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Berkshire Hathaway portfolio tracker lists all publicly-traded U.S. stocks owned by Warren Buffett’s holding company as of March 31, 2021. It examines all holdings, their value, the share of the portfolio, and the changes in the company’s positions since the previous quarter.

Reporting Period: Q1 2022
Portfolio date: 31 Mar 2022
Number of stocks: 47
Portfolio value: $363,553,518

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Number of Shares: The number of shares owned.
% of Portfolio: The weight of the shares relative to the total value of the fund’s portfolio.
Activity: The percent change in the number of shares owned compared to the previous quarter.
Reported Price: Price of the shares on the portfolio date as reported in the 13F filing.
Reported Value: The dollar value of the shares on the portfolio date.
Current Price: Current price of the shares.
Value Change: The difference between the reported value of the portfolio and the current value of the portfolio.

What Stocks is Warren Buffett Buying

Recent Exits and Entries

Reporting PeriodExitBuy
Q1 2022ABBV
Q4 2021SIRI
Q3 2021LBTYK
Q2 2021AXTA
Q1 2021SU

Q4 2021 Exits and Entries

In Q1 2022 Buffett’s Berkshire exited AbbVie (ABBV), Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY) and Wells Fargo (WFC) as well as significantly reduced its stake in Royalty Pharma (RPRX).

Buffett’s company pulled back on more pharmaceutical stocks, a trend that continued from 2021. Last year Berkshire sold all its shares of Teva Pharmaceuticals (Q4 2021), Organon, Merck & Co (Q3 2021), and Biogen (Q2 2021).

The start of 2022 saw Berkshire go on a buying spree. Eight new companies were added to its portfolio resulting in $17 billion being added to the portfolio value.

The biggest news of the quarter was definitely the purchase of Occidental Petroleum (OXY).

Berkshire acquired even more Occidental shares since the date of the filing, boosting its holding to 143 million shares worth about $9.7 billion at the time of this writing.

Berkshire also holds warrants to buy around 84 million shares at an exercise price of $59.62 — below Occidental’s current stock price. If Berkshire were to exercise the warrants and retain the shares that would give it a 23.6% stake in the company.

Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio by Sector

Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio is now dominated by the Technology sector, overtaking the Financial Services sector.

The biggest holding in the technology sector is still Apple Inc (APPL) representing 87% of total holdings in this sector as well as 21.40% of the total portfolio’s value.

The Financial Services holdings are much more diversified with companies in different industries but are still dominated by Bank of America (BAC) and American Express (AXP) which together make up nearly 71% of all holdings in this sector.

Number of Shares per Sector

The chart below shows which sectors dominate Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio by the number of shares owned by the company.

Value of Shares per Sector

The chart below shows the total value of shares* in Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio broken down by sector.

*The value of shares is calculated on the dollar value of the shares on the portfolio date.

Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio Value (2013- 2022)

The dollar value of shares in Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio on the reporting date (in thousands).

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About Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio Tracker

The data used in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio tracker was compiled from the company’s most recent 13F filing submitted on 05/16/2022. This data was reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission in a filing made available to the public.

These holdings may not represent the entirety of Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio. SEC can and does grant permission to companies to temporarily withhold data on their holdings. The securities that institutional investment managers must report on Form 13F are “section 13(f) securities.” They do not have to disclose short positions, shares in mutual funds, holdings of fewer than 10,000 shares (or less than $200,000 principal amount of convertible debt securities), and less than $200,000 aggregate fair market value.