
% of Portfolio: The weight of the shares relative to the total value of the fund’s portfolio.
Activity: The percent change in the number of shares owned compared to the previous quarter.
Reported Price: Price of the shares on the portfolio date as reported in the 13F filing.
Reported Value: The dollar value of the shares on the portfolio date.
Current Price: Current price of the shares.
Value Change: The difference between the reported value of the portfolio and the current value of the portfolio.

Cathie Wood Portfolio Value (2016- 2023)

The dollar value of shares in the ARK Invest portfolio on the reporting date (in thousands).

About this Cathie Wood Portfolio Tracker

The data used in the Cathie Wood portfolio tracker was compiled from the most recent 13F filing submitted by ARK Invest on 06/30/2023. This data was reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission in a filing made available to the public.

These holdings may not represent the entirety of the ARK Invest portfolio. The SEC can and does grant permission to companies to temporarily withhold data on their holdings. The securities that institutional investment managers must report on Form 13F are “section 13(f) securities.” They do not have to disclose short positions, shares in mutual funds, holdings of fewer than 10,000 shares (or less than $200,000 principal amount of convertible debt securities), and less than $200,000 aggregate fair market value.